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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 13th October 2021 Angoori and Tiwari having ice cream, Angoori says how come today you brought me here, I was behind you past so many days, Tiwari says shut up and eat and waits for Saxena to see them, Saxena walks to them, Tiwari says have ice cream, Saxena says this will be like bribe, Tiwari says I have same thoughts like you, Saxena says I give you +5,

Angoori remember what God said to her and says thsi ice cream is so cheap powdery, Saxena says so cheap-25, Angoori says even got me a cheap quality lipstick, Saxena says how could you do this to my Bhabhi Maa, -25, Angoori says last anniversary you gave me saree was same what vegetable vendor was wearing, Saxena says -25, Tiwari says I saw live wire there, Saxena runs away.
Tiwari scolds Angoori and leaves.

Vibhu hiding his alcohol in shawl and drinking, Saxena near by, Anu sees that and asks baby what are you doing, Vibhu says hiding alcohol from Saxena and drinking, Anu says you remember that song you use to sing in college, do you still love me that way, Vibhu says more than that, you are love of my life, anything for you, Anu says lets say its a Sunny day, Vibhu says right, Anu says you wearing shawl, you just agree to what I say, Vibhu gets irritated with Anu and says get lost,

Anu says I was just checking you but look at you, Vibhu says okay. Anu starts annoying Vibhu more, Saxena sees them fight, Vibhu says stop torturing me, Anu starts crying, Saxena says -25 for making a lady cry, Anu says he says I torture you, tell me, Saxena says no you wont and -25 more for accusing her, Vibhu whispers why are you lying and picking up fight, Anu says look what he is calling me a liar, Saxena says -25 more and leaves. Vibhu says you why are you doing this, Anu says mood swings I am so sorry and leaves

Vibhu starts drinking, Saxena sees him drink and does -50, Vibhu says okay will finish bottle then, Saxena says will cut more points.

Tilu gets dressed and asks how do I look, and I feel so good, I am in top 3, Teeka says have you seen a torn jeans in market, all buy but no one likes it much. Tilu says you are just jealous if me. Teeka gets call and he leaves.

Teeka meets Tiwari, Teeka asks why did you call me, Tiwari says Tilu must be making fun of you, Teeka says right, I feel like hitting him hard. Tiwati says don’t worry, here are beautiful earrings, Teeka says wow will they suit me. Tiwari says its for Tilu, put it in his pocket and then see the fun next morning.

Teeka and Tiwari next morning in front of his house, Teeka says work is done. Tilu passing by, Tiwari stops him and says give me earrings, Tilu says I don’t have any, Tiwari says I know you stole Angoori’s Jewellery. Manohar and Saxena walk to them, everyone calls Manohar future Comissioner, Teeka asks to check Tilu, Saxena says I don’t think he will steal from Bhabhi Maa, Tiwari says don’t trust him,

he steals a lot, he did even in the shop, Tilu says why lie. Manohar checks and find earrings, Tilu says I am trapped, Saxena says minus points. Tiwari says I feel like killing him but he is my old employee, Saxena says wow such nice thoughts and +25 and Tilu you are eliminated for stealing. Tiwari says give Teeka some points too for being so good, Saxena says 75% Tilu points go to Teeka.
Everyone leaves, Teeka and Tiwari discuss about how they planned, Tiwari hands him 50₹, Angoori sees that, and says God he should be ashamed.

Angoori calls Vibhu and says I need help and I could think only of you, Vibhu blushes. Vibhu says say it again, Angoori gets annoyed and says can’t you hear at once, Vibhu says I got it, Angoori tells Vibhu how Tiwari behaved with Tilu. Vibhu says my God so shameful, and now you know Tiwari doesn’t deserve to be Ram, Angoori says he is a good man, don’t talk bad about him, but I have another problem too,

Vibhu asks what, Angoori says its just between us don’t tell anyone, Vibhu blushes again, Angoori says God came to meet me, Vibhu says you are so lucky, you are so nice, pretty, Angoori says God wasn’t here to compliment me, Vibhu says God gave you a work follow that, and throw Tiwari away, Angoori says you go away keep talking bad about Tiwari, Vibhu says okay, I will help you, Angoori says thank you.

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Telecast Date:13th October 2021
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