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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 4th January 2022 Vibhu walks to Angoori in kitchen and asks whatd wrong why does she look upset and tries to flirt, Angoori says I didn’t understand a word you said, Vibhu says anyways I have news, I met my relatives near Jhakarkati and I’m shocked to hear news the shared,

Angoori asks what is it, Vibhu says I’m Martian, I’m from Mars. Angoori says how true is this, Vibhu says 100% true, Angoori says I don’t believe, Vibhu says I didn’t believe too until I met my relatives, Angoori says how do I trust, Vibhu says come near Jhakarkati, my relatives will be there, they are here from Mars,

Angoori says I will surely come and its just like my dreams, what if it isn’t true, Vibhu says I will prove you, just keep Tiwari out of it, Angoori says I won’t because he won’t allow me to go, Vibhu says clever and also hide from Anu or else she will be shocked. Angoori says okay.

Vibhu on call with Prem, says if a person has partner like Angoori he would be so happy, Anu calls Vibhu, Vibhu disconnects call, Anu asks whats wrong, Vibhu says Prem and his wife are having problems, Anu says good we aren’t like these couples, even Angoori and Tiwari aren’t doing well, Tiwari told me,

Angoori isnt taking interest in him, he is facing emotional distance between them and so I gave them few tips, Vibhu says let them sort on their own, let Angoori divorce him or separate from him, Anu says cmon they are our neighbour, Vibhu says they are a problem and you specially stay away from Tiwari, he is a loser,

Anu says so someone who supports him is mad, Vibhu says yes, Anu says so I am mad, Vibhu says don’t do this, Anu says you are ao irritating you keep pulling topics instead of a sorry please leave, Vibhu says even I would prefer a couch and leaves.
Anu says he will be back in 10 min

Tiwari facing gas issues, Angoori says you never take care of yourself, sleep early or else it will go worse, Tiwari says you are very away these days, Angoori says I’m near you, Tiwari says I’m talking about physical relation, come close, Angoori says your tummy is upset, we will romance when you go fine. Tiwari says cmon, okay sing a song for me, Angoori says it’s late not now, Tiwari insists Angoori on singing romantic song.
Angoori says okay sleep on my lap and sings bed time song, Tiwari falls off to sleep.

Master on call late night with his phone, don’t worry I will reach home in time and safely. Master sees 3 aliens walk to him and is in shock, aliens scare master. Master asks what you want, Alien says your purse, mobile and your bag.

Master gives purse and mobile and says I can’t give bag, Aliens take bag, mobile and purse, Master shouts for help, Gupta rushes to them and asks whats wrong, Master says these aliens are troubling me, Gupta starts laughing and says these are TMT, this is their new job, Master asks them to return his belongings and leave

Angoori and Vibhu waiting for aliens, Angoori says I’m very cold, Vibhu gives her, his blanket and starts shivering, Angoori asks when will your relatives come, Vibhu says soon, Angoori asks why are they coming, Vibhu says for gold and diamond, Angoori says and when did you find about you being Martian,

Vibhu says they took tounge twister test, and if you can say it you are Martian, Angoori tries, but unable. Vibhu says congratulations you are a Martian, Angoori says how I couldn’t say it. Vibhu says who can pass stay outskirts of mars and who can’t stay right inside mars and now I know why your dreams its because your house is calling you.

Angoori and Vibhu sees Aliens, Angoori says lets call them close and ask them to do tounge twister, Vibhu says not now, they are new and you believed right I’m from Mars, Angoori says yes I do.
Aliens play music and start dancing.

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 5th January 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Tiwari tells Anu, Angoori doesn’t love her, Tiwari starts crying.Vibhu says to Angoori we have to stare into eachother and charge our batteries.

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Telecast Date:4th January 2022
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