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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 31st August 2022 Tiwari is making his baby asleep, and he calls her by saying “Angel”. Angoori walks in asks Tiwari what was he calling the baby? Tiwari says, angel. Angoori didn’t liked the name, and says that she should ask Ammaji for the name.

Tiwari tells Angoori not to ask her because she will suggest some old name. Angoori says that her Ammaji is very modern and proceeds to call her. Angoori greets Ammaji and asks her about the name.

Ammaji replies that, she have an amazing name in her mind for Angoori’s daughter. Tiwari asks Ammaji for the name. Ammaji replies, the name is “Jumma Fal”. Angoori and Tiwari stares at eachother and neither of them likes the name. Angoori hangs up the call. Tiwari asks Angoori, what kind of name is this? Angoori says that it’s a very strange name.

Anu and Prakriti are sitting together in Anu’s bedroom. Anu asks Prakarti if she uses men perfume. Prakriti says yes, and says that she likes masculinity. Anu asks her perfume brand. Prakriti replies, Red buffalo. Anu says Vibhu also uses the same brand. Prakriti says, then she should do? Anu says that she’s just sharing.

Anu gets up to get some water but instead, sprains her ankle. Prakriti asks if she should massage her leg? Anu says, sure. Prakriti proceeds to give her a massage. Anu says that her hands feels like Vibhu’s very much. Prakarti again says, then what she should do? Anu says, she’s just complementing.

Rusa walks in the bank and greets Tillu. Tillu gets excited. Rusa appreciates Tillu’s hardwork and gives a chocolate as a gift. Tillu thanks her. Rusa asks Tillu about Teeka that where is he? Tillu replies, that he must in his cabin. Teeka walks upto Rusa and greets her. Rusa tells Teeka that he’s looking dashing.

Teeka thanks her and asks Rusa if she wants any kind of loan? Rusa says, no thanks, and invites them both on a dinner. Teeka and Tillu gets happy. Rusa leaves. Prakriti and David walks inside the bank.

Tillu gets mesmerized and asks Prakriti, how can he help her? Prakriti says that she wants to cash out a cheque of 10lakhs. Prakriti hands over the cheque to Tillu. Teeka shows up and takes that cheque from Tillu. Teeka tells Prakriti that this cheque cannot be cashed out. Prakriti takes back the cheque and leaves with David.

Angoori and Tiwari are playing with their daughter. Angoori says that she’ll make her daughter study well and help her become a great officer. Tiwari disagrees and says that she won’t do any job and live like a queen. Anu waiting at the door but now she walks in and tells Tiwari that this type of mentality is wrong. They should make their daughter a well educated person.

Tiwari and David are sitting together and drinking. Prakriti sits with them and starts drinking with them. Tiwari asks why she drinking, she going to carry my baby. Prakriti replies, his cheque didn’t cashed out because of overwriting. Tiwari says he will give another one but tells Prakriti not to have another sip. Prakriti didn’t stop, and proceeds to drink more.

Prakriti and Anu are sitting together. Anu tells Prakarti that she has decided to become a mother, and that to with the help of her. Prakriti gets shocked.

Tiwari is playing with her daughter. Tiwari says, his daughter will take care of his business. Angoori says, no. She will not do that. Tiwari asks why? Angoori says everyone teases you because of your business, would you like if that happen to your daughter? Tiwari agrees.

Anu tells Prakriti that she will pay her 15k every month if she will carry her baby too. Prakriti says that it’s too low. Anu says she will call Vibhu and tell him that his Tinu Muneem’s daughter is very greedy. And even she will Tiwari to cancel the deal with you. Prakriti agrees with Anu. Anu gets happy.


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Telecast Date:31st August 2022
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