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Bhagya Lakshmi 4th September 2021 Episode starts with Lakshmi making sweets in the kitchen. Dadi asks if she knows how to make biniya. Lakshmi says yes and says her mother had asked her to make it, in my sasural. She asks her to make her taste it. Lakshmi gives her. Dadi tastes it and likes it. She says don’t tell everyone that I had it. Lakshmi brings the sweets. Ayush serves everyone. Everyone likes it. Mr. Oberoi says it is wonderful. Dadi says if Neelam likes it, then think that you will pass in every exam of your life. Neelam tastes it and says I didn’t think, but it is really tasty.

Karishma looks on. Ahana asks Karishma to say. Karishma says everyone said. Dadi asks her to say. Karishma says ok. Lakshmi comes to Rishi, but he acts as busy showing something to Ayush. She says this. Rishi says I need to go to office, as work is more, and I have to come early for muh dikhayi rasam. Neelam says it is not your rasam, you can come at the end, till then do your work. He gets up. Lakshmi asks him to have it. Rishi says I don’t eat biniya, it has gluten and I avoid it. He goes. Lakshmi gets sad and is going from there. Mr. Oberoi tells Lakshmi that if she had told him, then he would have told her that Rishi doesn’t like biniya as it has gluten.

He says it is my mistake and says sorry. Neelam asks sorry for what and asks Lakshmi to make sweets of Rishi’s choice next time. She asks her to go to room and rest, as tonight is the rasam. Lakshmi goes to room and thinks Rishi didn’t have the sweets. She thinks Bau ji was worried last night and thinks Rishi might be worried for the same reasons. She thinks he has saved his number in my phone and thinks he is good, he can’t stay away from her when he comes tonight. Neelam knocks on the door. Lakshmi asks them to come. Neelam says we have the habit to knock on the door before entering the room. Karishma asks Neelam why they are giving so many jewellery sets to Lakshmi and says we can give something light to her.

Neelam says Lakshmi is their bahu and everyone shall think that she is the best. Lakshmi says she will wear whatever she selects. Neelam selects the necklace for her and goes. Karishma also goes. Dadi asks Lakshmi to have smile on her face, which she likes the most. Lakshmi thinks the necklace is heavy, Bua ji is right, but as Maa selected I have to wear. Dadi tells Karishma that it is clear that she dislikes Lakshmi and asks her to love her as she is Rishi’s life. Karishma says she can make things worse as she is…Ayush comes there. Karishma asks him to go to Mr. Juneja’s party. Ayush says his daughter stares at me. Dadi asks him to stay with her. Karishma says you have spoiled him. Dadi scolds him for running away from girls. He says his heart broke before, he is brahmachari now.

Rano tells Neha that they shall go to Lakshmi’s muh dikhayi. Neha says Lakshmi has snatched my everything, and I shall go there as guests, my foot. Rano says we will lose the crores of property if we don’t go, this Gurucharan haven’t given us keys. She says this old man shall think that they are good and shall get everything. Neha asks what about Shalu and Bani. Rano says she will throw them out and asks her to get ready, says whatever I do is for you. Neha says she is going for the crores. Lakshmi gets ready and thinks of Rishi. She thinks to call him and asks if he had food or not. She thinks if he is busy and gets disturbed then, if anyone comes to know that it is my call? She thinks to call him later and talks to his pic, asking if he is missing her the same way.

Neelam is tensed. Dadi asks what happened? Neelam says nothing. Mr. Oberoi says yes, she is in tension, a big tension as her dad is coming to muh dikhayi rasam, and is very upset with her. Dadi says as we got this marriage done in a hurry. Mr. Oberoi says I am worried, as Neelam thinks that whatever I am is due to her dad. Dadi says I know your truth, you have worked hard and made this business prosper. She says you have earned this with your hardwork and not with someone’s sympathy. She asks him to remember that not his boss, but his sasur is coming. Mr. Oberoi says yes. Dadi says liar, you are tensed and hugs him.

Karishma asks Ayush to go to Juneja’s party. Ayush calls Rishi and tells that he wanted mom to go to Mr. Juneja’s party. He says he is going to his room. He sees Lakshmi standing in the room and asks if he wants to talk to Lakshmi. Rishi asks him not to take her name and says he slept in guest room due to her. He says he don’t want to see or talk to her. Lakshmi asks shall I talk. Ayush says she is standing infront of me. Lakshmi asks him if he is fine and asks if he had food. Rishi says yes, thinks he is typical wife, he is in the meeting. Lakshmi ends the call. Ayush makes an excuse and goes from there.

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Telecast Date:4th September 2021
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