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Bhagya Lakshmi 25th October 2022 Episode starts with Neelam telling that there is one person who can do this miracle, ie our son Rishi. Dadi says no, Lakshmi Rishi Oberoi. Ahana tells that Lakshmi has found the pendrive and showed it to the family. She says Lakshmi bhabhi has done a miracle and says she is miracle for us.

Karishma asks really, first she traps us and then acts to get us freed. Virender asks how did you know first and we didn’t know. Ahana tells that Ayush was going and told them. Dadi says Lakshmi told her early morning that Rishi will be freed from all the charges now. She says she wants a prize. Virender asks about the guilty person.

Ahana says Rishi Bhai will tell later. Neelam says whoever is the criminal, I want to see that person hanged. Rishi went to jail due to that person. Dadi says even Lakshmi had gone to jail. Neelam says she wants to see the guilty hanged.

Malishka wakes up hearing the door knocking sound and gets angry. Balwinder falls down from the bed hearing the door knocking sound. He thinks why someone is knocking on the door, when they have bell to ring. Kiran opens the door and finds Rishi standing with Police with him. She gets shocked and says Rishi.

Rishi comes inside and sees Malishka standing. Balwinder sees Police and thinks Malishka called Police, by letting me stay here. He then thinks she wouldn’t have called Police now. He thinks to wait.

Rishi tells Malishka that he has seen the footage and asks since when you have become like this. He says you was in the hotel that day, I have seen this truth. He says we had gone to the PS in the morning, with the footage. A FB is shown, Inspector checks the pendrive and says now real criminal is caught. Lakshmi asks if Rishi is proved innocent. Inspector says yes, and feels sorry that Rishi had to stay in jail. He asks didn’t you know that CCTV footage.

Ayush says you would have thought about it. Lakshmi says its ok, now the criminal will be caught. Inspector says he will go and catch the criminal. Rishi says I will come with you. FB ends. Rishi tells Malishka that he has brought Inspector, lady constable and constable too. Kiran asks why Rishi. Rishi says I had gone to Balwinder’s phone and found my phone there. Balwinder thinks Malishka will go to jail now. He thinks I will go to jail if I get caught and thinks to escape.

Rishi tells Malishka that she has broken his heart. Malishka says I didn’t break your heart and says I will tell everything to you truly. Lakshmi says how Police will catch Balwinder, he had eloped yesterday. Ayush asks her to think that Rishi is freed of all charges. He says you are good and tells that Shalu is not bad. Lakshmi says in the footage, Malishka was with Balwinder and they used to meet as Shalu saw them. She says Balwinder and Malishka did this together, my heart is saying this.

Ayush says if your heart is saying then you are right, until Balwinder confesses, we can’t say. Malishka says everyone knows that I can do anything for you, for your love and wait so much to marry you. Lakshmi tells that Malishka will confess, just as she thinks that she is about to get caught. She says she just wants Rishi and can do wrong for him. Ayush says she has already done wrong.

Malishka tells Rishi that she couldn’t see him going closer to Lakshmi and did a mistake. Ayush says I swear to you, I will make her bald and will make her sit on the donkey and roam in the city. He asks if Rishi didn’t doubt Malishka seeing the footage. Malishka apologizes to Rishi. Balwinder thinks don’t say anything. Rishi asks what mistake you have done. Malishka says in the hotel.

She realizes that Rishi didn’t come to know anything, and thinks she was stupid to think this. Rishi says I saw the footage and Balwinder did this. Malishka says she didn’t see him and acts, asking if he had come with changed get up, and swears that she would have killed him. She says I am apologizing to you for couldn’t do anything for you. He says Lakshmi was not there in kitchen, but you was there. he says he couldn’t see some of the footage as cameras were under maintenance. Malishka thinks that’s why she is not caught. Balwinder thinks she is trapping him.

Kiran asks Rishi why did he bring them here? Rishi says Balwinder is not in his house, and the Inspector thinks that Balwinder can kill you. Malishka says he will not harm me, he has no enmity with me. Inspector says then you can have friendship with him. malishka says he is real enemy and you are saying that I will befriend him. Inspector says may be he came here to kill Malishka or to take his help.

Kiran says my daughter has no connection with Balwinder. Inspector says when I saw the footage, I got doubtful on you. He says he will search her house. Kiran asks them to check in her house. Malishka says how can you say this? Kiran says let him check the house. Balwinder thinks what to do? Malishka thinks to use Rishi to stop Inspector. Rishi asks Inspector to go and check.

Malishka asks Rishi how can he see her humiliating by Police, and asks if he doesn’t know what is their relation. She says you are mine and I can give my life for you. She tells Kiran that she is her daughter and she don’t trust her. She tells Rishi that everyone knows about their relation, and asks him to think about his image and asks how you will face everyone after insulting me.

Rishi tells Inspector that he trusts her and asks him not to check her house. Inspector says ok. Malishka says you gave me good news that you are freed of charges, and says I will come to the PS with you. She goes to change.

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Telecast Date:25th October 2022
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