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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 24th October 2022 Vibhu and David are cleaning the house. David tells Vibhu that he never thought he will have see these days. Vibhu tells him that he wasn’t a king in London, and tells him to continue cleaning the house. Anu comes in and asks them, why are they arguing? Vibhu tells Anu, that David is hurt.

Anu asks David, why is he hurt? David replies that she’s treating them like a servant, and asking why is he hurt? Anu tells them that they shouldn’t be ashamed of cleaning own house. David asks Anu to hire a servant. Anu says that she the only one who earns, and cannot afford a servant.

Vibhu asks Anu to hire a servant for few days only. Anu says, no! Vibhu explains David that it’s profitable for both of them to get back to work. David agrees with him. Anu asks Vibhu to get coffee for her. Vibhu passes the order to David. David agrees with him and leaves to get coffee.

Tiwari is doing some work in balcony. Angoori comes in with a big mop to clean the room. Angoori starts cleaning and Tiwari gets irritated from her. Angoori again comes near him and starts cleaning.

Tiwari gets frustrated and asks her to get him breakfast. Angoori tells him that she doesn’t have enough time for that. Tiwari says that he’s starving and might pass out in few minutes. Angoori says that she has to clean the house for Diwali, and asks Tiwari go and get few potatoes boiled.

Tiwari is boiling potatoes and sees David in Anu’s kitchen. Tiwari laughs and asks him, what is he doing? David replies that he’s sowing seeds, and asks him if he also wants to sow with him? Tiwari asks him that, why is he rattled? David replies tell him he’s the oldest in the house, and still Anu and Vibhu are making him do household works. Tiwari laughs at him and asks, if he’s making coffee?

David says, yes and asks Tiwari what is he doing? Tiwari replies that he’s preparing food. David asks him, where is Angoori? Tiwari tells him that she’s cleaning the house. Teeka and Tillu and shouting and selling “Jalebis”. Tiwari asks them, what are you guys selling? Teeka asks Tiwari, if he’s blind?

Tiwari sees them and appreciates them for selling Jalebis. Tillu asks Tiwari, if he wants some? Tiwari says no, and tells them that if he wants some, he will order it from his friend’s shop. David asks Teeka and Tillu if he can taste the Jalebis? Teeka says no, and they both leaves.

Masterji is standing in a forest and waiting for a rickshaw. Prem pull up and asks MasterJi, what is he doing here? MasterJi tell him that he’s waiting for a rickshaw. Prem tells him that he won’t find any rickshaw today because, it’s rickshaw’s union president’s wedding and every rickshaw driver went there. MasterJi says that they don’t have manners. Prem asks Prem why isn’t he buying a bike?

Master Ji tells him that his wife and son also likes bikes. Prem suggests MasterJi that he should buy them both a bike. Prem says that he doesn’t have enough money. Saxena is going inside a graveyard while chanting that he likes to giveaway stuff. Prem says what is Saxena giving away? MasterJi tells him that he doesn’t know. Prem asks MasterJi to sit with him, so that he can drop him off.

David is cleaning the dishes and asks Tiwari if his paratha is ready? Tiwari says, yes. David asks him to show is creation. Tiwari shows him the paratha he made. David sees it and can’t stop laughing. Tiwari asks him, why is he laughing? David tells him that his paratha looks more like the map of Uganda. Tiwari calls Angoori downstairs. Angoori comes in and asks Tiwari, if he can’t even eat food by himself? Tiwari gets scolded by Angoori and David watches Tiwari from his Kitchen.

Tiwari and Anu comes in Anu’s house. Anu gets welcomes them. Vibhu greets Angoori. She also greets him back. Vibhu starts teasing Tiwari. Anu asks Vibhu to stop and asks everyone to sit down to play cards. Everyone sits down and ready to play. Prem shows up and asks Vibhu to shuffle cards for him too.

Prem comes in and sits beside David. Anu asks Vibhu, who invited Prem? Vibhu tells her that he invited him, because he’s his friend. Anu asks Vibhu if he knows that she doesn’t like his friends. Vibhu tells Anu that now they cannot make him leave, it will be rude. David also says the same, and tells Anu to let him sit.

Anu agrees with them and tells Prem that he can sit with them, but cannot play poker with them. Angoori tells Anu to let him play. Anu tells her that Prem is a gambler and they are only playing for fun. Vibhu tells her that Prem is a looser player and always lose. Prem agrees with him. Tiwari also asks Anu, to let Prem play.

Anu asks David to get tea for everyone as he already have no money. Vibhu cheers David up to do it. David leaves to bring Tea. Anu tells everyone that no more than 10 and 20rs bet. Everyone places their bets. Anu gets good cards and tells everyone that if they want to place higher bets, they can. Tiwari, Prem and Anu all three of them gets good cards and starts placing gambling everything they had. Anu gambles her property to bracelet and watch worth lakhs.

Tiwari also gambles Angoori’s bangles worth 6 lakhs. Prem gambles his shop to his vehicle. Anu calls and every flips their cards. Prem wins. Anu and Tiwari are left devastated. Prem gets joyous. Anu gets angry and asks Vibhu, how did he won? When he never did! Prem tells Anu that, every dog has its day. Angoori starts crying because Tiwari gambled her gold bangles. David brings tea for everyone. Vibhu tells David that he’s late, now should bring poison for everyone because gambling is evil.


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 25th October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Angoori tells Vibhu that what if he gets stones in his body, and the doctor is unable to take them out. Then you’ll be needing prayers more than medicines.Anu and Tiwari are standing at coconut water’s stall. Anu tells Tiwari that he might think that he’s perfectly fine, but after some time he might get a stoke, pass out and also foam might also starts coming of his mouth.Vibhu and Tiwari and discussing that why are their wives saying very negative things, someone might be behind all this.Tiwari and Vibhu spots Angoori and Anu with some stranger

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Telecast Date:24th October 2022
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