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Bhagya Lakshmi 20th October 2022 Episode starts with Ayush asking Shalu why did she tell Neha? Neha gets upset and asks Ayush why did he joke? Ayush asks her not to say anything as he is in God’s avatar now. Neha sits down again and says she will not get angry. Shalu sends Neha out.

She asks Ayush why is he laughing like Ravan and says he is Shri Ram now. Ayush asks her to ask him anything and says for right now behave, and says you can get blessings from me and if don’t take then God knows what will happen with you. shalu says you are just playing God and you are not God himself.

Ayush asks her to touch his feet, if she don’t want to upset God. Shalu touches his feet and thinks if God really gives special blessings. She thinks what I am thinking. Ayush comes to Rishi’s room and wonders where is he? He thinks he is younger than him, like Lakshman. He thinks Rishi shall do Ravan dahan.

Neha waits for Ayush and tells Shalu that he didn’t come till now. Shalu thinks I thought him as God once, and got this thought in my heart. Neha says he is like Shri Ram and says if you haven’t come then he would have blessed me. Shalu says he was teasing you. Ayush comes there and calls them balika.

He asks Shalu and Neha to come with him. Karishma thinks what these middle class girls are doing with Ayush and asks him to come with her. Shalu asks Neha to come with her. Neha refuses, but Shalu takes her with her. Karishma asks Ayush if he is ready. He says yes. Lakshmi thinks who messaged from Rishi’s phone. She falls down and sees Sukhu’s shoes. She finds his legs moving, and go there and check him.

She finds Sukhu and asks him to get up. Balwinder looks at her and thinks his destiny is bad today, and then thinks Sukhu doesn’t know his name. Sukhu gains consciousness and tells that one man was taking unconscious Rishi. He faints again.

Balwinder gets happy and messages Lakshmi asking her to come home as he is in trouble, as he is inside. Lakshmi reads the message and thinks Rishi is inside. She thinks to ask Shalu to attend Sukhu. Lakshmi goes from there. Balwinder thinks to lock Lakshmi in the house and thinks today Rishi will die.

Neelam asks Karishma to do Ayush’s tilak. Ayush stops her. Karishma asks if you are insulting me. Ayush says no and tells that they shall wait for Rishi bhai, as he is small. Neelam tells that Ravan dahan shall happen at the right time and asks him to do the dahan. Karishma does his tilak happily. Lakshmi is still there and searching for Rishi. Ayush is about to fire arrow at the Ravan.

Rishi sees it through the hole. Balwinder thinks today history will be created as one brother will kill another. He thinks today evil will win from truth. Ayush shoots fire arrow at the Ravan and it falls down on the ground. He does this intentionally. Rishi gets worried. Karishma asks why he is not aiming well. Sonia says if Rishi bhai was here, then he would have done it rightly.

Ayush asks them to call Rishi Bhai. Virender says you are not doing right. Neelam says you are doing this intentionally and asks him to do Ravan dahan for Rishi. Lakshmi overhears the story of Ravan dahan and thinks it is trap by Ravan. She thinks to call Shalu. Balwinder thinks Rishi will die surely this time. Rishi says I am inside Ayush.

Lakshmi calls Shalu and asks her to take care of Sukhu. Shalu asks what happened? Lakshmi says Rishi’s life is in danger. Balwinder sees Lakshmi coming back and thinks she can’t find Rishi this time. Virender asks Ayush to fire the arrow as Pandit ji says Shri Ram Chandra ki Jai…

Malishka tells Kiran that she is now scared that Balwinder might have done something with Rishi. She says I swear that I will kill him. Balwinder thinks today nobody can defeat him. Malishka comes to him and asks where is Rishi? Balwinder asks who? Yours Rishi. He asks if I am his bodyguard.

Malishka says if you don’t tell me, then I will shout and tell everyone that you are here. Balwinder says today is Ravan’s dahan and says if Suparnakha’s dahan would have happened then I would have done. Malishka gets angry. Balwinder says I will tell that who had done the hotel incident and tells that they are partners, in crime. Rishi sees Lakshmi and says she is searching me. He shouts calling her, but she couldn’t hear him.

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Telecast Date:20th October 2022
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