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Bhagya Lakshmi 23rd August 2022 Episode starts with Inspector asking everyone to tell who is Lakshmi else the lie will prove costly to them. Lakshmi says she is Lakshmi and says sorry. Malishka tells Virender that she was trying to save Lakshmi.

Inspector asks Lakshmi if she had made food. Ayush says if she made food, then it is not proved that she has added poison in the food. Inspector says she can add something which is poisonous. He tells that many lives are in danger.

He asks Lakshmi to come with him. Malishka thinks to start her drama and tells that Lakshmi is innocent. Ahana says yes, she is innocent. Dadi also says that she is innocent. Malishka asks Inspector not to take Lakshmi and says I will not let you take her. Inspector says you are challenging me.

Malishka asks what? Inspector says if you are interfering in the case then you are provoking us. Neelam calls Malishka. Malishka says what they thought of themselves. The reporters come inside and asks where is Lakshmi Oberoi. The reporter says she has to come infront. Malishka asks how dare you to enter the house,

who gave you permission. She argues with the reporters and says you can’t take photo of lakshmi. She shouts and says she has not done anything, asks them to go. Uday thinks Neelam Oberoi, just see what a reporter can do. Malishka thinks so he is Uday and thinks he will become her weapon. She pushes Uday and asks him to go. Neelam tries to stop Malishka.

Malishka says she is doing what she asked her to do, and pushes Uday asking him to go. Uday says you does this with media and asks what will you do with ordinary people. Ayush takes her to side and asks if she is doing this intentionally. Malishka says this family is hers too and asks him not to get scared of them.

She asks Media to leave. Inspector asks her to end the drama and tells that they have to arrest Lakshmi. Mr. Verma comes to Rishi and asks him to come. Malishka asks Inspector to leave lakshmi and threatens him, saying she will call commissioner. Uday provokes Inspector and asks if he will get scared of her threat or will arrest Lakshmi.

Malishka asks Virender to call Commissioner and says your bahu is getting arrested. Virender asks her to be quiet. Ayush says this is our family matter. Virender asks Inspector to come and says he needs to talk to him.

Malishka asks the media to keep the camera down. Uday says truth will come out and talks about the strength of truth. Malishka pushes him and asks Constables if they do their duty or not. She asks them to throw media out. The constables ask Media to leave. Kiran smiles. Neelam asks Lakshmi, did you see that the drama happened of our family.

She says Malishka is trying to save our respect and you have ruined it. Kiran thinks she is so proud of her. Virender tells Inspector that whatever happened was an accident and Lakshmi didn’t do anything. Ayush says he was with her, and she is innocent. Virender says please don’t take her. Inspector says whatever you want to say, tell in court. I have to arrest her.

Malishka comes out and tells Media that Lakshmi and Neelam aunty asked her not to let them come inside. She says if anyone tries to enter then the Oberois will ruin them. She asks them to leave. Uday thinks to bring Oberois down on the ground.

Ahana and Devika try to pacify Lakshmi. Devika says nobody can arrest you, we are with you and asks her not to worry. Ahana asks her not to take tension. Malishka comes inside and thinks she has handled everything in one attack, Lakshmi is over and thinks she shall get appreciation.

Dadi appreciates Malishka for what she has done. Malishka says for what I did for Lakshmi. Dadi says whatever you was doing to trap Lakshmi. Malishka says I fought for her and you are saying that I am trapping her. She says I was saving the house respect and you are blaming me. She asks her to do whatever she wants, and see what happens. She thinks Dadi has used her mind rightly in this old age, but what she will do, nobody can save Lakshmi.

Virender asks Inspector to ask Lakshmi here. Inspector says I have to take her. Ayush says it is unfair. Inspector says I don’t want to arrest more people from here. He asks Constables to arrest her. Lakshmi thinks when Rishi will come. Rishi sits in the car and tells that his flight shall not be missed. The driver tells that the car stopped. Rishi gets down the car.

Virender stops Constables and apologizes to Lakshmi. He says I couldn’t do anything now, but will do, your Bau ji is here. Malishka asks Virender to stop them from taking Lakshmi. Virender asks Ayush to come. Malishka smiles and looks at Kiran. Inspector asks Constables to make her sit in the car.

The Reporters ask if she has any enmity with the Oberois, that she did this. They ask ifs he did this to humiliate the family, after filing divorce. He says you have humiliated and insulted the family. Ayush tries to stop the media. Uday salutes the Inspector for not bending down infront of the Oberois. He then asks Neelam to show her money Power and save her bahu. Neelam looks on surprised.

Lakshmi says I didn’t do anything. Ayush asks Lakshmi not to get scared. Inspector makes Lakshmi sit in the car. Lakshmi tells Ayush that she don’t want to go to jail and says she didn’t do anything. Ayush says I know and says sorry. Lakshmi asks him to call Rishi and says she needs him. Ayush says Rishi bhai will do something and asks her not to cry. The Police take Lakshmi from there in jeep. Lakshmi recalls Rishi’s promise.

Rishi is walking on the road. Virender asks Ayush to bring the papers for Lakshmi’s bail. Neelam stops Ayush and tells that she needs to talk to everyone about something important. Malishka says now Aunty will say that Lakshmi will not come here, and thinks shoot the word. Neelam says nobody will bring Lakshmi back, this is my decision.


Bhagya Lakshmi 24th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Shalu tells Neelam that she thought that she will hug Lakshmi as a mother, in this difficult times, but you made everyone leave their hands from her. Ayush asks Karishma to accept that Lakshmi didn’t do anything. Karishma says we have to face so many losses due to her. Ayush says you are taking advantage of this thing. Karishma slaps him. Rishi meets with an accident and gets injured. Lakshmi senses it and calls Rishi.

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Telecast Date:23rd August 2022
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