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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 29th July 2022 Tiwari is sitting on the dining table waiting for dinner. Angoori brings him the food and places right in front of him. Vibhu also watches Tiwari from the window like a spy. Tiwari eats the food and instantly regrets it, he asks Angoori whether she poured all the chilies from the market.

Angoori denies, and says that she only used all remaining in the kitchen. Tiwari asks her for the water. Angoori tells Tiwari that Ammaji told her to give you this food, as it will help Vibhu soul to rest in peace.

Tiwari gets furious and calls Ammaji. Tiwari starts shouting on her Ammaji replies back and asks him why is shouting like this. Tiwari says that she can tell Angoori to pour all the chilies, and he can’t even shout?

Ammaji gets confused and asks Angoori what is he talking about? Angoori says that she will explain everything to her in a while, first, it’s important for Tiwari to finish all the food and hangs up the call. Tiwari gets shocked. Angoori orders Tiwari to eat all the food. Tiwari denies, but she swears him to do.

Happu and TMT are at the jungle. Happu asks them what are they doing here half naked? Teeka tells him that they are performing a ritual. Happu asks, if they think he’s a fool? Tillu tells Happu to do the work for what he’s here for and, makes him spot commissioner digging a big hole.

Happu gets shocked and wonders, what is Reshampal doing here this late? Happu and TMT approaches commissioner. Happu greets Reshampal and Reshampal greets back but stutters a lot. Happu asks him, why is getting so nervous? Reshampal says that just tired. Happu asks him what is he doing here this late?

Reshampal replies that he’s sowing seeds. Happu asks what kinds of seeds? Reshampal says nothing. Happu again asks what’s inside the sack he’s carrying? Reshampal again says seeds. Happu picks up the sack and puts it upside down. Happu and TMT gets shocked after seeing a lot of money coming out of the sack. Happu picks up few bands of notes and grabs Reshampal’s neck.

Tiwari is sitting inside his house and screaming due to pain. Angoori apologizes. Tiwari says that, he will never forgive you. Anu comes in and Angoori asks her to have a seat. Anu asks Tiwari what happened to him? Tiwari replies, that he sat on a nail accidentally. Anu advices him to take rest.

Angoori asks Anu how is she doing? Anu says that she’s not doing that great after Vibhu went missing. Tiwari starts to cry. Anu consoles him and tells them that she is there to invite them into a party. Angoori gets scared. Anu leaves after inviting.

Angoori is crying and preparing food. Vibhu shows up in his kitchen and asks her, why is she crying? Anu tells him that Anu came to invite them for the party, but she and Tiwari won’t feel like to come. Vibhu tells her to come in the party if she really want her soul to rest in peace.

Everyone is gathered for the party and Anu is giving her few words before starting. Tiwari starts to cry loudly and Angoori also says that she’s missing him too. David gets angry and tells everyone that if anybody from them has done something to Vibhu won’t be able to stand on their legs. Tiwari falls down at the exact moment. David picks him up. Vibhu disguised as someone else shows up and stands beside Anu.

Everyone gets confused and says who is he. Vibhu grabs Anu and whispers that he’s Vibhu. Vibhu(disguised) tells everyone that he’s Vibhu’s brother. Anu tells everyone that he’s Hubahu Narayan Mishra. Anu and Vibhu starts to dance. Tiwari is standing and getting jealous. Tiwari shouts and tells them to stop and tells everyone that he’s the killer of Vibhu.

Everyone in the room gets shocked. Anu asks Tiwari, what is he talking about, and tells Vibhu to take off the disguise. Vibhu takes off fake mushtache. Angoori gets shocked. Vibhu says, yes! He’s alive. He was trying to do a prank with Tiwari. Anu tells him to elaborate. Vibhu explains everything to Anu. Tiwari and Angoori gets disappointed and leaves. Anu gets angry and tells Vibhu to be ashamed.

TMT are returning back after doing the ritual and see’s Hawaldaar taking few people dressed same as TMT to police station. TMT asks him where is going and who are these fools? Hawaldaar says that they are their brothers.

Teeka says that they don’t have and brother. Hawaldaar explains that they were also performing some kind and ritual like you. They tells TMT that the Doctor who told them to perform this ritual betrayed them and went to Switzerland. Hawaldaar takes them with him. Tillu says that, despite of being him fraud, the ritual was working perfectly though.


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 30th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Anu says to Tiwari do you really feel pain in your knees.Prem and Vibhu at Tiwari’s house. Vibhuti in disguise say a poem to Tiwari on knees and ask him to walk on knees.Tiwari walk to Anu on knees and greet her. Anu get’s scared.Vibhu says I’ll give you a medicine and you will run like deer.Tiwari and Angoori dancing.Angoori suggest Anu to have medicine.

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Telecast Date:29th July 2022
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