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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 7th October 2022 Tiwari tells Anu that she is looking very beautiful in her dress. Anu appreciates him, and tells Tiwari that she forgot to get garland to wear. Tiwari thinks that it’s a really good opportunity to impress Anu. Tiwari tells Anu that he’ll be back in a minute. Anu tells Tiwari to stay back because they are already late. Tiwari tells Anu not to get worried and leaves to get garland for her.

Prem is also ready to play dandiya and is sitting on his vehicle. Vibhu walks upto him asks him, if he can give his vehicle to him for some work. Prem tells Vibhu to get a rickshaw. Vibhu pulls him out of his scooter and sits on it. Tiwari also rushes towards Vibhu and sits behind him. Vibhu asks Tiwari why is he here?

Tiwari asks Vibhu, where js he going? Vibhu replies, to the hell. Tiwari says that he will get off in between his the route to hell. Vibhu tells Tiwari, that he’s going to market. Tiwari tells Vibhu to start the vehicle. Vibhu starts it and they both leaves.

Vibhu and Tiwari stops at the market. Vibhu and Tiwari splits their ways. They both comes back at the same garland shop and orders a garland simultaneously. Lady owner asks Vibhu and Tiwari what type of garland do they want? Vibhu tells her to give 2 different types of garland to both of them.

She packs it hand them over. Vibhu asks Tiwari to give the money. Tiwari gives her the money and tells Vibhu to give the garland to Angoori, be his side because, if he will it to she will pick out many flaws in it. Vibhu also tells Tiwari to give garland to Anu on his behalf, because of the same reason. Both agrees to each other. Tiwari tells Vibhu to start the vehicle and hurry up as they are already late.

Vibhu and Tiwari are on scooter. Tiwari tells Vibhu to speed up or else they will be extremely late. Vibhu tells him to shut up and let him focus. Tiwari again interrupts him and this time they crash into another vehicle.

Vibhu and Tiwari are sitting with casts all over their body and also injuries watching everyone enjoy the garba. Anu and Angoori are playing garba with enthusiasm, and Vibhu and Tiwari are getting happy seeing them.

Vibhu is sitting on a wheelchair in his bedroom. Anu comes in all excited and tells Vibhu that she enjoyed playing dandiya very much. Vibhu tells Anu that he can’t relate. Anu tells Vibhu that the should have also played dandiya. Vibhu asks Anu, how did it felt to play dandiya with Angoori? Anu tells Vibhu she plays with all energy and really enjoys it. Vibhu tells her to stop. Anu asks Vibhu,

why is he getting upset when she’s talking about dandiya? Vibhu tells Anu that he was the one who organised all that, and her that he even licked Prem’s shoes for this. Anu asks Vibhu if he’s really his best friend? Vibhu says that it’s not about sponsorship, but about the fact that he still cannot play dandiya after that. Anu tells Vibhu that he couldn’t play dandiya because he was injured. Vibhu gets upset and leaves the room on his wheelchair.

Angoori is telling Tiwari that she enjoyed very much while playing dandiya. Tiwari tells her to shut up but she tells him even more. Tiwari is sitting in his balcony and blaming Vibhu for the accident. Vibhu says, it wasn’t his fault. Tiwari tells Vibhu that he couldn’t play dandiya because of him.

Vibhu also tells him that he Aldo wants able to play dandiya. Tiwari again blames Vibhu for accident and says that Vibhu was drunk driving. Vibhu tells Tiwari to stop saying anything, and says that he never drink and drive. Tiwari tells Vibhu that he will put a case of drunk driving on his name. Vibhu l tells Tiwari that he will also put a case of attempt to murder on his name. Tiwari asks Vibhu when did he tried to kill him? Vibhu replies, just when he was drunk driving.

Vibhu is making noises in agony. Anu compares Vibhu with a crow, and tells him to shut up. David tells Anu that, it is said that when ever a crow makes noise it is said that there will be some guests coming later that day. Anu asks David, guests like him that never leave? David tells Vibhu that Anu is mocking him right in front of him.

Vibhu politely tells Anu to stop because he loves his uncle and David is also old. David tells Vibhu to not call him old sympathetically, because nobody respects old people. Anu tells David that it’s not true, if he would have gave his property to Vibhu, they might have been respecting him day night.

David stares at Vibhu. Vibhu tells David that he should have gave all of his property to him. David tells Vibhu that everyone has their day. Manohar walks in and sits on wheelchair. Vibhu tells Manohar to get up, because it’s patient’s seat. Manohar sits with David. Manohar tells Vibhu that he’s here to arrest him under the case of drunk driving. David asks Manohar, who files this case.

Manohar says, Tiwari. David tells Manohar that Vibhu doesn’t even have a cycle, how can he drive a vehicle. Manohar tells that Tiwari said that Vibhu was drunk driving and he was sitting behind him, and you crashed the vehicle. Vibhu tells Manohar that, it’s all false and Tiwari was attempting a murder on him. Manohar says he don’t know about that, he’s here just to arrest him. Vibhu tells Manohar that also wants to file a FIR against Tiwari. David asks says that they go and check what is going on. Anu also agrees him.

Everyone is sitting together. Tiwari is saying Vibhu was drunk driving. Vibhu tells everyone that it is false, Tiwari was poking with an sharp object constantly. Manohar suggests a solution that he should arrest both if them.

Tiwari and Vibhu starts arguing. Angoori and Anu calms them down. Tiwari says that he wasn’t abke to olay dandiya because of Vibhu. Manohar tells them that they should rest the case by compromising. Anu says that it’s not that big accident. David whispers Vibhu to rest the case or else Manohar will get benefited.

Vibhu tells David that Tiwari is arguing. Anu takes Angoori with her and tells her that Vibhu and Tiwari are upset because they didn’t played dandiya. Angoori agrees with her. Anu suggest Angoori an idea. Anu and Angoori tells Vibhu and Tiwari that they should play dandiya again. Vibhu and Tiwari gets happy. All four of them starts playing dandiya together

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