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Bhagya Lakshmi 6th October 2022 Episode starts with Virender and Lakshmi coming to PS and tells that they have come for Rishi’s bail. Virender talks to Basu and tells Inspector that he is coming. Inspector says it is not easy to get bail. Lakshmi asks if Rishi got bail. Inspector says we are shifting him to other jail.

Basu comes inside. Lakshmi asks did he get bail? She comes inside to meet Rishi. Rishi gets happy seeing her. He asks if he got the bail and asks her to do something, says he don’t want to go away from here,and tells that he is shifting to other jail. Lakshmi says we had come here for your bail.

Rishi says I am proud of you. Lakshmi says Bau ji and Basu uncle are talking to Inspector. Constable asks Rishi to come. Lakshmi asks him to come out first. Rishi says I will not go anywhere. Lakshmi says I am coming with you. He says to jail. Lakshmi says you got the bail, we are going home. Rishi gets happy and hugs Lakshmi and then constable. Virender tells Rishi that he got bail due to Lakshmi.

Dadi asks Shalu to ask Mahesh to make juice for her. Shalu says I will bring. Sonia tells that no pendrive will come here. Ayush says if it was not changed, then we would have seen the footage by now. Sonia says no footage will come, as it is all Lakshmi’s drama. Karishma says Sonia is right.

Dadi thinks once the footage comes, they will be quiet. Sonia says Rishi Bhai will not get bail. Virender asks Lakshmi to call Neelam and tell her that Rishi got bail. He says Neelam shall know that you are not inauspicious. Neelam asks Sonia why she is saying like this. Sonia says he will not get bail as that inauspicious Lakshmi went with him. Lakshmi calls Neelam from Virender’s mobile.

Neelam asks how dare you to call me from Virender’s mobile. Lakshmi says I wanted to say that. Neelam says you have become eclipse for my son. Lakshmi says I can understand your worries, we had come here for Rishi’s bail. Neelam says Rishi didn’t get bail due to your inauspicious affect.

Lakshmi says no, Rishi got the bail and he is coming home. Malishka hugs Sonia and smiles. Neelam hugs Malishka. Ayush hugs Dadi and says Lakshmi Bhabhi did it, she is bringing Bhai home. Dadi says everyone has kept quiet now. She tells Neelam that when Lakshmi does any mistake then you scold her a lot and asks if you will appreciate her now. Neelam asks why you see Lakshmi only, what is her status?

She says your son went to get bail for Rishi, and that’s why he shall be appreciated by everyone. She tells Ayush, that his Mama did it. Ayush says yes. He says hip hip hurray. Malishka thinks what to do, shall I celebrate or get angry.

Lakshmi hugs Virender and says I wish I get Mummy ji too. He says today one brick broke. Rishi comes there and says Dad, your daughter might separate you from me. Lakshmi says if you say this then I will get you beaten up by Bau ji. Rishi also hugs them.

Guddu is on the way and is following Ravi’s car. Balwinder says I have kept the nails to punctures the car. Ravi comes there. balwinder threatens him to give whatever he has. Ravi says he doesn’t have anything. Balwinder asks what is in your pocket. He steals his money and pendrive. He then asks Ravi to sit in car and they leave. Ravi gets down and looks on.

Balwinder tells Guddu that he did this theft for the pendrive. Mangesh calls Ravi and asks where is he? Ravi says some goons looted him and stole the pendrive. Mangesh is shocked. Ravi says but he has the footage pendrive in the car.

Neelam scolds the Servant for letting Shalu work in the kitchen. She says I will make food as my son is coming. Shalu hears and smiles. Malishka calls her shameless to stay in her sister’s sasural.

Shalu says this is my sister’s sasural, but this house is nothing to you. She says I am Shalu and not Lakshmi, and says I show my identity to everyone. She gives her fitting reply and goes. Malishka says once she comes here, she will crush Lakshmi and Shalu under her feet.

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Telecast Date:6th October 2022
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