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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 5th January 2022 Tiwari sleeping and says don leave me alone Angoori and if you try to leave me I won’t let this happen and try to hug her see Angoori is not in her place says where did she went even bathroom door is closed, he hear Angoori walking says from where is she coming and start acting as if he is sleeping.

Angoori get inside bed. Tiwari looks at her thinks where did she went this late night is she done with me, is it true I’m having doubt on this.

Vibhu enter his bedroom and check if Anu is sleeping or not, he try to lie down. Anu switch on light says you know you are a thief trying to sneak into bed, do I bore you, you don’t want to sleep with me in bed.

Vibhu says you know I cannot sleep without you. Anu says really few minutes back you were showing lot of attitude, you said I irritate you so what happen. Vibhu says I’m sorry I mean it, you are right we should help Tiwari like I love my wife he also love her wife and ask Anu to switch off light and get to sleep.

Angoori in kitchen cleaning vegetable and singing. Vibhu walks to her and flirt with her. Angoori says good morning and I’m very happy today. Vibhu says I brought a book for you it’s on the event happen on mars you will be shocked after listing to the stories. Angoori says tell me fast I’m excited. Vibhu read book to her says first chapter is about Anglo, her history and about her parents its all written.

Angoori says tell me what’s written. Vibhu says your father name is Prem Mangla. Angoori says but my father’s name is Dadoo. Vibhu says Dadoo is your father from earth and Prem Mangla is yoyr martian father. Angoori ask who could be Prem Mangla. Vibhu says he could be my friend Prem.

Angoori says that useless person. Vibhu says don’t worry I’m planning to make your Martian father meet you and says what an exciting news written here. Angoori ask what it is. Vibhu says according to this book you have an fiance named as Vibhu Mangla it means we are engaged.

Angoori says in mars we both are engaged, tell me one thing is there any information about Ammaji and Tiwari. Vibhu says no they are cursed people, this book have many stories which will make you feel happy. Angoori says tell me. Vibhu says according to this book there is a way on how a martian charge there battery by looking into eachothers eye and Vibhu start acting says my battery is discharging.

Angoori gets panicked says look into my eyes. Vibhu smile and start looking into her eyes. Angoori asks are you charging. Vibhu says battery was low on 1% it will take time to charge. A man shouts help me also to charge my battery. Vibhuti shouts at him and says to Angoori I’ll leave now useless person is here.

Anu in her hall sitting. Tiwari walks to her greet and start crying. Anu ask what happen Tiwari. Tiwari says I think so my Angoori is having an affair, last night Angoori was out of her bed, I asked her to sing a romantic song for me so she started singing lullaby and I went into deep sleep, after sometime my eyes open and I see Angoori was not there. Anu says okay then what happen.

Tiwari says then I hear she is coming to room so I went back to sleep and start acting, she came in bed and sleep and then I realised that Angoori is cheating. Anu says what has happen to you, is your relation so weak come on grow up. Tiwari says she don’t do like this. Anu says she must have gone down to drink water or thought gas must be on something could be the reason.

Tiwari says she completes all work of kitchen then come to bed with Turmeric Milk in end. Anu says she does all the household work and take good care of you every time what else do you need more and says stop crying, please calm down it’s your imagination it will go away in some time now I’m going in my room. Tiwari gets up and start following her. Anu says what are you doing I asked in polite manner to leave you.

TMT and Vibhu sitting near tea stall. TMT trying to find out there astronaut suit. Teeka says they are high quality fabric. Vibhu says I can’t understand first you were Alien and now Astronaut. Tillu says organization has promoted us, they said that we have to become astronaut and roam around.

Gibhu says what does this organisation want from you. Tillu says organization want that yound kids take inspiration for astronomy. Vibhu mocks them. Teeka says if we get money for this work our life will be set. A man come and greets TMT as Tillunaut, Teekanaut, Malkhanaut and sit beside Vibhu. Vibhu introduce him self and ask him why this different kind of name.

Malkhan says we got promoted that’s why. Tillu wear helmet. Man says why did you wear helmet I came here to tell that there is an manufacturing defect in helmet it become difficult to take out once you wear it. TMT try to take out Tillu’s helmet, he panicks and start crying. Teeka says BooBoo Swami this is not coming out. He says wait I’ll see what can I do, come with me. Vibhu says take care of them they are fragile. TMT follow him and leaves.

Prem walks to Vibhu and sit beside him. Vibhu greets him. Prem says listen I’ll not lend you any money. Vibhu says I don’t want money I need favour tonight you will meet Bhabhiji disguised as her father from mars because I told her that I’m from mars and convinced her that she is also from mars and you are her father.

Prem says what was the need of making this bad story. Vibhu says Bhabhiji is my love, she want to stop seeing dream so I want to help her. Prem says I respect your love but I cannot so this act because I never have that kind of vision on her. Vibhu says I’m asking to be father not lover. Prem says when you are her lover then how could I be. Vibhu says she is a lovely lady please do this much for your friend I’m asking as a favor. Prem says okay.

Tiwari in his bed says today I’ll find out with whoem she is having affair. Angoori walks in and ask what happen are you having pain again. Tiwari says yes I’ll go and use washroom. Angoori says you should go and see a doctor with me. Tiwari says suddenly I’m feeling fit so can we start romance.

Angoori says no first we will go to a doctor get you treated then I’ll do romance with you. Tiwari says okay then let’s go to sleep good night. Angoori says yes good night. Tiwari says you also sleep and switch off light. Angoori see him snoring and check is he sleeping or not then switch off light and get out of bed after sometime. Tiwari wakes up and says where did she went and get out of bed.


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 6th January 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Angoori see Prem and hungs him. Tiwari watching them from distance says she ia having affair with Prem.Tiwari says to Anu I saw Angoori with Prem. Anu in shock says she is finding her comfort in a man like Prem this is a big thing what you did wrong, I don’t know what can I say right now.

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Telecast Date:5th January 2022
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