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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 9th August 2022 Gupta and Master walking with a cart with their stuff. Vibhu sees them and asks where are you guys going and there is a patient too. Gupta says you know the reason, Vibhu says you can’t give up like this. David says yes we have to fight back. Anu says uncle is right, we have to fight for our right.

Vibhu says we will file a case. Anu says yes we will but let us find a lawyer first. Tiwari walks to them and says I know a very good lawyer who will sort our problem. Anu says you said some about Thukral and then we saw what happened.

Commissioner walks to them, Vibhu says you are doing nothing. He says I can’t because he is doing it legally and I am here as a resident and have a solution, you all residents male should meet Suresh and beg for land, Vibhu says right,

Tiwari should go beg, he looks like one. Anu says enough of you all this is serious and who is talkative in our colony. Patient points at Vibhu

Vibhu practices to meet Suresh. Prem plays Suresh, Anu asks Vibhu to be confident and strong. David says no he should beg, I mean act like begging. Vibhu says he is right. Anu says no its our right so we should fight and be confident. David says I will teach you all, and asks Vibhu to cry. Vibhu cries and begs for land.

David doesn’t like it. Tiwari says let me try. Tiwari starts crying and begs for land. David says very bad. David says let me show you and starts crying and begging for land, Prem mocks him. Anu and Angoori ask David to sray out of ut as its bad and ask Vibhu to go confident.

Vibhu acts confident. Prem insults Vibhu on his act, Anu says Vibhu you jave to deal with it cmon. Vibhu says I will manage. Vibhu acts again. Prem insults again, Vibhu answers him back. Anu says very good.

Model colony men go meet Suresh. Vibhu says please give us our land back. Suresh says I can’t that land was my grandfather’s. Prem messes with Suresh, Suresh asks how much money you have to Prem, Vibhu whispers to Prem to shutup. Suresh says don’t whisper I don’t like it and says I have nothing to worry about. Vibhu says please leave our house. Suresh says why should I accept a loss what would you do.

Vibhu says in name of humanity I wouldn’t do something like this. Suresh says don’t talk about my humanity, you all are peacefully sitting here and thats my humanity, if it would ve someone else model colony would be dust and talking about humanity lets play a game and whoever wins task by me gets his house back and who doesn’t house will be demolished.

Masterji says I will do anything give me task. Suresh says masterji you have a beautiful neighbour, Kusumkaliji, Master says yes she stays two house away. Suresh says anyways you have to kidnapp her and get her infront if Vibhu and Tiwari’s house. Masterji says I can’t. Suresh says you have to for your land. Vibhu whispers masterji that its last chance do it, Masterji agrees for task.

Anu asks Vibhu why did he accept the condition, do you think you are some hero, and tomorrow if he asks you to get my nose what will you do, Vibhu says its not my fault, masterji accepted the condition, Anu says Suresh is playing a big game in name of this quit game and ge will give us very difficult tasks which we will never win,

Vibhu says we were helpless and this is only choice. Anu says Sharma Uncle called and he said if we save his house, he won’t ask for rent for a year, so we have to save this house. Vibhu thinks all I can think about is bhabhiji.

Tiwari upset about losing house and not able to see bhabhiji. Angoori asks whats wrong, you didn’t eat food too. Angoori says I know why you are not hungry but not eating won’t help. Amaji calls Angoori and says she is worried about them. Angoori tells her about quit game. Amaji says master will die with this task. Tiwari says what will I do, Amaji says start practicing with picking Angoori in your arms. Tiwari thinks I hope Suresh gives me task to pick Anu and run.

Shambu Chawal reporter, and asks masterji how is he feeling participating this game. Master says this is a fight for me. Tilu Teeka say we wish we get this task. Rhusa heres that and say this is so bad, and whacks them with masters stick.

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 10th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Masterji with Kusumkali and about to cross finish line, sneezes and falls down. Prem says I will go next. Suresh asks Prem to cycle continuously for 72hrs.Anu says I have an idea and explains to Tiwari’s and Vibhu. Tiwari says but who will give them the news. Reshampal walks in and says I will.

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Telecast Date:9th August 2022
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