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Bhagya Lakshmi 30th October 2021 Episode starts with Rishi calling Malishka and asks her to come out. Malishka comes out and asks him to tell, who is the best? She says I am best as I have kept fast and coming with you, or you are best who knows well that how to love a girl. Rishi says I thought that you will take my name as I am best, as I have kept fast for you. Malishka says you have kept the fast and wants compliment all day.

Rishi recalls Lakshmi’s words that he will get tired if he goes to jeweller, and that she don’t want to trouble him. Malishka says sorry, and says you have spoiled me. She says she has problem in praising others, but likes to hear him praising her.

Rishi asks if she will not come for the karwachauth puja at home. Malishka says what will I tell your wife, she feels that I am her best friend. She says this year, she is your wife and I am your girlfriend. She says we will do directly the puja. She says next year I will be in your house and will do all the rituals with some pujaran. Rishi says ok.

Rano and Neha come to Lakshmi’s house. Rano asks Neha to sit with Ahana and Devika. Lakshmi comes and greets Rano, asking how is Chacha ji. Rano says all well. Karishma tells Neelam that the panditayan got unwell and can’t come to tell the katha. Rano says I left my neighbors’ puja and came here.

Neelam asks who will tell the katha now. She asks who will say it now. Lakshmi says I know the katha and can say, if you all agree. She says I used to sit with my mother like Ahana and Devika are sitting and used to remember all. Neelam says ok, sit. Lakshmi sits for the puja. Karishma is about to go. Dadi asks Karishma to sit and hear the katha. She then asks lakshmi to start.

Rishi and Malishka come to the jewellery store. The owner greets Rishi. Rishi says do you know me? The owner says I know your dad, and we got orders to deliver the jewellery home. Rishi says I don’t know. The jeweller asks him to sit and says until then Lakshmi will also come there. Rishi is shocked. Lakshmi starts telling the katha, which is heard by everyone carefully. She says whoever does this katha with devotion, they are always happy. They exchange the plates. Ahana takes the video.

Dadi tells Neelam that due to Lakshmi, nobody’s fast is remained incomplete. Karishma gets angry. Neha gets up and goes. The owner asks Rishi where is Lakshmi? Malishka says I have come with him, and asks if she has any problem? Rishi says Lakshmi is keeping fast, so I brought her friend Malishka to help me choose the gift. The owner shows the chain/pendant. Malishka angrily chooses one and goes. Rishi insists to play this bill separately.

Neha gets upset with Rano for not knowing the katha of karwachauth and asks if she brought her here so that she hears Lakshmi’s appraisals. Rano asks her to hear and shares her plan. Neha smiles and says done. She comes out of Lakshmi’s room and asks her to talk to Shalu. Lakshmi says I will talk to you later. Neha thinks my work is done. She thinks why Mom haven’t brought Neelam aunty till now. Rano asks Neelam where is Lakshmi’s room, and asks if you can come there. Neelam says I will ask someone to take you there. Rano says there is nobody here, else I wouldn’t have troubled you.

Malishka comes back home angrily. Kiran asks what happened? Rishi says Malishka is angry. Malishka says she is hurt, as showroom owner insulted her. Rishi says I didn’t know that he knows Lakshmi, I had taken you there, as it is good. Malishka complains to her mom. Kiran asks her to keep the stuff and go to kitchen. She says she has arranged traditional clothes for them. Malishka asks her to send it to Lakshmi and goes upset.

Rano takes Neelam to Lakshmi’s room. Dadi is showing Lakshmi and Rishi’s pics to the guest ladies there. Neha signs Rano. Rano asks Lakshmi, what is on your face? Dadi checks and says nothing. Rano says something was there, might have fallen down.

She tries to make others doubtful and asks if she forgot to wash her face after eating food. Lakshmi says today I am fasting. Rano says I have forgotten. Neha makes her handkerchief falls down and looks at the plate under bed, which she has kept herself. She then asks Neelam if Servants don’t wash the house properly and says yesterday food’s plate is still there under the bed. She shows the plate to Neelam, and says aloo tamatar sabzi. She says it seems someone has eaten it silently and in a hurry. Neelam says it is today’s food. Dadi asks from where it came? Neha asks Lakshmi if she has eaten this.

Malishka is cooking in the kitchen. She opens the fridge to get curd. She finds cake inside and says my favorite cake, thinks to eat it. She eats it and likes the taste. She then realizes that she is fasting and keeps the cake back. She thinks I have eaten the cake, what will I tell Rishi now, that my fast is ruined. She then looks at the cake again.

Neelam says today Lakshmi is fasting. Rano scolds Neha and says Lakshmi might be hungry so had eaten. Neelam asks did you eat food Lakshmi? Malishka thinks when her fast is broken, she shall eat more. She then drinks the water and relaxes.

Neelam says you have broken the fast, if you wanted to break then why did you keep it? She says you talks big and have done this. Rano says she might have eaten being hungry and asks her to forgive her. Lakshmi says I didn’t eat anything. She says I will keep the plate, don’t know who has kept it here. She feels like fainting.

An old lady checks her, and tells that her lips are dry, her stomach is empty, and asks Neelam why did she scold her without thinking? She asks her to trust her bahu? Lakshmi says anyone can feel, seeing the plate. The old lady says if Rishi is her son, then he is your husband too. She says this is not one year marriage, and asks her to trust. Malishka sees her mom standing. Kiran asks what did you do?

Malishka says I saw the cake and ate it. Kiran says you are in a serious relationship, and says he didn’t force you to keep the fast. She says you should have complete. Malishka says I will say sorry to Rishi. Kiran asks her to have cake, juice, shake etc and then wipe her mouth and come. She says Rishi shall not know that you have broken the fast. Malishka says fast is broken. Kiran says you are not his wife, don’t be guilty and asks her to keep the fast when she becomes his wife. Malishka hugs her and thanks her for the cake. Her mom asks her to come out soon. Malishka eats the cake again.

Neelam says sorry to Old lady. Old lady says you shall be thankful for having a good bahu, and says whenever your heart is shaken up, you shall look in her eyes, and says there is a light of God in her eyes. Dadi says but the question is same, from where did this plate came? Neelam and Lakshmi look at Rano and Neha.

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