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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 14th October 2022 Vibhu comes back and tells everybody that he just dodged his death. Angoori agrees with him. Happu asks Vibhu, was Tiwari trying to kill you? Vibhu says, no, a gorilla from Tiwari’s family tree tried to kill him, and was ordering Angoori to weird tasks. Tiwari asks Angoori if she’s okay.

Angoori replies that she’s all fine. Anu gets furious and asks Vibhu why was he wasn’t picking up her call, Banker is still waiting for his signature. Vibhu tells Anu that a gorilla grabbed his hand and wasn’t leaving it, also the zookeeper told him that the gorilla’s trainer will come and rescue you.

Tiwari asks them, how did a gorilla came inside the temple? Angoori tells Tiwari that she went to Zoo. Vibhu agrees with her also says that he took her for 30mins then that trainer came and helped him.

Tiwari think’s where Vibhu is talking about the same trainer and decides to keep quiet. Tiwari asks Angoori if that gorilla did and harm to her? Angoori says, no. Vibhu tells Tiwari that he was with her and if that gorilla even had tried to do anything to her, he would’ve snapped his neck. Anu tells Vibhu that it’s enough and takes him inside for the signature.

Angoori is and Anu are ready for karwa chauth. Anu comes in her balcony and asks Angoori if she’s ready? Angoori says yes, but tells her that her whole day got wasted because of Vibhu. Anu also tells that her time was wasted because of him. Tiwari and Vibhu also comes in and greets each other. All four of them starts to dance in their balconies. Anu shouts that moon has appeared.

Vibhu is standing in his balcony and decides to check on Angoori while she’s asleep. Vibhu hangs on her window and starts appreciating her beauty. The gorilla also shows up beside Vibhu and watches him do that. Vibhu gets scared.

Tiwari is reading newspaper. Angoori brings him tea and snacks. Saxena also comes inside. Angoori greets him and he also greets her back. Tiwari asks Saxena, what is he doing here? Saxena tells Angoori that, it’s his birthday today.

Angoori gives him blessings. Saxena tells Angoori that she needs to come to his birthday party to give the blessings. Angoori tells Angoori that she will come surely and even Tiwari will join the party. Tiwari tells Angoori that he won’t be able to come because he’s having meeting. Angoori tells Saxena she will come surely.

Vibhu and Anu are sitting together and searching to for David. Anu asks Vibhu why is he looking for David? Vibhu replies that David is like a friend to him. David comes in and tells Anu that their relation is very strong and pure, she won’t understand. Anu asks David that why did Vibhu married her, instead of you.

Vibhu tells Anu to talk sense. Saxena comes in and says that Vibhu and David both are fraud. Vibhu and David slaps Saxena simultaneously. Anu greets Saxena and he greet her back. Saxena tells Anu that it’s his birthday today and asks if she can come?

Anu tells Saxena that she will come surely will take Vibhu and David with her. Vibhu says that he won’t come. But David tells Saxena that he will come no matter what happens. Saxena asks Anu, if she can bring cake for him? Anu says, why not.

Prem, MasterJi, Teeka and Tillu are sitting together at the tea stall. Prem asks Teeka and Tillu if they coming to Saxena’s birthday party? Tillu tells Prem that he didn’t invited them. Teeka asks Prem, who are invited in the party?

Prem replies, whole modern colony. Saxena comes shows up all excited and asks everybody if they are coming to the party? Tillu and Teeka asks Saxena why aren’t they invited in the party? Saxena replies he only invited those people who can bring cake for him. Teeka tells Saxena that they can also bring cake. Saxena says, then you guys are invited. Teeka and Tillu also gets excited.

Tiwari and Vibhu are standing outside their houses. Vibhu asks Tiwari, from where he’s coming from? Tiwari tells him that he’s back from his shop to have lunch. Vibhu asks Tiwari if he’s going to Saxena’s birthday party? Tiwari replies, no. Vibhu says that he’s also not going but, Anu is ready to go. Tiwari gets to know that Anu is going he changes his mind and says that he should also the party because Saxena is his neighbour. Tiwari also tells that Angoori is also going the party. Vibhu also changes his mind after that.

Tiwari is ready to go to the party. Angoori comes downstairs and tells Tiwari that she’s going to his birthday party. Tiwari tells Angoori that he’s also going with her. Angoori gets surprised and asks Tiwari, what happened to the meeting? Tiwari replies, it got cancelled. Angoori tells Tiwari that Saxena will be really happy after seeing you. Tiwari says that it’s his duty to go to his birthday because he is their neighbour and even call Angoori his mother.

Vibhu and David are sitting together. Anu walks in and sits beside Vibhu. Anu asks Vibhu that why is he ready? Vibhu tells Anu that he is going to Saxena’s birthday party. Anu asks Vibhu, then why did you denied earlier? Vibhu says that he got a second thought that Saxena will feel bad. David says that Saxena doesn’t even care about Vibhu. Vibhu stares at David.

Everyone is ready for Saxena’s birthday party. Vibhu tells Saxena to hurry up and cut the cake fast. Tiwari says that Vibhu only care about eating the cake. Vibhu hears it tells Tiwari he will throw a cake at him. Saxena tells Vibhu not to do that and tells everybody to throw cake at himself because he really like it when someone slams a cake on his face. Saxena stands in front of the table all ready. Everyone grabs a cake and throws them at Saxena’s face. Saxena screams that it was his the best birthday of his entire life!

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