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Bhagya Lakshmi 8th October 2021  Episode starts with Lakshmi bringing tea for everyone. Neelam says Rishi is on bail, but what about the insult and defaming of Rishi and us. She says until this court case will go on, this will go on. Virender says you should have informed me when you went to meet the girl. Neelam says you didn’t say anything when Lakshmi went to meet that girl without asking anyone.

He says everyone was saying so much, if I was needed to say something. Neelam says you didn’t find the need to say something. Rishi asks them not to argue and says we will fight the case and win. Karishma says this girl is very smart and player. Dadi says you changes side and told so much to Lakshmi, and Neelam did right. Karishma says I honestly feel that you shouldn’t have gone there. Ayush says I told you so much yesterday, everyone is trying to help Rishi bhai, if you can’t help then don’t criticize.

Karishma says I will slap you now. Just then Police comes there. Virender says we don’t expect you early morning. Inspector says your wife Neelam went to Shanaya early morning and tried to bribe her and threatened her to take back the case. He says when Shanaya refused to take back the case, Neelam threatened her. He asks Rishi to come to the PS for threatening Shanaya. Neelam says I threatened her and not Rishi. Inspector says I am arresting your son, whatever you want tell in court.

Lakshmi asks Inspector not to arrest him and says Maa went to her as she is a mother and loves him. Inspector says yesterday you had gone and tomorrow your father in law will go. He asks Rishi to come. Ayush asks for arrest warrant. Inspector shows the arrest warrant and handcuffs Rishi. Virender says nobody will go to that girl. Karishma called Malishka and said that Rishi is arrested again. Malishka asks what?

Neelam asks Nana ji to do something and bring out Rishi. Nana ji says that girl is very clever, else she couldn’t withstand infront of Lakshmi’s words. Neelam asks him to come there. He says he is out if country and will come there. He asks her to trust Virender and says he will handle everything. Neelam thinks he can’t do anything. Karishma says this happened due to Neelam aunty and asks driver to take the car to the PS. Lakshmi comes to the PS. Rishi asks why did you come here?

Lakshmi says I am with you from my heart, and says I wanted to tell you something since morning, and someone was coming, so I thought to tell you. Rishi asks her to tell. Lakshmi says I saw the dream in which all the accusations from you was relieved and you are happy as before. She says I saw this in the morning and my morning dreams also fulfills. She asks him not to get upset and asks him to trust that everything is going to be fine and don’t leave hope. Rishi says nobody told me this way to have trust on hope. Lakshmi says everything will be fine, Bau ji is trying. Ayush promises Rishi that he won’t be here till long. Rishi asks him to take Lakshmi from there.

Malishka comes there and says what the hell, how can you get arrested again. She holds his hand and says I can’t you see this, she says thankfully Karishma aunty told me. Rishi says nothing is in my hands. Malishka leaves his hand and says I will go. Lakshmi asks Malishka, what are you hiding, I understand things late, but ultimately I understand. She says I know what is Rishi’s place for you in your life. She says I understand seeing you in Shimla hospital, you couldn’t stop yourself and came here. She says only a true friend comes and helps. She thanks her for saving her husband and says there are very less friends like you. Lady constable asks them to leave. Malishka and Ayush go out. Lakshmi asks Rishi not to worry and remember early morning dream. Rishi nods his head.

Neelam cries seeing Rishi and her pic. Karishma asks where is Bhai? Neelam says he went to meet lawyer. Karishma asks her to sit and asks her not to cry. Neelam says I did a big mistake, and my son is jailed due to me. Karishma says Malishka is also trying to save Rishi and I am sure that she will save him. Neelam says even we have good contacts, but I did wrong to offer her bribe. She says how everything will be saved now. She wishes Lakshmi’s kundali saves him, if this is attack. Karishma says I just pray that Malishka’s try get successful.

Lakshmi sees Shanaya giving interview to the reporters. Ayush comes there and asks Lakshmi why she is seeing the news. Lakshmi says she wants to understand and asks if he will feel bad if she says something. Ayush asks what? Lakshmi says we went to meet Shanaya and gave her respect, but she was playing tricks with us, she says we have to lie to bring out her truth. She says the lie which is said to save someone, is bigger than any truth. Ayush asks her to remember her words.

She says Mummy ji went to her and offered her money, but she wants more than money and wants to set her life. She says we have to prove Shanaya’s truth to save Rishi. She says we have to make her confess. Ayush asks why will she confess? Lakshmi says we will give her money and much more. He asks who will give? She says you will give and you will say that you are Rishi’s competitor Mr. Bindra. Ayush asks what I have to do? Lakshmi says you shall ask for proofs against Rishi and then she will refuse, and we will record all her confession in the mobile.

Ayush says it is difficult. Lakshmi says we shall try. Ayush says for rivals. He says when we tell her that we are rivals, they will search us on net and that’s why we have to make website on the net. He makes fake website. Lady constable tells Rishi that his wife is praying for her and will save him. Lakshmi asks for fake company papers and address. Ayush goes. Rishi thinks of Lakshmi in the lock up and thinks of her dream. Aap hamari jaan bangaye plays……


Bhagya Lakshmi 9th October 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Ayush calls Shanaya and says we have life changing offer for you and asks her to come to hotel paradise sherton. Rohan also hears the call. Malishka tells someone on phone that Lakshmi is going to do the same mistake and this time Ayush is with her. Neelam tells Virender that this girl has already done so much and if she does something more then our son will be trapped. Malishka comes to the hotel. She tries to identify lakshmi who is in disguise. Neelam tells Virender that if Rishi lands in problem due to Lakshmi then she will forget that she brought Lakshmi here to save Rishi’s life. Karishma hears them. Shanaya tells Rohan that this is Rishi’s family trick to trap her. Rohan says he will get Rishi jailed for atleast 10 years.

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Telecast Date:8th October 2021
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