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Bhagya Lakshmi 22nd October 2022 Episode starts with Neelam and Virender asking Rishi who had tied him there. Virender asks if someone tried to kill him. Rishi recalls seeing balwinder and thinks he shall not stress them by telling about Balwinder, first he shall settle the scores with him. Balwinder is in Guddu’s house.

Guddu asks if he has gone mad. Balwinder says Lakshmi saved Rishi again, and jumped in the fire to save him. He says I thought rishi dies and she loves him so much. He says she didn’t know that I love her 100 times more, than she loves Rishi. He says she doesn’t cry even for him once. Guddu says you can get Lakshmi even now. Balwinder says I want Lakshmi, and tells that he will write the story.

Guddu asks if Rishi knows that you have done this. Balwinder says Rishi has looked in my eyes. Rishi tells that he couldn’t see his face. Karishma says he took you and you didn’t see his face. Rishi says he was wearing mask so I didn’t see properly. Karishma, Malishka and Neelam leave. Rishi sits near Lakshmi and says in Ramayan, Shri Ram saved his wife, and here wife saved her husband. He says you didn’t care for your life and saved me, thank you. Ayush, Shalu and Virender looks on. Rishi gets up and goes.

Guddu asks Balwinder to go from there, as Police will come and arrests him. He says it is good that nothing happened to Lakshmi, else Rishi wouldn’t have leave him. Balwinder says lets pack the clothes and run. They take the bag. Balwinder says Rishi didn’t know that I am here, and says I will stay here and wait, and says bring wine, we will have it. Guddu says it is over. Balwinder asks him to buy it.

Rishi comes out of the house and recalls Lakshmi tying her dupatta piece to his head to stop bleeding. He sits down and says thank you God, Lakshmi is fine. He says Lakshmi has saved me and you have saved her. He says if anything happens to her, then what will happen with me, what I will do without her. He says Lakshmi shall smile always, even if I am not happy. He says Lakshmi’s happiness matters to me a lot and says since when she has become important to me. He recalls Lakshmi’s words that they will live and die together, and that she will not leave him. Song plays….main phir bhi tumko chahunga plays…

Ayush comes to Rishi. Rishi hugs him and cries. Ayush is surprised to see him emotional. Rishi wipes his tears and says I don’t understand since when Lakshmi is important for me. He says I don’t care about my happiness, but cares for her happiness. He asks why I feel for her happiness more than mine. Ayush says since when you fall in love with her. He says you love her, but don’t want to believe it,

and asks why you are jealous when someone goes near her, when she is in pain then your heart cries, if she is worried then your peace goes away. He asks him to ask himself, ask his heart and tears, when you question them then you will only one answer, you love her. He says Lakshmi has same feelings for you, she gets jealous when Malishka comes near you, and gets upset. He says when she was upset, you thought how to cheer her up?

Shalu is sitting near Lakshmi and says sorry Di, you get my bad sight, I call you lucky. She prays for her happiness. Lakshmi gains consciousness. Shalu asks her to get up and asks if you are fine. Lakshmi asks about Rishi. Lakshmi asks if Rishi is fine? Shalu says he is fine. Lakshmi says no, I want to go to him.

She says he must be upset with me. Rishi tells Ayush that Lakshmi was upset with him, so he was trying to cheer her up. He says we like each other, but don’t love. He says may be it is friendship or more than that, but not love. He says Lakshmi has earned the love and respect, and says if someone else was on my place then would have felt the same for Lakshmi. He goes. Ayush smiles and says one day you will realize that you love Lakshmi Bhabhi a lot.

Malishka says how dare that Balwinder to attempted to kill my Rishi. She says if I have known then would have killed him right away. She says blo*dy cheap and calls him. Balwinder picks the call and asks what is the problem? Malishka asks how dare you to touch my Rishi, I had told that he is my love.

Balwinder asks her to be quiet and says you tried to kill my love and trap her in the case. Malishka says you are a thief and cheater and says you gave me an empty pendrive. Balwinder says yes, I gave as I don’t trust you and your Mom. He ends the call.

Lakshmi comes to the hall and calls Rishi. Rishi comes there. Lakshmi gets emotional seeing him and recalls his words. She hugs him. Rishi holds her. Shalu comes there. Ayush comes from outside and looks at them.

He smiles. Lakshmi asks if he is fine, if he got any injury. Rishi says nothing can happened to me, when you are my shield. Lakshmi apologizes to him and says don’t know what had happened to me, I was upset with you. Rishi says I was upset as you was not talking to me. He asks if she is a superwoman to jumped in the fire to save him.

Lakshmi says I don’t think of anyone or myself when the matter is about you, I had to save you anyhow. Rishi says even if you have to risk yourself. Lakshmi says I care for you before myself. Rishi asks why? Shalu thinks tell him, di. Ayush thinks if bhabhi is not saying then you shall say. Rishi asks Lakshmi to answer.


Bhagya Lakshmi 22nd October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Malishka thinks if they had gone to Balwinder. Rishi, Ayush and Lakshmi come to Guddu’s house. Rishi hits Balwinder. Malishka thinks to alert Balwinder and calls him. Lakshmi sees his phone ringing. Lakshmi looks at the pendrive. Rishi tells that he will punish him. Neelam says she wants to see the guilty person hanged. Rishi comes to Kiran’s house with the Police.

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Telecast Date:20th August 2022
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