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Bhagya Lakshmi 1st September 2022 Episode starts with Ayush asking Rishi, why they were carrying him to bring him out. Rishi says no, it was not the meeting time and I went to meet Lakshmi and forced to meet her twice, so this has happened? Shalu asks if we can’t meet Di. He says I will bring you di out safely.

Ayush asks Shalu not to be sad and says Rishi bhai will not let anything happen to Lakshmi bhabhi and I will not let anything happen to you. He tells Rishi that he will make her meet Lakshmi. Rishi says yes, Shalu.

He will make you meet Lakshmi, who sent her here. He goes. Ayush comes to the PS with Shalu. Inspector sees the tiffin and says I don’t want it. Ayush says Lakshmi bhabhi gets unwell with outside food, and that’s why my Maa sent this food for her. Shalu asks why are you lying? Ayush says it is my plan.

He pretends to cry and tells that she is in shock and not responding since her sister is arrested. He asks if there is any mental asylum nearby. He says there is no mental asylum near, when Inspector doesn’t say.

He asks Inspector if Shalu can take the tiffin. Aaliya asks if he is doing brother’s duty. Ayush says she is not my sister. He says they have love angle. Shalu asks what you are saying? Ayush asks Inspector to come to side, and asks him to help him in his love story. Inspector says another love story. Ayush asks can’t we have a love story. Inspector says you are handsome, and asks him to say.

Ahana is tensed and tells dadi that she is very worried. Dadi says he loves her so much, and will bring her back home. Ahana says yes, he loves her so much and that’s why went against Mami. Rishi comes home. Ahana asks bhai. Rishi says today Lakshmi can’t come. Dadi says why she will be in jail.

Ahana says she is innocent. Rishi says I promise that I will bring her back after two days, and says there is a hearing and Dad will talk to Advocate Basu. Ahana says he is a good lawyer. Dadi says Virender knows him.

Rishi asks how is Mom? Ahana says you have gone against her. Rishi says I will convince her. Malishka asks what happened? Rishi says Lakshmi is bearing someone else’s doing, and swears that whoever has done this, I will not leave that person. He says I will give so much happiness to Lakshmi that she will forget all her pain, and will keep her happy. He says I will search that person who has troubled her a lot.

Malishka thinks he shall be mad for me, but he is getting mad for Lakshmi. She thinks Lakshmi has done magic on him. Ahana says whoever has done this, has a criminal mind to have played with many people’s lives. She says real criminal will be caught. Malishka thinks catch me, you will search and can’t catch even my air.

Rishi comes to Neelam’s room and says sorry. Neelam asks him not to say anything. Rishi says the matter was about Lakshmi. Neelam says you have gone against me and supported the girl who has ruined our good will etc.

He says Lakshmi can’t do this and it will be proved in court. Neelam says I don’t care about court or your decision. She says that girl is inauspicious. He says Lakshmi is his wife and you have only asked me to respect the relation. He says situation is getting difficult for and is stuck.

He says I can’t hurt you even in my dream, and says I am in difficult situation and needs your support. He says sorry and asks her to help him. He says sorry and hugs her. Neelam says I didn’t forgive you yet. He says you have kept hand on my head, it is enough. Neelam says you are my life. Rishi says you are my life, and always remember that I can’t hurt you even in my dream. Virender comes there talking to Mr. Basu. Rishi takes the call and goes.

Ayush asks Inspector to let them meet Lakshmi. He says if you let us go, then I will admit my children in the same school as your children, and they will become bestfriend and will call you Chachu. He says I will ask them to become your informer. Inspector says your love story is wonderful. Ayush says we are dear brothers and they are dear sisters.

He asks if they can go and meet Lakshmi. Inspector asks him to go. Ayush comes to Shalu and says we can meet Lakshmi. Shalu is about to hug him, but stops. Ayush says you can have friendship hug. She asks what did you tell Inspector. Ayush says we don’t have time, lets go and meet.

Balwinder meets Malishka and says ordinary girl like Lakshmi has troubled Mumbai girl like you, and now her husband has hired the lawyer. He asks her to give money and says he will leave. Malishka throws wine on his face and says you will do as I say. She asks if he thinks her as ATM. He says he is asking money for his work. Malishka says she can get any number of balwinder. She gives him money.

Balwinder thinks he shall not tell her about Rano. She asks him to keep his tongue locked. Balwinder says I guarantee that Rishi will be yours. Malishka says I will not let you become of someone else, it is my guarantee. Balwinder thinks she is losing, but doesn’t give up. He thinks to earn money from her.

Ayush and Shalu come to the meeting room to meet Lakshmi. Lakshmi comes there and hugs Shalu and Ayush. They ask if you are fine. Lakshmi says I am fine, you both need not worry, Rishi is with me. Shalu says you are alone here. Lakshmi says Rishi said that he will free me very soon. Shalu says jiju said that after 2 days, there is court hearing. Lakshmi says it will come soon, and says I will rest here for sometime.

Ayush says it is a good place to rest and gets emotional. Lakshmi asks if they brought food for her. Ayush asks Shalu to make her eat food. They sit. Lakshmi asks how did they let you come inside.

Shalu says Ayush did a lot of hardwork. Lakshmi asks why did you worry? Ayush says we are friends and asks Shalu to make her have food. Shalu makes her have food. Lakshmi bites her finger mistakenly and says sorry. Ayush gets concerned and blows on her fingers. Shalu looks at him. Ayush also looks at her. Lakshmi looks at them staring at each other and thinks if they are friends. She smiles.


Bhagya Lakshmi 2nd September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Malishka tells Kiran that she will do something that Police investigation will happen according to me, and then it is guarantee that Lakshmi will never come out of jail. Abhay comes there and says this will happen, and I will do this. Neelam tells Virender that if he could do for her, then he has done because of her. Virender says you have a misunderstanding that Lakshmi is inauspicious for our house. Rishi and Lakshmi are on the bed. He promises that they will never be incomplete. She asks him not to break his promise. Rishi says never.

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