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Bhagya Lakshmi 24th October 2022 Episode starts with Malishka worrying and thinking Rishi might have caught Balwinder and made him speak the truth by truth. She thinks she shall not think negative, and thinks if she shall call balwinder, and then decides not to call him with the fear of getting caught.

Rishi and Lakshmi come home. Malishka thinks they have come, but they are looking normal, if they didn’t come to know about the truth. She asks Rishi why did he go after an attack on him. She then asks Lakshmi why did she take him with her, so that attack happens on him again and she saves his life and becomes great again. Rishi asks what is this way to talk to her.

Malishka says if that attacker return to kill you. Lakshmi asks why are you staying back, to know if that attacker is caught? Rishi says yes, if you want to know about him. Malishka says I was worried for you and want to know about the attacker/murderer. She asks if you know him. Rishi says no and tells that once he/she do a mistake we will catch him/her.

Malishka thinks to be silent and tells Rishi that she is happy that he is safe and there is nothing important to her. She asks Rishi to take care and says he is very important to her. She hugs him, says good night and goes. Rishi asks Lakshmi to come, and says he will apply ointment to her.

Lakshmi says she didn’t get the big injury. Malishka comes to her house. Balwinder holds Malishka from behind. Malishka slaps him and asks how dare you to touch Rishi and wanted to snatch my life, and was making my love go away from me.

Balwinder says you was about to ruin my life, I had told you and your father now. He says first you was behind Lakshmi and now me. Malishka says I bought you to send Lakshmi to jail and not to kill her, and what you was doing, you was killing Rishi. Balwinder says he didn’t die, and calls her chameleon.

Malishka says you gave me wrong pendrive and calling me chameleon. Balwinder says he did that intentionally. He asks her not to have enmity with him and says it will be problematic then. He asks for her help, and tells that Rishi had beaten him up, tells that he has taken clothes from mechanic garage and asks her to make arrangements for her stay. Malishka asks if he has gone mad?

Balwinder says I will stay in this room. Malishka asks him to go. Balwinder asks her to keep her make up stuff and tells that it will be used in jail. Malishka asks if you are threatening me. Balwinder says I am your partner and we will help each other. Malishka says fine, I will help you. she asks him to stay in his limits. She says you can stay here, if you give me pendrive. Balwinder checks in his pocket and tells that don’t know where it fell down.

He says he didn’t see the pendrive, just had kept it with him for his safety. Malishka asks have you gone mad? Lakshmi calls Rishi. Rishi comes there. Lakshmi asks if it is yours. Rishi says no, but it is used in our hotels. Lakshmi says if it fell down from the thief who stole it. Balwinder asks what is in that pendrive? Malishka says it is our death warrant.

Lakshmi says the pendrive was stolen and tells that the thief must have thrown it. Rishi says may be Balwinder had it. He goes to get laptop. Malishka says it fell down near the Ravan effigy ground, and gets worried. She gets worried thinking someone might get it. Lakshmi and Rishi play the pendrive.

Lakshmi says it is a big proof which can prove us innocent. Rishi says now we know who is the real criminal. Malishka takes Balwinder to the guest room. Balwinder gets happy seeing the lavish room. He asks for the drink.

Malishka says you can stay here? Balwinder says I can get one murder every month for you and will stay here for all life. Malishka says you can stay here for sometime. She warns him and asks him to stay in limits, else she will tell Neelam. She asks him again if he has pendrive. Balwinder swears on Kiran and then on his mother. Malishka worries if Lakshmi gets the pendrive.

She asks him to stay in the room hiding. Balwinder says I don’t get sleep in night alone. Malishka slaps him. He asks why did you slap me, I don’t sleep without drinking. Malishka asks him to open the almira and drink. He thinks of his words and thinks she misunderstood him. He drinks wine.

Rishi tells Lakshmi that God gave them this pendrive, as their heart is clear. Lakshmi says we got the real criminal. Malishka thinks this pendrive will be my life’s threat, and hopes Lakshmi don’t get the pendrive. She sees the broken star and says they shall not see the pendrive and if they see, then also they shall not know about me.

Lakshmi tells Rishi that they shall give the pendrive to Police. Rishi says we have faced so much because of that criminal and says he will punish the criminal. He says he will get the dreams of 7 births jail rather than 7 births relation. Malishka thinks she shall think about Rishi and her, so that she gets dream about him that they are together for 7 births. She tries to sleep and lies down on the bed .

Next day, Ahana comes to Neelam and Virender and says there is a big good news. Karishma comes there and says I will say. She tells that the criminal is found. They both say at the same time. Neelam and Virender ask what you said? Dadi says she will say and tells that Rishi went to the PS. Karishma asks if good news is told like this. She tells that the real criminal is found and Rishi’s innocence is proved,

he is freed without any problems. Virender thanks God. He says now they will be proved innocent. Neelam says our name will be saved now. She asks how this has happened? Dadi says who can do miracle, as there is one person who can do this? Neelam says yes, our son Rishi. Dadi says no, Lakshmi Rishi Oberoi.

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