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Bhagya Lakshmi 3rd August 2022 Episode starts with Rishi telling Malishka that he don’t remember anything. Malishka hugs him forcibly and asks if he felt something. He asks what are you doing, leave me alone. Malishka says I am doing the same thing, which you used to do, that crazy love and intensity, it is same like before.

He asks what is this madness, leave me. He pushes her and Malishka falls. Rishi holds her hand and says sorry. He asks if she is hurt? Malishka says my heart is hurt. He says he pushed her as she was not leaving him.

Malishka says you was behaving as if I am stranger girl to have hugged you for the first time. Rishi says it was different before. Malishka says what you are worried. She says you have hugged me after your marriage also, and asks shall I remind you when you had touched me. She says so nothing is new.

He says I don’t know what is different, but something is different. He goes away from there, leaving Malishka in tears. She hits her head on the pillar and cries. Sonia hears them.

Dadi and Lakshmi are making laddoos. Dadi says your dada ji was very romantic and says just as he held my hand, my saas used to cough and my sasur used to call him. She says he used to write poetry for me also. Lakshmi says she wants to read that to know how much he used to love her.

Dadi asks didn’t you see this oberoi family and says you have to extend this family the same way. Lakshmi gets shy and smiles. Dadi says she will bring ghee. Rishi comes to the kitchen and smiles seeing her. Song plays…

.He moves her hair from her face and kisses her cheek. Lakshmi is stunned and looks at him. He smiles. It is Rishi’s imagination which breaks as the plate falls down in kitchen. Lakshmi asks Rishi what is he thinking and in whose thoughts, he is lost. He tells that Dadi asked him to bring some stuff from kitchen and says he has forgotten what she asked. Lakshmi asks Dadi? Rishi says yes.

Dadi gets up from under the table and says I am here. She says I am here since a long time. Rishi says Ahana asked me to bring her stuff from here. He says I will go and ask Ahana. Dadi says Ahana is here and asks him to ask her here. Ahana asks what do you want me to say. Rishi says even you are here.

Lakshmi asks Rishi to say who asked you to bring and says Mummy ji must have asked you. Rishi says yes Mom had asked me, he asks if Mom is here, and says I will ask her. Dadi asks Rishi to stop and asks him to do the work for what he has come. Ahana says we will go and asks Mami.

Dadi says he is stuck with my time, and asks him to kiss her. Rishi asks what are you saying Dadi? Rishi says he had really come to get some stuff. Lakshmi says it is in the cabinet to increase your memory. She asks him to eat almond for good memory. He says yes, I felt something for you in the night.

Lakshmi is making laddoo and stops. She asks what did you feel? Rishi pulls her closer and makes her eat almond. He asks her to remember. Lakshmi says I don’t remember anything. He says I felt and you didn’t, how is this possible. She asks what are you saying, I don’t understand. He pulls her closer as she tries to go. They have an eye lock.

Malishka cries and asks Sonia if she didn’t see how Rishi pushed her for that illiterate Lakshmi. She says Lakshmi acted innocent and trapped Rishi. She says she thought her good, but she is very clever.

She says she wants to suffocate her neck and says my Rishi. Sonia says we all know how is Lakshmi. Malishka says even Rishi is a culprit, I used to trust him blindly. She says I will snatch him from Lakshmi, and then he will look at just me.

Rishi asks what did you feel? Lakshmi says nothing big, else I would have remember. Rishi says I felt very strongly. Lakshmi asks what? Rishi says nothing. She asks him to say. He moves hair from her face and looks at her. Lakshmi closes her eyes and asks what did you feel? He says I felt that when you…

She opens her eyes. Rishi says I felt that I want to go for urgent work. Lakshmi says suddenly. He says you made me have almonds, so I remember. Lakshmi says do your work today, and says tomorrow is puja for Dada ji. Lakshmi says ok go, I don’t care. He asks if you don’t care, if I go with Malishka.

She says go, why will I say anything. He says ok, you don’t care. I will do what I want to. He says perfect and goes. Lakshmi takes knife and says go with Malishka and then I will show you, says you are just my husband. Malishka tells that she will not let her come between them. Sonia asks her to do something when she has decided and stop crying.

Kiran comes there and asks what happened? Sonia tells her that Rishi pushed Malishka and since then she is crying. Kiran asks Malishka where is her self respect? Malishka says my Rishi was not like this, Lakshmi is making him do this, and says he is changed. She cries. Sonia says I don’t know what is wrong with her and says Lakshmi is not crying and took everyone on her side.

She says Malishka is not listening to her and asks Kiran to handle her. She goes. Kiran says you are Malishka, who keep the world on your toe. She says if Lakshmi moves away from your way then Rishi will be yours. Malishka says she is not going away from my way. Kiran says I have an idea to keep her away from him.

The constable brings a guy to Durga Devi. The guy tells about Balwinder and says he is their bottle friend. Durga Devi asks Constable to throw him out. The constable asks the guy to say what big info he has. The guy says Balwinder has trapped a rich family bahu, and will marry her after her divorce.

Malishka asks what? Kiran says tomorrow is puja at home and shares her plan with Malishka. She says nobody will be between Rishi and you after that, and he will be just yours. Malishka says Lakshmi can die. Kiran says yes, and says if she dies, then who will get effected. She says it is good if she dies and says everyone will celebrate her death with Dada ji’s birthday.

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