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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 20th July 2022 Tiwari is laying on his bed spraying medicine on his sprained ankle. Anu calls him and he gets excited. Tiwari picks up the call and Anu asks where is her property papers. Tiwari tells her that he gave her documents to Ammaji to get it photocopied.

Anu gets worried and asks him, why didn’t he went to get it done? Tiwari tells Anu not be worried, he’ll send the papers to lawyer safely. Anu asks him to get it done fast and hangs up the phone. Ammaji calls Tiwari for help. Tiwari sees her stuck inside gutter and rushes outside.

TMT are pulling Ammaji out with the help of a rope. Tiwari rushes towards her and asks what happened. Ammaji tells him to stop wasting time and pull her out already. Tiwari tries to pull her out with one hand and fails, so he asks TMT why aren’t they helping. Tillu says that they have been trying for so long, but they also failed.

Angoori crys and tells Tiwari that Amma ji is stuck because of Vibhu and TMT. Vibhu says it’s not his fault. Tiwari asks Ammaji is her purse in which papers are kept? Ammaji asks Tiwari, why is he worried about the purse rather than herself.

Angoori tells Tiwari that purse’s chain is peeping out, grab it and try to pull it out. Tiwari tries to pull out the purse but his hands slips and he falls back. Tiwari comes again and sits beside Ammaji and gets angry. Tiwari says that he will get the best engineer to help Ammaji.

Tiwari walks in David’s salon. Gyanchand is getting his beard shaved. Tiwari asks gyanchand if he can have a word with him? Gyanchand says that he don’t talk to strangers. Tiwari says that he knows him. Gyanchand laughs and says everyone in Kanpur knows him but he knows very few people.

Tiwari tells him that he gave contact to a wrong person. David asks, why is he saying this? Tiwari asks Gyanchand to take back the contract. Gyanchand replies that he will look into the matter asks Tiwari to give the money the David for the shave.

Ammaji and TMT and playing cards and gambling. Ammaji tells teeka to place more bets. Tillu says they are not rich like Tiwari. Anu also shows up and asks Ammaji what’s wrong, why is she in the gutter.

Ammaji tells him to ask Vibhu. Angoori also criticises Vibhu. Tiwari brings Gyanchand and tells him to have a look at the situation, what mess Vibhu has created. Vibhu tells everyone the it’s not his fault, she was the one who was dancing and jumping on the lid of gutter, and also says that she’s playing game against him. Gyanchand says that he can also smells something suspicious.

Gyanchand takes Vibhu with him to talk. Anu apologizes to Tiwari and asks Tiwari give back the papers. Tiwari tells her the bag is under the gutter too. Anu gets concerned. Gyanchand and Vibhu comes back. Gyanchand tells that if they want to take out Ammaji, we have to create the same situation, which will take around 2 months to 1 year. Anu hears this and faints.

Dr Gupta is checking on Anu. Vibhu and Tiwari are also standing. Tiwari gets afraid after Dr Gupta check her BP. Dr Gupta asks what happened? Tiwari explains the whole situation. Anu gets extremely annoyed and order Vibhu and Tiwari to get her papers now! Dr Gupta tells both of them to agree with her, as her BP is already high.


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 20th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Tiwari says to Angoori in this condition it’s no good to give her food. Anu in balcony says I think so I have to stay with Ammaji tonight. Tiwari says don’t worry I’ll sleep with you. Anu confused says what. Tiwari says I mean I’ll sleep with Ammaji.Vibhuti and Angoori imagine dancing and singing, same Anu and Tiwari imagine.

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Telecast Date:20th July 2022
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