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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 20th January 2022 David shivering in cold because of washing new clothes, Anu says why did you do it, you could ask Cheddi, David says he is with Vibhu, I mean Jewel thief, Anu says this is too much now, David says I can’t handle this anymore, Anu says but this is about Vibhu’s life,

Tiwari walks in upset, Anu says look he is supporting us too, he doesn’t bother, David says his face shows how annoyed he is, Anu says thats his face and I am very proud of Tiwari for being so supportive, Tiwari says thank you, just because he is your husband.

Tilu Malkan walk in, and tell about Vibhu’s plan of stealing Ghanshyam, Tiwari says I Can’t let that happen, Anu says is your money and jewellery bigger than Vibhu’s life, Tilu Malkan says shame on you, Tiwari says I beg of you don’t do this, Anu says don’t worry we will use fake gold.

Tiwari walks to Angoori, Vibhu walks in with his gang. Angoori says great entry, Tiwari scolds Angoori, Vibhu says how dare you talk to her like this, my Katleena doesn’t like it too, so never scold my Mona infront of Katleena, she won’t spare you.

Tiwari asks what you want, Vibhu says give all the gold to these boys, and asks TMT to follow Tiwari and Angoori to dance. Tiwari says she won’t, Vibhu says boys be with Tiwari, if Mona stops dancing you know what to do. TMT take Tiwari along with them.
Angoori starts dancing.

TMT take Tiwari to his room, Tiwari slaps Tilu, and says I won’t spare Vibhu, Tilu says now quickly give us the fake gold so we leave and you are free too. Tiwari hands them jewellery, and all go downstairs.
Malkan says we have gold lets go, Vibhu says to Angoori, sleep peacefully my Mona, and stay away from Ghanshyam Das.

Anu sees Vibhu in balcony and says even Vibhu use to play this way games and thinks God please give me by Vibhu back and I will never fight with him. Vibhu sees Anu and says Ramkatori, where were you, you took long, Anu says I was washing my face, Vibhu says you have glow, Anu says thank you may I leave,

Vibhu says come sit here for sometime, Anu says I have worked a lot and tired and again have to work tomorrow morning, Vibhu says you have to because you are maid, Anu says correct let me sleep now,Vibhu says first I will sleep then you and I am tired from theft massage my leg, Anu starts massaging, Vibhu says I feel romantic now, and haven’t spend romantic time with my maid and will do that now, follow me, Anu thinks if you weren’t my husband I would kill you.

Gupta waiting, Vibhu walks to her, Masterji sees them, Gupta says where is my money for fooling everyone, that you lost memory, Vibhu says I lost memory how would I remember, Gupta says I can still tell Anu the truth, Vibhu says won’t she hit you, Gupta says you know me a lot right, I have beaten a lot, one more time won’t affect, but think of what will happen to you, Vibhu says shame on you, you are a doctor, why ask me money, Gupta says I don’t have shame hand me money, Masterji sees everything.

Vibhu walks to Angoori in kitchen, Saxena as Katleena there too, Angoori gives him milk. Vibhu says have milk I want to talk private with Mona and says to Angoori, Mona I think of going foreign and you will come too, Angoori says my father Ghanshyam won’t allow, Vibhu says you are ready so he doesn’t matter. Angoori says but where will we go, Vibhu says Switzerland, Angoori says its very pretty, Vibhu says not as beautiful as you, Angoori asks what about your business, Vibhu says no worries. Saxena irritates Vibhu says he has to go potty so Vibhu leaves

Angoori tells Tiwari and Amaji that Vibhu wants to take her Switzerland, Tiwari says he tried stealing us last night, Angoori says I am tired and he makes me dance, I don’t want to, Amma says but we have to for his health, Tiwari says I have an idea tell Vibhu that your father Ghanshyam Das wants to marry you somewhere else so you can’t go with him, Amma says good idea. Angoori says okay, I will call Jewel Thief.

Vibhu at tea stall waiting for Katleena. Prem comes there and sits beside him and says new clothes Vibhu but why this style, Vibhu says this is my personality Peter, Prem says who Peter, I am Prem, Vibhu says you are Peter for me, the King of business, but why did you call me here, my time is precious,

Prem says I am going village with my wife to get back my land few goons have captured, and throw some money on them, Vibhu says very good, I am proud of you, Prem says here is my house keys and have hide lot of money there so take care, Vibhu says good decision handing me the keys, Prem says handle everything, Vibhu says I will keep it clean and leaves.

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 21st January 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Angoori tells Vibhu about her father wanting to marry someone else, Vibhu says okay marry and be happy but I will keep relation with you after your marriage.

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Telecast Date:20th January 2022
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