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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 21st July 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 21st July 2022 Angoori is feeding Ammaji food. Ammaji tells her, she can eat it herself, she says, she got enough power in her hands. Angoori denies and says that she love her the most, and will also sleep with her.

Ammaji asks Angoori, how will she sleep here alone? Its dangerous. Vibhu comes up and says, he will sleep with her. Ammaji tells him to shup up right away. Vibhu tries to apologise, but Angoori and Ammaji ignores.

Anu from the balcony asks Ammaji, how is she feeling now? Ammaji replies that she’s feeling like if she has lost some weight. Anu gets worried and asks whether the purse with her? Ammaji replies that the purse is with her only, but she was feeling a bit hungry, but now it’s all okay.

Tiwari also shows up and tells Angoori not to make Ammaji overeat, as it will cause trouble for her health. Anu says that she’ll will come down and sleep with Ammaji to guard her purse. Tiwari tells Anu not to worry, he will also sleep with her. Everyone says WHAT?! Everyone feels an earthquake…and sees that, it was caused because Ammaji burped.

David and Tiwari are sitting together in their garden. Tiwari is crying. David asks Tiwari, why is he crying for so long? You’re going to cause a flood and Ammaji will drown in it. Tiwari asks David that why is he making fun of his situation?

David tells him to do something then. Tiwari says, that’s the worst thing, that he cannot do anything. Ammaji shouts from outside that, if Tiwari fails to help her she will return back as a ghost to haunt him. Tiwari tells Ammaji not to worry, if he fails to help her, he will also jump in the gutter. David asks him, what about Angoori?

Vibhu shows and tells David that he’s there for Angoori, he’ll treat her better than Tiwari. Tiwari tells him to stop talking nonsense. Vibhu tries to console her. Ammaji shouts on them and tells them to stop arguing and give also her something to drink. David takes the whole bottle of alcohol for her outside.

Everyone is sleeping beside Ammaji. Vibhu sees Angoori and gets mesmerized and starts appreciating her beauty. After a while, Tiwari also gazes at Anu and appreciates her beauty. Both of them starts dreaming.

Rusa and TMT are having dinner together. Rusa asks them where are they nowadays? Malkhan tells her that they are now working as a saleman in an international company. Rusa congratulates them. Gyanchand walks by Rusa and greets her. Rusa also greets her and says, they are meeting after a long time.

TMT are hiding their faces. Gyanchand asks Rusa who are they and, why are they hiding their faces? Rusa says that they are her friends and they’re a bit shy. Rusa uncovers their faces. Gyanchand tells Rusa, they are the same people who work under Vibhu and cleans gutter. Gyanchand leaves. Rusa gets and angry and asks them why they lied. Tillu says they were afraid, what ifs she breaks the friendship with them. Rusa tells them that friendship is not done by seeing someone’s status. TMT gets emotional.

Tiwari and Vibhu are sleeping together on one bed. A random stranger pulls up with his bike and starts banging his bike’s horn. Tiwari and Vibhu wakes up by the noise of it. Vibhu asks him, why is he making so much noise? Stranger replies, then why are you sleeping in the middle of the road and leaves. Vibhu asks Tiwari to scratch his back.


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Telecast Date:21st July 2022
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