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Bhagya Lakshmi 14th October 2022  Episode starts with Rishi hitting Balwinder. Balwinder says he can also hit him. Rishi says I will close my eyes, then you can hit me. He closes his eyes. Balwinder gets a chance and calls Malishka.

Malishka is busy with Neelam and Kiran, and tells the latter that Neelam asked her to do tilak and handover the weapon to Rishi. Neelam says you are auspicious for my son and us. Malishka picks the call. Rishi opens his eyes and throws the phone on the bed. Balwinder asks Rishi why did he bring him to his room and asks him to get him arrested.

Malishka hears everything and gets shocked. Balwinder apologizes to Rishi and thinks if Malishka heard him. He breaks vase on Rishi’s head. Rishi gets injury and tells that he is sure that he has come here to do something wrong. Malishka comes to Kiran, but goes seeing her busy. Rishi says I will handover you to Police.

Ayush asks Bani, where is she? Bani says I am infront of you. Ayush says I don’t miss you due to Shalu, she comes alone to fight with me. Bani asks are you both involved? Ayush says yes and then says no. Lakshmi smiles. Ayush asks Shalu when she praises him. Shalu says she praises him behind his back. He asks where is Rishi Bhai? Lakshmi says he might be with someone. Ayush goes to call him. Shalu says he is jhalla. Lakshmi says my brother in law is dearest to me. Malishka enters the kitchen through the window and thinks to do something.

Rishi says you are behind my Lakshmi and says I will kill you if you stand infront of her. Malishka thinks to burn something to open all the locks of the doors, due to the firealarm. Rishi hits Balwinder. Balwinder thinks he didn’t get lakshmi and is getting beaten up for the witch. Malishka burns the papers and keep it near the fire alarm, thinks why it is not ringing.

Rishi says you want to marry Lakshmi. Balwinder says yes, I want to marry her, you are divorcing her and loves Malishka, asks him to go and marry her. He says I will marry Lakshmi. They have a fight. The door opens up, as the fire alarm rings. Balwinder runs out of the room. Rishi thinks how did this happen, as there was nobody at home. Malishka thanks God seeing him running and thinks to cover up her act. She hides the burnt paper in the cover and runs out from the window.

Rishi comes there, feels the smell and looks outside the window. He goes. Malishka is coming to Kiran. Kiran stops her seeing Lakshmi. Malishka comes to Kiran after Lakshmi goes. She tells her that Rishi had caught Balwinder. Balwinder calls Malishka and says partnership is over, as she was of no use to him. Malishka says she saved him using fire alarm to open the door and asks him to go away from there, else she can’t save him next time.

Balwinder thinks he will not go and will do the work for what he has come. Kiran tells Malishka that Balwinder is becoming cuff for her, and says he can get caught at any time. She says before he gets caught, you shall get him trapped in a case. Malishka says if he takes my name. Kiran says who will believe him. Malishka says Ayush and Lakshmi. Kiran says they are harmless and says when you sacrifice Balwinder, you will get Rishi for marriage. Balwinder’s friend hears her.

Lakshmi sees Rishi coming there and sees injury on his forehead. She asks what happened to him. Rishi says Balwinder is here, and says he came searching for him. Lakshmi tears her dupatta and ties on his forehead. He says his hairstyle shall not be ruined. Neelam and others come there.

Neelam asks how you got this injury? Lakshmi says Balwinder has come here. Rishi says something wrong is going to happen here. Dadi says we will see what he will do. Virender says we will see. Karishma says he is a snake, to have worked with us and biting us. Malishka asks Rishi if he is fine and shows her fake concern. Karishma says Balwinder had come here.

Malishka pretends and acts to be shocked. Rishi says he had caught Balwinder and took him to room, and then the door was opened and he ran away. He says I was shocked and says he took advantage and ran. He says if I had caught him then would have got him confessed the truth. Lakshmi asks if you are fine or not? Dadi says Balwinder and his friends will be caught one day, and says evil will end ultimately. Neelam asks Rishi to go inside for sometime.

Rishi says he is fine. Lakshmi says I will bandage you after applying medicine. Rishi says bandage is done, and asks what could be the best in the world than your dupatta bandage. He says he is getting strength from it, just like tying chunni for puja. He says you will apply tilak to me for Ravan dahan, so tilak will look nice on this bandage.

Balwinder looks at them. His friend comes to Balwinder and tells that Kiran asked Malishka to sacrificed him. Balwinder is shocked and says he thought not to kill Rishi as he is Malishka’s love, but now he will kill Rishi and Malishka both. Ayush comes to Rishi. Rishi tells that Balwinder had come here and fled. Ayush says you would have beaten him up. Rishi says I want to know why he had come here.

Ayush says Balwinder must have fled due to her and is about to take Malishka’s name. Lakshmi stops him. Rishi asks did you take Malishka’s name. Ayush says no. Virender comes there. Ayush asks Virender to ask Rishi to go, and says he is not agreeing to Lakshmi’s sayings. Rishi goes. Lakshmi tells Ayush that Rishi shall not know, as if we tell him then he will tell Malishka and she will be alerted, then we can never catch her. Ayush says sorry. Lakshmi says our enemy shall not be freed.

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