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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 7th September 2021 Tiwari talking on phone with Gupta saying you left me of now where now debts collector will come to my house and hungs up. Angoori come and asks what happen why are you in so much tension, if you want my jewelry… Tiwari says don’t take jewelry name that is your, here these are insurence paper from this you will get atleast of 3 crore. Angoori says I don’t want, i want you that too fit and fin. Tiwari says I’m here these are for emergency case. Angoori says you didn’t have anything since morning yoi sit ill get something for you.

Manohar and Angelina in police station. Manohar asks who are you. My name is Angelina and why are you staring me and Angelina mocks Manohar. Manohar asks her to dance for him. Angelina gets offended and says in bar I dance on my on wish nobody forces me and I won’t dance in front of you. Commissioner walks in and greets Angelina, asks her does she have any threats here. Angelina says my threat is your right in your police station, Manohar asking me to dance. Commissioner says to Manohar shame on you. Manohar says sorry I was distracted. Commissioner says this could cost you your job. Angelina praise Commissioner and asks did you talk to my friend does she know me. Commissioner says yes we talked to her she said, she didn’t know you. Angelina says when she will see me, she will remember. Commissioner says don’t worry I called. Anu come and asks Commissioner did you call me. Commissioner says yes, this is Angelina Jai Surya. Anu asks Angelina do you know me. Angelina says how can I forget you, you have saved my reputation many time. Anu says Commissioner told me that I know you very well. Angelina asks her to bring her ear and tells Anu I’m Vibhu and will tell you story afterwards. Anu says I know her and Angelina and Anu leaves.

Vibhu and Anu gets to there home. Vibhu says to Anu please listen to me. Anu says what should I listen, till know you must have excuses. Vibhu says I don’t have any excuse. Anu says so tell me what was so important that you went to club disguised as women. Vibhu says took me. Anu says I should have known that he must have launch you as dancer in clib. Vibhu says no this is not fact. Anu says so let me tell you, you want to gamble and you don’t have money so Prem give you idea to dance so that you can gamble with that money. Vibhu says this is very bad. Angoori come to there house crying saying everything is ruined Tiwari is not giving any response, nor saying anything, I tried to feed him, is he dead. Anu says to Angoori you go I’ll be there and asks Vibhu to find a doctor as soona s possible and leaves.
Angelina out looking for Auto. TMT on street and sees Angelina. Teeka says what is she doing this late at night. tMT goes and greet Angelina. Teeka says are you Prem’s sister. Angelina says yes sho what. Tillu says we are Prem friends. Angelina says so. Teeka says and Prem’s friend are our friend. Angelina says what you guys want. Tillu says we heard that Prem’s friend are bold and you look like bold. Malkhan says enjoy with us too and TMT start dancing and singing for her. Angelina kicks them on face and says I’m your father Vibhu now go and get doctor for Tiwari he is not well.

Dr. Gupta examine Tiwari. Angoori says what happen to Tiwari. Gupta says Tiwari body is functional but his connection with brain is out of control. Anu says so do something, treat him. Gupta says its not easy. Tiwari thinks, Anu is so worried for me feel like telling her I’m completely fine but the situation. Anu says how long will it take to get him better. Gupta says he won’t be fine soon. Tiwari thinks this Gupta is useless knows nothing making my wife cry whereas I’m fine. Gupta asks is he insured. Angoori says yes he showed me some paper and told me this will help you to get money. Anu says I cannot understand what’s happening. Gupta says he is just like an vegetable now, have you seen Sanjay Dutt’s movie in which he helps Anand to get well, that condition is called vegetable, it can take long time for him to be fit. Angoori start crying. Anu consoles Angoori, says we will arrange best treatment for him. Angoori says I have faith that he will be cured as soon as possible and loks at Angelina says we didn’t ask this poor lady eill she have anything. Angelina says I’m just here for doctor. Gupta says darling 2 minutes more. Angoori asks Gupta why are you calling her darling. Gupta says we are just friends. Anu asks her to shut up.

Gupta Master and Prem sitting near tea stall. Master says to Gupta now a days I don’t feel good I feel lethargic. Gupta says to take body test because everything changes in human body with age. Prem says look at me I’m older then you both but still fit and fine. Gupta says I’m talking about human not wolf. Prem says to Gupta be in your limit. TMT come and says its his habit to interfere in others business. Tillu says to Prem please order tea for us. Prem says I didn’t earn money for you go order it by your own. Malkhan and Teeka mocks Prem. Prem says it hard to earn money. Gupta says why don’t you invest that money in some business. Prem says you are right I’m investment my money in mobile company. Saxena come disguised as bird. Gupta asks Saxena who are you. Saxena says I’m unfortunate bird who became victim of your lust. Tillu says what rubbish are you talking. Saxena says you have ruined birds life because of mobile phones towers, those tower are our grave and those dead bird’s are shouting no more mobile towers. Prem says he is right. Gupta says this mobile phone is poision. Masterji says my son is always in phone. TMT says they hate mobile. Malkhan gets call and he run away after that everyone phone ring and leave.

Tiwari on wheel chair in his house waiting for insurance agent so that he can come out of his act. Angoori come with Tiwari’s favourite snack. Tiwari thinks don’t cook my favourite dishes or else I’ll come out of my character. Angoori says Tiwari is not responding and insurance agent walks in. Angoori asks who are you. Agent says I’m Agent Vinod and start flirting with Angoori and says we had a call that Tiwari is no more. Angoori says he is not dead see he is sitting here. Vinod mocks Tiwari. Tiwari thinks I wish I could hit him. Angoori scolds agent. Vinod says I know he is your husband and flirts with her again and says shall I find you another guy, he is good looking and agent. Tiwari says what a stupid man.

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Telecast Date:7th September 2021
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