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Bhagya Lakshmi 10th October 2022 Episode starts with Dadi telling Lakshmi that when Rishi will do Ravan havan then all their troubles will end. Lakshmi says it will happen. She sees Rishi and says one person shall remember something. Rishi asks what shall I remember? Dadi tries to make him have sliced apple.

Lakshmi asks Dadi to eat it and says Malishka will feed him with her hand, so that their relation can get stronger. She says didn’t you was having food with Malishka’s hand. Rishi says Mom said, but I didn’t have it with Malishka’s hand. Dadi asks Lakshmi to make him have it. Lakshmi tells that she didn’t understand the siyappa.

Dadi asks Lakshmi to make him have it. Lakshmi says he will call Malishka to make him have food. Rishi says I will be hungry all life, if you don’t make me eat. Lakshmi says ok, don’t eat. Dadi says your dada ji and I had never fought like this. Lakshmi tries to feed him apple without looking at him. He says he is sitting there. She makes him have food and asks him not to be hungry forever.

He says he wants to eat more. She goes. Rishi asks Dadi how is she? I don’t understand her, sometimes she is caring, sometimes complaining etc. He asks if wives are such. Dadi says yes, wives are like that, and says Lakshmi might get angry, but never leave caring for you. She shouts calling Lakshmi and asks her to see what happened to Rishi. Rishi holds his chest seeing Dadi’s acting.

Lakshmi comes back and asks what happened? Rishi complains of chest pain and laughs. Dadi also smiles. Lakshmi says you are supporting this stubborn guy and asks what is the advantage of making a wise guy understand. Rishi asks what did she say? Dadi asks him to see how she cares for him. Rishi says that’s why I like her.

Bani worries for Rishi and Lakshmi. Shalu asks her not to take tension, and asks her to eat kheer. She opens the tiffin and finds it is less in the tiffin. She asks bani to eat it. Bani says she can’t eat as she had sworn not to eat sweets until everything gets fine between Rishi and Lakshmi. Shalu gets emotional. Bani says Lakshmi will love her more. Shalu says yes. Bani makes her have kheer.

Lakshmi recalls Malishka falling on him. Rishi comes there. Lakshmi asks if Malishka is fine, and asks if he was taking her to hospital? Rishi says I was helping her when she slipped. Lakshmi slips, and says you didn’t hold me when I slip. She says Malishka was acting and was very close to you. She gets closer to him and says she was this much closer. Rishi says I don’t believe you and asks her to tell, how much close she was with him. He comes near her and keeps his head on her head. Song plays….

Malishka tells Kiran that she is still there in Rishi’s heart. Kiran believes her. Malishka says whatever I am doing to get him, will be fruitful and he must be yearning for me like I am yearning for him. Kiran says you don’t have to worry. Malishka says we shall get that footage anyhow.

Balwinder says Rishi must be taking Lakshmi in his embrace and must be kissing her forehead, and I can’t do anything. Guddu asks him to calm down. Balwinder says Rishi will touch Lakshmi and will do everything with her. He says don’t know if Lakshmi is my love or stubbornness. He says I did a mistake, we should have killed him in court. He says now he will kill him that even his dead body will not be found. He then tells Guddu that he got a good idea.

Rishi moves hair from Lakshmi’s forehead and then says sorry. Lakshmi says no problem, I accept your apology. She turns to go and hits her forehead with the door. He says you are accident prone and asks her to hit her head with him sometimes. Lakshmi asks what? Rishi asks her to show her forehead, takes her pallu, blows air on it and keeps it on her forehead. Song plays…..Lakshmi looks at him.

He asks if she is colliding her head again on the door. She says no. Rishi says I am a wise guy. Dadi comes there and says you shall be closer and not far. She shows the two flowers and keeps them close. Rishi smiles. Lakshmi says there is nothing like that. Dadi asks Rishi to do that work. Rishi asks what?

Dadi gets upset and goes. Rishi says Dadi is thinking that I am stupid, but I understood. He says she asked me to kiss you, like it happened in old films. He says we shall not take her words seriously. Lakshmi says why you have taken care of my forehead and says you need excuses. She says sorry. Rishi says sorry accepted. He says lets go and sleep. Lakshmi says even I have so much work, tomorrow is festival. He kisses the flower as she goes.

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Telecast Date:10th October 2022
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