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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 27th July 2022 TMT are performing the ritual in the woods, chanting Rusa’s name. Tiwari throws Vibhu’s body on the ground in the same forest. TMT hears the sound of dropping something and gets scared.

Tiwari uncovers Vibhu’s face from shroud and apologizes him. He decides to cover Vibhu’s body with leafs. Tillu spots Tiwari with Vibhu’s body laying beside him. Malkhan suggests to go and tell Happu about this. Teeka and Tillu also agrees with him. TMT silently leaves the forest.

Anu is standing outside and trying to call Vibhu as she’s very worried about him. Tiwari is going towards his house but see’s Anu and gets scared. So he decides to vault from his house’s boundary wall but, Anu spots and calls him. Tiwari approaches her. Anu asks him if he has seen Vibhu anywhere.

Tiwari shutters and says that he haven’t seen him. Anu asks him why is stuttering so much? And why is his clothes so dirty this late? Tiwari tells Anu that he has joined Kabbadi classes. Anu asks him, this late?! Tiwari says yes, and tells her not to worry about Vibhu, he’ll return soon. Anu goes back inside. Tiwari cries and regrets about the situation.

TMT rushes inside Happu’s police station. Happu asks them what are they doing here this late? TMT tells him that Vibhu is dead. Happu gets shocked and feels happy that Anu is now alone. Happu asks TMT what are they talking about? They explains him the whole situation and leaves Happu bewildered.

David is drinking and enjoying snacks. Anu gets angry and asks him how is he so calm? Vibhu isn’t home yet? David tells her that he’s worried about him but, internally. He won’t show it on his face. Someone rings the door bell. Anu gets excited as she thinks it’s Vibhu. Anu opens the door and gets disappointed because it’s Happu.

Happu greets Anu and David and haves a seat. Happu says that he’s here to tell them a bad news that Vibhu died. Anu says What?! David is still drinking. Happu asks David, what type of person you’re? Why are you not showing and emotions? David that he’s sad but internally, he won’t show it on his face.

He also says that he doesn’t believe on rumors. He only believes when he have some proofs. Happu tells him that TMT told him. But he also didn’t believe them. Anu asks, then how can he say that Vibhu is dead? Happu tells Anu the whole story. Anu asks David and Happu to come with her.

Tiwari and Ammaji is sitting together stressed. Angoori rushes towards them all freaked out and tells them that Anu, David and Happu are coming here. Tiwari gets scared. Someone rings doorbell. Ammaji tells everyone to calm down and gets up to open the door. Ammaji opens the door and see’s that Happu got shocked by the doorbell. Ammaji welcomes them and asks them to have a seat.

Happu and Anu gets inside. Happu tells Ammaji to put Tiwari’s finger on the doorbell. David is still standing at the door and asks Ammaji especially if he can also come inside? Ammaji says that, not always it’s directed to something, sometimes you need to understand the signs and smiles.

Happu and Anu tells David to get inside. Anu tells Tiwari to answer every question Happu asks, and be honest with your answer. Happu asks Tiwari, where did he buried Vibhu’s body? Meanwhile, Vibhu is also watching them from the window. Angoori acts shocked. Happu tells Angoori that Tiwari is on wrong path. Angoori says,

what path? Tiwari tells Happu that he went to feed Pigeons, and after that he went to kabaddi classes. Happu says that TMT told him. Angoori tells Happu that Tiwari can’t even bury a plant, how can he bury a body?

Ammaji asks Happu for any proofs? David gets excited and asks Angoori what did she made in the dinner? Anu tells David to shut up. Happu tells Anu that he’s leaving with TMT to find the body and also tells Tiwari to start praying to the god so he don’t get caught. Happu leaves. Anu says that she hope Tiwari is not involved in this. Anu also leaves. Tiwari thinks that he need to reposition the body before Happu gets there.


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Telecast Date:27th July 2022
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