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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 18th October 2022 Angoori and Anu are sittin together. Anu asks Angoori if Tiwari has arrived yet? Angoori starts worrying again and tells her he haven’t arrived yet. Anu asks if Happu called her or informed her?

Angoori denies again. Anu also asks if Tiwari has left any 25 thousand rupees cheque behind? Angoori says, he’s lost and you’re worrying about your cheque? He didn’t left any cheque. Tiwari has changed his appearance and is disguised as a totally different person. He walks in and points his finger at Anu and asks her if she’s Angoori?

Anu says, and tells him that Angoori is sitting next to her. Angoori asks him, who is he? Tiwari replies, that he’s “Madan Mohan Tiwari” brother of Manmohan Tiwari. Angoori acts like he recognise him and says that he has changed a lot because he was very different at the time of their marriage.

Also, the hairs are also all grown out. Madan tells her that he runs business of hairs. Anu says that it’s a very bizarre business idea. Madan asks Angoori about Anu. Angoori tells him that she’s her neighbour. Madan greets her and says he can see from her head that his husband is unemployed. Anu asks him, why is he talking like that? Madan says it’s truth but, you’re not agreeing with it.

AmmaJi arrives and Tiwari gets terrified. AmmaJi greets Angoori and sits down. AmmaJi sees Tiwari disguised as Madan and asks Angoori, who’s this stranger? Angoori starts stuttering and tells her that he’s Tiwari’s cousin.

AmmaJi asks, which cousin? Tiwari gets close to AmmaJi and whispers that he’s Tiwari disguised as a different person due to some circumstances. AmmaJi also starts acting like she knows him. Madan makes up a story and tells Ammaji that he left his hometown because he didn’t liked the environment their. Everyone starts staring at him.

Angoori is preparing food in her kitchen. Vibhu walks upto her and asks, if Tiwari came back or he’s dead? Angoori rudely replies, he’s alive. Vibhu tells Angoori that he thinks, Tiwari was in affair and ran away with that lady. Angoori gets furious and tells him to stop talking like this about Tiwari.

Madan also comes up and asks Angoori, who’s this guy teasing you? Vibhu replies, that he’s not teasing her. Madan again asks Vibhu to give his introduction. Vibhu tells him that he’s Angoori’s neighbour and he’s live right opposite her house. Vibhu asks Madan to give his introduction too. Madan asks Angoori to tells Vibhu about him. Angoori tells Vibhu he’s Madan, her brother in law.

Vibhu tells her that he’s not denying that but, he’s also his close neighbour. Madan tells him that neighbours aren’t closer that brother in law, and tells him to leave. Vibhu and Madan starts arguing. After a while, Vibhu leaves and tells Madan to get lost. Tiwari breaks character and tells Angoori that he cannot disguise himself anymore. Angoori asks him, then what is he trying to do? Tiwari tells Angoori that he will disclose everything to Anu. Angoori agrees with him.

David and Anu are sitting together. Anu is talking her client about the 25 thousand rupees that Tiwari was giving. Anu hangs up and starts worrying about Tiwari and money. Madan and Angoori comes in. Angoori tells Anu and David that she’s here to tell a secret. Anu asks Angoori that why did she bring her brother in law with her? David says that he’s a very weird brother in law. Angoori tells Anu that Madan knows something about Tiwari and is here to tell that.

Madan starts to speak but someone comes at the door. Tiwari sees at the door and recalls that he’s the killer he saw. Tiwari gets frightened. Anu tells everybody that he’s her brother “Baal Chandra” also known as BC. BC tries to greets Tiwari but he maintains distance with him. Anu asks Madan to complete what he was telling about Tiwari. Madan tells that he will continue some other day. Anu says that he should tell it now. Madan denies. Angoori also forces Madan to tell everything. Madan takes Angoori with him back to home.

Tiwari asks Angoori, how can Anu’s brother can be a murderer. Angoori tells Tiwari that she thinks, Anu is also involved it that case. Tiwari tells Angoori that Anu cannot do that. Angoori tells Tiwari that Anu might tell everything to her brother. Tiwari agrees with her. Angoori says that she doesn’t know about Anu, but she likes Madan more than Tiwari. Tiwari starts flirting with Angoori as Madan. Vibhu sees them dancing together and gets disheartened.

Commissioner tells Happu that the killer is BC. Happu says, what?! Commissioner tells Happu, BC means Black Cobra, he writes BC on every bullet he fire and this bullet has BC carved on it. Manohar brings Tillu and Teeka to police station. Tillu asks Manohar that why he brought them here?

They are already depressed. Manohar tells Happu and Commissioners that they know the killer. Tillu tells Commissioners that they saw a guy and a girl eating ice cream and that guy took her with him. Tillu and Teeka starts crying and tells commissioner that girl was Rusa. Commissioner orders Manohar to put Teeka and Tillu behind the bars because they are trying to defame his sister in law.

Madan is carrying Angoori in his arms. Vibhu sees them and walks in. Vibhu stares at them and starts crying. Madan puts her down. Angoori tells Vibhu that there was a rat roaming around, that why Madan carried her in his arms.

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