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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 2nd August 2022 Anu says to Tiwari’s, I knew Angoori dances very well but Tiwari nor bad, Tiwari blushes. Angoori says to Anu that, you knew Tiwari had bad knee ache but Hakim’s medicine worked. Anu says I see you have great energy too, Angoori says its magic of Hakim’s medicine and I suggest you as well consult him, Anu says I would like to meet him too.

Vibhu and David drinking, David says keep my drinks hard. Vibhu says this has ruined your throat and I have got some Jadibutti from jungle and with Dadu’s research I will give you medicine. Anu walks in,

David and Vibhu hide drinks, Anu says God you guys having salad anyways Vibhu you know a Hakim gave some medicine to Tiwari’s and they have become so energetic. Vibhu says that’s good. Anu says I am meeting that Hakim soon.

Hakim visits Tiwari’s, Tiwari says you are medicine has given us so much energy. Angoori walks to Hakim and greets him. Hakim says now I am your Hakim, don’t hide anything from me be free to tell anything. Tiwari says no we aren’t comfortable, let me know your fees. Hakim says 20,000/-. Tiwari says it’s very expensive.

Hakim says give me my medicine and all the enjoyment back. Tiwari hands him money. Angoori says we have one more favor to ask, Hakim says go ahead. Angoori says we want to have a baby, and only by your blessings we can have it, I M waiting for it past 8-9 years, my Amaji is waiting there and Hakim today you have to tell who is incapable.

Hakim says this man and points at Tiwari. Tiwari says okay, what is the solution. Hakim says Tiwari you have to walk on one leg and also do all important work with one leg till your nerves get strong. Tiwari says okay and you have to come meet someone.

Tiwari meets Anu, hopping on one leg. Tiwari says his crawling technique also worked, I have so much faith in him, Anu asks where is Hakim. Tiwari says he is outside and calls Hakim in.
Hakim says is she some princess that she needs to give permission, Anu says its basic manners. Tiwari says anyways he is the Hakim and she is Anu and her husband is unemployed. Hakim says to Tiwari, you are a husband and should respect all other husbands. Anu says I like that.

Hakim checks Anu’s nerves and says you are very dominating, Tiwari says no its because of Vibhu, Hakim says this man keels interrupting please leave. Anu says yes please leave anyways I have something personal to ask. Tiwari says why can’t you share personal infront of me. Hakim scolds Tiwari and asks him to leave.

Anu says to Hakim, I want to talk about my friend Meenal’s husband Anurag, he is very lazy and gets tired soon. Hakim says I have right medicine for you. Anu says also I have a red spot, can you give me something. Hakim says I have medicine for you as well. Anu says also I felt your touch very familiar.

David giving TMT massage in his salon. Teeka says what have you eaten today that you have so much strength. David says its magic of Hakim Surkan, his medicines are magic.

Tiwari walks to Angoori in bedroom and flirts with her, Tiwari says I feel so romantic today. Angoori says I don’t feel like, may be tomorrow. Tiwari saysI can’t keep calm today. Angoori and Tiwari start dancing with Angoori and trips down the window.

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 3rd August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Anu says to Vibhu in bedroom, you need some push at times, I hope you understand.Tiwari abd Angoori in bed, Tiwari says I had so much fun.

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