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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 21st October 2022 Teeka and Tillu are checking Anu’s house. Teeka tells Anu that her servant hasn’t cleaned the house properly. Anu says that, Vibhu cleans the the house. Tillu tells her that they were talking about that unemployed person only. Anu laughs and asks them,

that why are they talking about their brother like this? Tillu says, brother?! He pranks them too like this. Anu asks them what Vibhu thinks about her? Tillu tells her that Vibhu is fed up. Teeka tells Tillu to shut up. Teeka tells Anu that Vibhu really respects her. Anu says that she knows everything, Vibhu must have told them talk nice about her. Anu asks Teeka and Gillu if they know Vibhu have any affair going on?

Teeka tells her that he was telling them about some girl. Anu gets furious and asks them, who was she? Teeka asks Tillu to tell the story. Tillu tells Anu, that he was in relationship with some girl named Annie in his college days. Teeka also starts agreeing with him. Anu tells them that she was Annie, Vibhu used to call her Annie before marriage. Teeka and Tillu tells her, Vibhu never even lands an eye on any other lady.

Teeka and Tillu continues to clean the house. Teeka is cleaning a cupboard and finds bullets. Teeka asks Anu that what is the use of these bullets? Anu asks Teeka, where did he find these bullets. Teeka points his finger at a black duffle bag. Tillu asks Anu, whose bag is that? Anu tells them that that bag belongs to her cousin BC. Anu gets suspicious about BC.

Happu is washing his face in the lock up. Manohar asks Happu, what happened to his face? Happu tells him that someone threw cow dung at his face. Vibhu rushes inside the police station and asks Manohar that where Happu Singh?

Manohar tells him that he’s in the lock up. Vibhu goes inside and brings Happu outside. Vibhu tells Happu that some lady is in urgent of help. Happu tells him that he cannot go because, his uniform is being dried. Vibhu tells that it’s urgent and takes him forcefully without his uniform.

Madan is returning back to his home. A random lady asks Madan for some directions. Madan calls her “aunty”. She tells him that she’s not that old. Madan still calls her aunty. She tells him to spend few days with her, then he will not call her aunty anymore. Madan tells her that he doesn’t have time for that.

She grabs his hand and starts screaming that he’s teasing her. Angoori and Anu shows up. Angoori asks the lady, what happened? She tells that Madan was teasing her. Angoori gets shocked and asks him, why was he doing this? Madan replies that he didn’t do anything, but it was the lady who was teasing him. Anu tells Angoori that she should come and stay with her, because she never found Madan innocent.

Angoori tells her that he’s innocent and he’s her brother in law. Anu tells her that she knows that but still she doesn’t believe him. Angoori tells her that she even played with him when he was a small baby. Anu says that he looks older than Angoori. Madan again says that he’s innocent. Angoori grabs Madan’s arm and tells him to come with her back at the home. Vibhu and Happu comes in.

Vibhu tells Angoori to stop and tells her that now, Madan will rot in jail. Madan gets scared. Happu tells Madan that Vibhu filed a FIR against him and now he’s under arrest. Vibhu tells Happu that he wants to talk with Madan. Vibhu walks upto him and starts beating him. Madan screams in Agony. Vibhu tells Madan that he should have not picked Angoori up. BC is spying on all of them from behind.

Tiwari exposes his disguise and tells everyone that he’s Tiwari and starts crying. The lady only reveals that he was David disguised as the lady. Everyone gets shocked. Anu asks him if he’s really Tiwari? Tiwari replies, yes. Vibhu calls him a disgusting person. BC also gets to know that he’s Tiwari and pulls out his gun to shoot him, but Teeka and Tillu grabs him and tells everyone that he was carrying a gun.

Anu asks BC, what was he trying to do? BC replies, he was trying to kill Tiwari. Tiwari gets even more scared? Anu asks BC that why was he trying to do this? BC tells her that Tiwari saw him killing another person. So, to erase all the evidences he decided to kill him. Happu tells Anu that this case has taken an unexpected turn.

Tiwari also tells Anu that BC is telling truth. BC tells Anu that he has killed a lot of people. Anu tells BC that he cannot be his brother. BC tells Anu that he is Bhal Chandra for her only, for everyone he is Black Cobra. Anu tells Happu to arrest him. BC tries to run away but Teeka and Tillu again grabs him and starts beating him.

Anu, Angoori, Tiwari and Vibhu are sitting together in their garden. Vibhu and Tiwari are drinking. Anu apologises and tells Angoori and Tiwari that she didn’t knew her cousin was a murderer. Tiwari says that he must have gotten spoiled in his childhood. Anu tells him that he was very innocent in his childhood. Vibhu starts tells his story. Anu tells him to stop and asks Tiwari if he is still giving 25 thousand rupees?

Tiwari says, yes there is not issues in that, even he’s carrying the cheque in his pocket. Anu starts laughing. Vibhu says that it’s good that Madan was Tiwari, or else, he would’ve killed that Madan guy. Angoori asks Vibhu, why? Vibhu tells her that he was getting too close to her that he didn’t liked. Angoori says, but it was Tiwari only. Vibhu says he would do the same to Tiwari too. Angoori starts flirting with him and tells him to do it then. Angoori tells Vibhu that she loves him so much.

Vibhu also tells her that he loves her too. Vibhu starts gazing in her eyes. Anu pushes Vibhu and Vibhu was in delusion. Tiwari also tells Anu that he loves her too. Anu also tells him that she loves him too. Tiwari Angoori asks Tiwari, where is he lost? Tiwari was also delusional and says he’s all okay. Angoori tells everyone that they should have dinner. Everyone agrees with her and gets up.

Saxena, Tillu and Teeka are sitting together at tea stall. Teeka and Tillu are screaming in agony. Saxena asks them that how are they feeling? Teeka says, good. Saxena says that he gave them the pain because they were fortunate enough. Tillu and Teeka stares at him. Saxena gets up and leaves. Rusa walks upto them and sits beside them. Rusa asks them that why didn’t they helped her when that guy took her?

Tillu says that you were also interested in him. Rusa starts cussing that guy and tells them not to take his name again. Rusa tells them that she have realised that they are only her true friends. Tillu and Teeka starts feeling joyful. Rusa asks them that how are they doing? Teeka tells her that Saxena have beaten them with a belt. Tillu also agrees with him.

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