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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 15th September 2021 Vibhu attacks Tiwari from behind because he was showing Angoori Knife, and hits him, Angoori tries to stop but Vibhu keeps hitting Tiwari. Angoori starts hitting Vibhu, Pelu enjoying. Vibhu says why did you hit me, Vibhu says he was threatening you, Tiwari says I was teaching her how to deal with thief’s and if you care so much about her you go with Angoori to market and provide her security, Angoori says you will come right, Vibhu says yes I will help you and leaves.

Anu packing, Vibhu asks where are you going and you should take break, Anu says these are you clothes, Vibhu asks why, Anu says according to challenge, when you will lose which is sure to happen you will leave, Vibhu says I remember but what will you sacrifice if you lose, Anu says you won’t have to massage my legs daily, and TMT will never be groomed, and I see defeat in your eyes, and I am done. Vibhu says you look very confident, Anu says I know my job well.

Angoori shopping, Vibhu providing her security, TMT see him, Teeka says look Angoori bhabhi is wearing gold necklace, Malkan says but why is this man with her, Teeka gives Vibhu a call and asks why is he not stealing, Vibhu says I am already guilty, Teeka says deal it yourself and dare you step in when we steal. Vibhu tries to rush Angoori but till then TMT arrive disguised and ask for chain, Angoori asks Vibhu to go fight. Vibhu runs away. Angoori says he ran away, don’t hurt me, Tilu says we won’t just give us the necklace, Angoori says okay and hands them.

Manohar upset, Happu asks whats wrong did you fight with your wife, Manohar says she has made my life hell, I go home and cook food,then massage her legs, Happu says I understand your situation and we men have no options in such situation we even may have to kill of they ask, Manohar says even you have faced it, Happu says daily, and I feel to have poison at times, Tiwari walks in and says that won’t affect you, you are the biggest problem of our colony, Manohar asks why are you insulting him, Tiwari says my wife is robbed again, Happu says when I told you once there is lot of Robbery why go out wearing gold, Tiwari says why are you, Manohar says to take bribes, Tiwari says he is Pro in it, can do nothing else, Happu says don’t trigger me, Commissioner walks in and asks what is happening, Tiwari tells about theft and Happu’s behaviour, Happu says this man is liar, I was about to go check but he started annoying me, Tiwari says he is lying, Commissioner says Happu I told you I will reduce 5000₹ from your salary so give me that.

Angoori crying because if thedt in kitchen, Vibhu walks to her, Angoori ignores him, Vibhu says Bhabhiji, Angoori says you are shameless man, Vibhu says I had to go washroom and I apologise, Tiwari says go die somewhere else, Vibhu says she is your wife and not mine, you protect her, Tiwari says who asked you to jump in yesterday, useless man. Angoori and Tiwari leave.
Saxena walks to Vibhu and calls him unemployed, Vibhu slaps him. Anu on call, Tiwari walks in, Anu asks whats wrong, Tiwari says Vibhu always disturbs my peace and tells about theft. Anu says Vibhu didn’t stop them, Tiwari says he left Angoori alone and ran away, Anu says Angoori went to market in gold and Vibhu was with him and you blame Vibhu where as it was you behind him, why allow Angoori and support superstition, you have lot of problem with my husband. Tiwari rund away.

Saxena on call, Vibhu walks to him. Saxena talking weird time and date, Vibhu says 39-40 October, Saxena says we have 100 days a month and 6 months a year, you don’t know anything so I wouldn’t share with you, why are you here and upset, Vibhu says you are mad and you put me in great difficulty, now I am becoming dirty, Saxena asks why, Vibhu tells hil about theft and I think I made mistake listening to you, Saxena says you are saved because of me, or else Anu would taunt you all life, it is difficult but keep fighting to clean this dirt.

TMT together, Malkan says we are stealing Bahbhijis chain, Tilu says it’s not bhabhiji but Tiwari’s, Vibhu walks to them asks did I pass, Teeka asks which test, Vibhu says I stole chain once and let you steal too, Tilu says what you want, and this isn’t big, do something big, Vibhu gets call he doesn’t answer, Tilu sees its David and says oh we forgot he is getting gold, Tilu puts phone on speaker, Vibhu tells David there is flood in Kanpur, David says stop lying, and I am here with gold, Vibhu says don’t come, you will regret, David says shutup I am in Ram Narayan market will come soon.

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 16th September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Angoori tells Anu about Amaji’s solution to Anu, Anu says don’t worry I will protect you.Vibhu steals David.

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Telecast Date:15th September 2021
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