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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 19th July 2022 Vibhu is being dramatic, saying that Anu doesn’t care about his work, the only thing she care about is her grooming classes and her students. Angoori also comes upto her balcony and greets Vibhu. Vibhu tells her that he has became a contractor. Angoori feels proud and calls him to celebrate and leaves.

Vibhu starts to dream where he’s dancing with Angoori. David asks him what is Vibhu doing and tells him to get ready to work hard, because it’s the only time. Vibhu replies that he working on it. David takes Vibhu to drink with him.

Anu and Tiwari are sitting together at Anu’s house. Anu asks Tiwari if had any talk with lawyer? Tiwari tells her that he already had a talk with high court’s advocate, he just needs all the documents to check if they are real or not.

Anu replies that all the documents she’s carrying are real. Tiwari asks Anu to give the documents. Anu gives him the documents and asks Tiwari to get it photocopied, because if the original copy gets lost, we’ll be in big trouble. Tiwari tells her not to worry about that.

Vibhu starting his work with TMT to clean the drains. Vibhu breaks the coconut as per the rituals and orders TMT to begin the cleaning. Tillu tells Vibhu that it’s really hard to clean these drains because they stink so bad. Vibhu asks them to leave then, and says, he got a lot people waiting for this work.

TMT denies and Teeka scolds Tillu and Malkhan.  Malkhan tells Tillu and Teeka to hide their faces as Rusa is approaching. TMT covers their face. Rusa walks upto Vibhu and asks him what us going on. Vibhu tells her that he got a contract to get all the drains cleaned. Rusa asks Vibhu if he has seen TMT anywhere?

Vibhu tells her that he don’t work with losers. Rusa leaves. Teeka asks Vibhu why was he calling them losers. Vibhu apologizes and order them to start the work. Angoori also shows up and Vibhu what is he doing out here? Vibhu tells her that he’s now contractor, he got contract to clean all the drains.

And asks Angoori for her best wishes. Angoori also greets TMT and asks them to clean her washroom too and leaves. Prem, Master ji and Dr. Gupta also shows up. Prems asks Vibhu how’s the work going on? Vibhu tells him to see it himself. Prem tells everyone that helped Vibhu get this contract. Dr. Gupta asks Prem to get one contract for him. Prem leaves and Dr. Gupta along with Master ji goes with him.

Angoori and her mother are leaving for shopping. Tiwari asks them to wait a minute and rushes down the stairs but, sprains his ankle. Tiwari says that he couldn’t go to market now. So he asks Bhuri to photocopy the Anu’s document, and tells her to handle it with care as it’s very important.

Tea seller is giving TMT tea as they are resting. Vibhu order TMT to get back to work and says, he won’t be giving any money for resting. Angoori and her mother walks out and sees them. Angoori and Bhuri appreciates TMT’s work. Vibhu tells Angoori and Bhuri that he did all the work.

Bhuri asks Vibhu if they have closed the drain properly. TMT tells her to check it herself, it’s closed tightly. Vibhu suggests Bhuri to dance on it to check the lid. Bhuri tells Vibhu to turn the music on and she starts dancing on it. After a while she fells into the gutter and gets stuck inside it. Bhuri calls for help.


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 20th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Tiwari says to Gyanchand why don’t you cancel the contract and bring my Ammaji out of manhole. Gyanchand says I’ll investigate.Anu ask Tiwari for his papers. Angoori says paper’s are in Ammajis bag and Ammaji is in manhole. Anu in shock. Gyanchand says we have to recreate the situation. Angoori ask about the time to recreate situation. He says it will take 2-3 months.

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Telecast Date:19th July 2022
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