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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 28th October 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 28th October 2021 Vibhu in his balcony. Tiwari cleaning house and Ammaji slaps him don’t act like weak women fo fast. Tiwari says I’m tiered. Vibhu says you have given birth to a loser. Ammaji says you don’t let my daughter in law sit in peace. Tiwari says I don’t ask her to do so much work.

Ammaji says Angoori was great that she never let you give any chance. Angoori come and steps on Tiwari’s hand. Ammaji greets her and says come business women. Angoori says it’s all your blessings. Ammaji says uts because of Tiwari you are progressing and he is still there a failure. Tiwari says I never failed I’m also worky. Ammaji says she came to house all tiered did you ask her for water.

Angoori says let him ho and here is my earning for today 50,000rs. Tiwari in shock. Ammaji says to Tiwari you are jelous on my daughter in law progress. Tiwari says no. Ammaji says to Angoori you proved you can do better outside and Tiwari never did business like this. Tiwari says ince I did business of 5000. Ammaji says but Angoori did if 50000rs and I’ll hive party for your progress.

Tiwari says to Ammaji till now target is not completed still 75000rs is pending. Angoori says I’ll do that too. Ammaji says let me handle him and ask Tiwari what you cooked today come to kitchen. Angoori pray to god and says please help me yo achieve target. Vibhu says you have my blessings.

Vibhu goes to Prem house and knocks. Prem wife says from inside who is knocking like a thief late night if you are my husband’s friend then go away. Prem says you ho to bed I’ll see. Prem wife says to him if you went out with your friend I’ll break your leg. Prem open door and says to Vibhuti what are you doing this late. Vibhu says now I know why don’t you let anyone come near to your house.

Prem says just tell me why are you here. Vibhu says I’m in a situation help me. Prem says did you fight with Anu. Prem wife from inside shouts who are you talking to late night. Prem says darling I’m talking to waiter I’ll come soon and says to Vibhu tell fast. Vibhu says Anita’s dad got an massive heart attack she is crying and they need 75000rs. Prem says but they are rich.

Vibhu says they use to be but they lost everything now only 75000rs is pending if you give me it will be great help. Prem says wait I’ll get money. Prem wife says where are you taking money and hit him. Prem come out give him money and ask him to leave fast.

Tiwari come to Anu. Anu says come sit is there any problem. Tiwari says I’m sad and ask why do you laugh after looking at me. Anu says am I laughing now and I don’t know must have remember a joke. Tiwari says no you didn’t remember any joke. Anu says I don’t remember. Helan come and greets Anu and Tiwari and says why are you reacting like you saw a ghost.

Anu says is everything okay what happen. Helan says my husband is not well and rest everything is okay. Tiwari says ask him to have drinks. Helan says go and bring my luggage its outside and stop worrying about my husband don’t drag it its fragile. Helan ask how’s my Vibhuti where is he. Anu says that I also don’t know.

Tiwari come in with luggage. Anu start laughing and says now I understand why I was laughing do one thing keep this here and come in. Tiwari come inside and she doesn’t laugh. Anu says see I didn’t smile now take this luggage and come back, she start laughing and says after seeing you feel like servent.

Angoori prays to god to help her in challenge and let all women win around her. Tillu says I’m with you don’t worry you will jot loose. Angoori syas thankyou. Vibhu disguised as Shaikh come to shop and mocks Tillu says do know you who am I. Vibhu says I’m Shaikh. Angoori ask Tillu but why is he here. Tillu says I know arbi I’ll talk to him. Tillu asks why are you here. Vibhu says I need to buy undergarments for my worker and I need to buy of 75000rs undergarments. Angoori and Tillu gets excited.

Angoori says if we get this order we will win the challenge. Vibhu says to Tillu bring something sweet from Ram Narayan market to celebrate. Tillu says I’ll Chandu k pede he makes it delicious but uts far. Vibhu says I’m came across seven sea and you cannot bring a sweet for me from market. Angoori asks Tillu to go. Vibhu give Angoori money and imagine Angoori singing and dancing for him and Arabic dress. Angoori counts and says its 75,000rs. Vibhu says then load it in tempo.

Malkhan and Tillu come to house and calls Teeka. Tillu says he is not here, he is all time with Saxena name fog but he is getting 500rs daily. Teeka come and says when you have unconditional love with animal you don’t see money. Malkhan says whne you get new friends you forget old one. Teeka says what have you done in friendship, tommy is mu good friend. Tillu says uf I says he is using you to satisfy his needs.

Teeka says if I slap you. Malkhan says you will hit us because of someone new. Teeka slaps Malkhan. Tillu tells Teeka a story about a millionaire dog that how a man took care of him and didn’t got anything in return when that dog died. Teeka says so he didn’t got anything from will but that man served him. Tillu says yes but you are doing same. Malkhan says he did not write his name in dog’s will.

Teeka says this is wrong it does not come in friendship between man and dog. Tillu says okay then you can cry on your tommy grave and they hoth mocks Teeka. Teeka says you opened my eyes now get paper ready I’ll take tommy sign. Malkhan says now you are talking. Teeka says Tommy was my good friend earlier and will be. Tillu says to Malkhan we only care about money.


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 29th October 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Angoori give the remaining amount to Ammaji in front of Tiwari.Ammaji give party in Angooris success and everyone praising her.

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Telecast Date:28th October 2021
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