Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 23rd August 2022 Written Episode Update


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 23rd August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 23rd August 2022 Vibhu, Anu and Happu together in Anita’s house. Happu scolding Vibhu for his demands before job and ask him to give interview first then put up your demands. Anu says one day this man will make us divorce. Vibhu says to Anu if you are getting so emotional then I’ll do the job because I love you.

Tiwari and Angoori sleeping. Tiwari snoring loudly. Angoori make loud noises of monkey and acts as if sleeping. Tiwari wakes up and turn towards Angoori. Angoori make wierd noises. Tiwari get’s scared, he go back to sleep.

David in hall reading newspaper, he ask Vibhu to bring some coffee. Anu give him coffee. David get’s emotional says I can’t believe you made coffee for him. Anu says don’t embarrass me.

Vibhu walks in wearing forest officer uniform says he is already embarrassed. David makes fun of Vibhu says you look like security guard. Vibhu says this uniform is of forest officer. David in shock ask which forest are you deployed. Vibhu says forest behind kali pahadi. David says that is dangerous, no officer come back from there.

Vibhuti ask did you need to say it’s one way ticket. Anu says don’t scare Vibhu. David says I have heard a lot about that place. Anu says those are false story and ask Vibhu not to leave and stick to his job, I know your are strong, take David’s blessings and go for job, she take him out.

Tiwari sleeping outside house. Vibhu try to wake him up, he threw newspaper at him. Tiwari wakes up and ask what are you wearing and make fun of him. Vibhuti says I’m a forest ranger and it’s my uniform. Tiwari apologies says I’m a little stressed and ask him to go and help animals.

Vibhu mocks him and ask what happen, is Angoori alright. Tiwari says she is not good, I heard wierd snoring so I woke and saw the source of snoring which shook me because it was coming from Angoori. Vibhuti ask Tiwari to show him. Tiwari make the sound. Vibhuti says she cannot do like this it is you I heard you snoring.

Tiwari ask how you can be sure. Vibhu says I heard noises in my bedroom from yours. Tiwari gets call from Agrawal and he walk inside. Angoori walks out and ask who are you. Vibhuti says it’s me and tell her, he is an forest ranger. Angoori get’s happy for him says now you will be meeting lion.

Vibhu flirt with her and invite her to visit jungle. Angoori says sure and ask him to call Tiwari and Anu too for visit so they all can have dinner with wild animals. Angoori get’s call from Ammaji and she walks away.

Vibhuti in his office looks at jungle by his binoculars says it’s a dense jungle, a man walks in Vibhu ask who are you. He says I’m Ramadin, he greets him and says my house is in village. Vibhuti ask him about the arrengements of food. He says I’ll bring for you from my house. Vibhuti says you can cook here.

Ramadin says yes sir the earlier officer also insist to cook here, I asked him not to it’s cabin wood, but he scolded me and ask me to leave and when next day I came back I saw ashes and a iron rod of thumb size. Vibhu you can bring the food I have no issues. Vibhuti looks at pictures on wall ask who are they.

Ramadin says they are the pictures of officers before you and looks at there serving time and ask why did they serve for so less time. Ramadin says they all are dead now. Vibhuti get’s sacred.

Tiwari ask Angoori to bring something to eat, he calls her multiple time but no reply. Angoori, Anu outside with TMT. Both of them wish TMT good luck and ask not to goof-up. Tillu says don’t worry we can handle and they walk inside house crying.

Tiwari reading newspaper. Teeka walk to Tiwari and start crying says everything is finished. Malkhan and Tillu also joins him. Tiwari slaps them and aks what happen. Teeka says we saw something which we have not seen ever. Malkhan says we saw Angoori eating guava. Tiwari ask so what is wrong.

Tillu says she was on tree having guavas like an animal. Tiwari in shock. Angoori says to Anu boys are acting well but I think Tiwari will get traumatized. Anu says don’t worry just watch and enjoy. Teeka says to Tiwari you know she stole fruit from a stranger and ate it. Tiwari in shock says this is lie. Teeka says do you see this small drum, I have read it that with this you can control a monkey.

Vibhuti in office trying to talk to her mom on phone says there is network issue because of jungle. A monster behind Vibhu scratching his windows. Vibhuti hungs up and start looking for monster outside window.


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 24th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Vibhuti and Anu in bedroom. Anu tries to spend some romantic time. Vibhu annoyed.Angoori acting like monkey in bedroom. Tiwari get’s scared after seeing her.Anu ask Tiwari will you clearly tell me how she was behaving. Tiwari start imitating Angoori.

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Telecast Date:23rd August 2022
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