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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 17th August 2022 Anu and Tiwari are sitting together in Anu’s house. Tiwari asks Anu about the Vibhu’s situation. Anu replies that she couldn’t believe that Vibhu is doing such things. Tiwari suggests Anu to kick him out of the house.

Anu tells him that she already did. Tiwari starts laughing. Anu watches him. Tiwari starts to daydream that he’s dancing with Anu. After awhile Anu tries to wake him up but, he’s laying on the sofa and dreaming.

Anu shouts at him and wakes up immediately. Anu asks him what was he doing. Tiwari smiles and tells Anu that she’s not alone he’ll always be there for her. Anu says thank you.

David is giving an aggressive massage to Master ji. Master ji gets uncomfortable. David starts to give him a shave. Master ji asks him to watch out for his mushtache, he tells him not to cut it.

David tells Master ji that his mushtache always looked ugly to him. Master ji tells him that his mushtache is very precious. Vibhu walks in David’s salon. David checks Vibhu’s face. Vibhu tells David that, Anu has kicked him out of the house. David laughs and says that it’s not a new thing happening.

Vibhu says, the new thing that happend is that now he have an another place to stay. David asks what place? Vibhu replies, his salon. David tells him that he cannot stay here without doing any work. Vibhu reminds David that he’s been staying in his house since a long time without doing any work.

David tells Vibhu that it’s his shop, and he need to do some kind of work. Vibhu asks David, what kind of work? David hands him over a razor blade and tells him to give Master ji a shave. Vibhu tries to give him a shave but cuts him twice. David takes back the razor blade.

Tiwari is talking to Anu on call. Anu asks Tiwari, why don’t he put cuffs on Vibhu’s hands? Tiwari replies that he cannot do this. Happu Singh is the only person who’s capable of doing this. Anu asks Tiwari to tell Happu to cuff Vibhu.

Tiwari says that the thing he can do is bribe him. Anu gets angry and asks Tiwari if he’s also taking Vibhu’s side? And hangs up the phone. Tiwari decides to go Anu’s house. Angoori walks upto Tiwari and forcefully applies Ammaji’s recipe on his eyes. Tiwari asks Angoori what was that thing? Angoori replies that, Ammaji advised her put this in your eyes, it will help you to heal eyesight.

Tiwari leaves to Anu’s house. When he leaves his main door he starts to feel irritation in his eyes and wasn’t able to see properly. Some Tiwari he managed to get inside Anu’s house after struggling with blurry vision. Tiwari opens the door and spot a mysterious lady standing inside Anu’s house.

He goes up to her and asks her if she’s Anu? She kisses Tiwari and vanishes. Tiwari gets back his eyesight and calls Anu. Anu walks down the stairs and asks Tiwari to have a seat. Tiwari starts to blush as he’s thinking that Anu kissed him. Tiwari takes a seat. Anu asks Tiwari who’s lipstick he’s carrying on his cheeks?

Tiwari smiles and says that it’s yours. Anu gets angry. Tiwari gets confused and tries to explain Anu the whole situation. Angoori walks in and sits with Anu. Tiwari covers his face with the hands. Anu tells Tiwari to uncover his face so that Angoori can also take a look. Tiwari uncovers his face and Angoori gets shocked.

TMT are drinking together and discussing about their unfavorable and inferior life. Teeka asks Tillu and Malkhan if they are having any kind of on their cheeks? Because of which no girl kissed them? Rusa is spying on them and listening to everything they are saying.

Tillu gets drunk and says it doesn’t matter if no girl kisses them, they can kiss eachother. Teeka and Malkhan gets scared of Tillu. Tillu tries to kiss Teeka and Malkhan, but they dodges him and run away. Rusa watches them and decides to plan something for them.

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 18th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Vibhu and Tiwari are told the lipstick marks are of Chumban Kumari a ghost.Anu says to Angoori she makes best coffee, Angoori possessed kisses her on her cheeks.

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Telecast Date:17th August 2022
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