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Bhagya Lakshmi 5th October 2021 Episode starts with Ayush telling Receptionist of his office to set the meeting with foreign investors at 11 am and then send Sudhar and others to the conference hall. Receptionist says sure. He sees Lakshmi coming there and says what did you do, boxing match with Media. Lakshmi says I shouldn’t have done that, I did a mistake. Ayush says mistake? He says even I couldn’t do this, Malishka or Mama can’t do. He appreciates her for making media silent and says he heard them talking that Rishi’s wife has so much confidence in him. He tells that until now Media was believing Shanaya, now people are finally thinking that Rishi bhai can be right and Shanaya can be wrong.

Lakshmi says if she can meet Shanaya once, and says in our village, wherever there are fights, people used to solve the issue among themselves before going to Panchayat. Ayush says this is not village. Lakshmi says Malishka told me and tells that she wants to meet her and asks why did she lie? Ayush says she is very clever girl and will not tell you. Lakshmi insists. Ayush tells that he will give her address and asks driver to drop you. He says if you have any problem then call me, I will come there.

Shanaya talks to someone and tells that she is on every news channel. Rishi is a public figure, she didn’t know that the news will be so big. She ends the call hearing the door bell. She sees Lakshmi standing and asks who is she? Lakshmi says she is Lakshmi, Rishi’s wife. She asks Shanaya why did you blame my husband wrongly? Shanaya says you are calling me liar, how dare you? Lakshmi says she knows her husband, he is honest and good person. Shanaya asks if I am lying? Lakshmi says yes, you are lying and I came to see your lie in your lies. Shanaya says your husband played with my respect. Lakshmi says Rishi fights with the world to save women’s respect and says he has changed many people’s lives for better. She says the Rishi Oberoi whom you are accusing, many people bend down infront of him and respect him a lot.

And you want to ruin his name and respect, you didn’t know that you have given him so much pain and his family members. She says Rishi has three sisters. Shanaya says strange, then also he did this with me. Lakshmi says strange is that you are lying and more strange is your upbringing and values which your parents gave you. Shanaya asks what did you say? Lakshmi says nobody can point finger on Rishi’s values, he was brought up with his Dadi, Bua, Maa and the person which saw such relations, such person can’t have anything else other than respect for women. He says whatever you are saying that Rishi has done, he can’t do this.

Shanaya says he did this, and also pushed me out of his cabin. She says if CCTV footage would have been there, then I would have showed your husband’s truth. Lakshmi says I don’t need any proofs to see my husband’s truth, and says even if the world tells that Rishi is wrong, then also I will not believe. She says you shall feel ashamed and doing wrong with those girls, who was really victimized. She says people will never believe them, you are becoming a woman’s enemy being a woman yourself. She asks her not to be in misunderstanding that she will ruin him, and says whoever tries to throw dirt on others, it falls on her only. She asks her to tell the truth.

Shanaya says you are really good, he is not liar, but truthful. She says I am sorry, I did a mistake. I was very angry and didn’t think about Rishi, his family or you. She apologizes to her and says I am ready to take back my complaint, but no defamation case shall happen on me from Rishi’s side. She says I will not go to Police station, else they will arrest me. She says I just trust you, make papers of taking back the case legally in which it is written that I got angry as my interview was bad with him, I got upset and lied and did this drama. She says you said right that Rishi respects women and I will not do wrong with good man. Lakshmi says you have realized your mistake, it is good. She thanks her and goes.

She asks driver to take back to office and then here. She thinks everything will be fine. Shalu gets a call and she asks about Rishi. Lakshmi says he is fine. Shalu asks her not to doubt Rishi and says he can’t do this. Lakshmi says I met the girl Shanaya and she is ready to take back the case. She says she asked me to make the papers to take back the case. Shalu says you have done wonder and is Jhansi ki rani. She says everyone will love you more. Lakshmi says everyone’s tension shall be relieved. Rano and Neha hear her. Shalu tells Rano and Neha that the girl Shanaya admitted that Rishi didn’t do anything wrong and says I heard you talking to Chacha ji. Neha says you asked me to act good with her. Rano says when did she hear me? Neha says you would have bought big house. Rano says they can only get pigeon house in your dad’s salary. Lakshmi comes inside the office and asks to call Rishi.

Receptionist says he is in conference hall. Lakshmi asks her to call him. receptionist says he is not answering my call. Lakshmi sees Ayush and says I will talk to him. Ayush asks did you meet her? Lakshmi says yes, I made her understand and she understood. She asked me to bring legal papers in which it is written that she had filed fake case and will take back the case. Ayush asks if she will give in written that the case is false. She says yes. He gets happy and hugs her. He says I will go to legal dept and make the papers ready. He asks him to come with him.

Lakshmi sees Rishi in the conference hall and smiles. Ayush comes to Lakshmi and goes smiling. Pal ek pal me tham sa gaya…..Rishi is busy in the conference. He also looks at Rishi and turns his face. Lakshmi moves away from there. Rishi thinks why she is seen to me, she is gone. Lakshmi thinks why did I hide, he would have got disturbed, may be he saw me suddenly, that’s why I hid. She again looks at him. Ayush comes there and says papers are ready. He gives her papers and asks can I come to drop you. Lakshmi says no, I will get it sign now. Ayush says bye to Lakshmi. Lakshmi goes. Rishi sees Ayush and thinks go. Ayush thinks he will come running.

Malishka asks Karishma and Sonia to relax. Karishma says Rishi went to office on Lakshmi’s insistence. Malishka says he loves his work. Sonia asks if you can see only that, he went on Lakshmi’s sayings, and ignored your sayings, as he feels that Lakshmi cares for him more. Karishma says if you have not seen, then see that she has become his shield. She says what if she takes him out of this mess. Malishka says when we couldn’t convince that girl Shanaya, then nobody can. Karishma says atleast stop that Lakshmi and make sure that she don’t become big in Rishi’s eyes and don’t let her take a stand for him. She says time has come, when we shall make Lakshmi fall in Rishi’s sight and if couldn’t do this, then? Malishka says she will talk to Rishi.

Lakshmi comes to Shanaya’s house and tells that she has made the papers and asks her to sign. She says it is written that you have filed the case in angry. Shanaya says you might have felt somewhat bad. Lakshmi says I felt very bad, this is the matter of my husband’s image. Shanaya says he might have asked you to come here, talk to me, give me money or threaten me, to get sign on these papers somehow. Lakshmi is shocked. Shanaya says you might have felt bad being a woman, he is sending threats from you so that I sign on the papers. Lakshmi gets up and asks what are you saying?

Shanaya calls the reporters there. the reporters who were hiding inside, come out and asks Lakshmi if she came to threat her. She asks if she is like this with her husband. Karishma calls Rishi and asks him to switch on his office TV. She asks him to see what blunded did Lakshmi do? Rishi switches on the TV. Lakshmi says I am saying truth, this girl is lying. Rishi calls Karishma and says why did Lakshmi do this? Karishma says malishka was right, you shouldn’t have gone to office. She asks him to leave from office, as media will do drama outside office. He says I am coming home and shouts Lakshmi. Virender calls Lakshmi and asks her to leave from there. He shouts Lakshmi. Lakshmi gets tensed. Shanaya says this is another proof that he did wrong with me, he sent his wife to me so that no girls are exploited like me. She lies that Lakshmi offered her money and then threatened her, saying her husband will ruin her life.

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