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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 12th October 2022 Gorilla demands Angoori to dance in front of him and, Vibhu to sing a song. Zookeeper tells Vibhu to do it, or else, it will eat all of his arm.

Anu asks Teeka and Tillu, what were they telling about Tiwari? Tillu sees Tiwari and says that he’s a really good person and the most handsome guy in the whole Kanpur. Anu asks Teeka and Tillu, are they done? Teeka and Tillu says yes, and leaves. Anu also goes to get some water for Tiwari. Tiwari sits beside the bank employee?

The bank employee asks Tiwari if he’s Anu’s husband? Tiwari tells him, you can say that. Anu comes back and gives him water by calling Tiwari. Bank employee asks Anu, why did you call him Tiwari? He’s Vibhuti right?

Anu says, no. He’s Tiwari, her neighbour and he’s here to meet her. Bank employee asks Anu, when is her husband coming? He’s getting late to pick his innocent child up from his school. Anu asks Tiwari to come with him. Anu tells Tiwari that this banker is waiting for Vibhu’s signature since morning, and he hasn’t arrived yet and neither picking up the call. Tiwari tells Anu that he’ll figure something out.

Happu and Manohar are sitting together in the police station. Manohar asks Happu, how to impress an offended wife? Happu asks Manohar, what have you tried yet? Manohar tells him that he did whatever he can, but still, she’s angry. Happu hands Manohar his gun, and tells him to shoot himself when his wife is sitting in front of him. Manohar takes the gun and really likes his idea.

Teeka and Tillu comes in and tells Happu that they need to tell him something. Happu asks them, what happened? Teeka tells him about the whole situation. Happu asks Teeka and Tillu, how drunk were they last night? Teeka replies, only half of the bottle. Happu asks them if they are planning all this just to get revenge from him pf something? Tillu and Teeka denies, and tells him that they can’t even think about this.

Tillu tells Happu, that they even saw Tiwari buying sleeping pills from the medical store in the morning. Happu asks Teeka and Tillu, what are they trying to say? Tillu tells Tiwari that they think Tiwari has kidnapped someone and trapped him inside his house.

David is getting frustrated because Vibhu is not picking up his call. Anu walks upto him and asks David if he know where Vibhu is? David says, no. Anu asks David, when does Vibhu doesn’t pickup call? David tells Anu that he doesn’t pick up the call either when is phone is lost or if he’s in a trouble. Anu says that why she’s worried? Anu calls Happu and tells him Vibhu is lost and he’s not picking up call since morning. Happu tells Anu, Vibhu must be drinking with his friends and might not want to pick her call. Anu tells Happu that he’s not like him, and always calls back under 15mins. Anu asks Happu for help. Happu tells Anu that he’s figure it.

Banker asks Anu, why don’t she put Vibhu’s name in Guinness book of world records. Anu asks him, for what? He replies, for most hours spent in a bathroom. Anu laughs and tells him that he’ll take another 3 hours to come out. Happu along with Teeka and Tillu comes in. Happu asks Anu, for long Vibhu is lost? Bankers says that her husband is in bathroom. Happu asks him, wether he was with him in there? Banker replies, he never shares bathroom.

Happu asks Anu, why did she let his annoying guy inside? *Anu laughs nervously* Happu again asks Anu about Vibhu. Anu tells Happu that Vibhu is not lost. Happu asks Anu then why did she called him to come? Anu tells Happu that he must be day dreaming. Happu asks Teeka and Tillu to asks Anu. Anu tells them to leave because she never called him. Anu tells Banker that they are lying. Banker asks Anu, what kind of degenerate people live in this colony. Happu tells him to meet him outside. Happu, Tillu and Teeka leaves.

Angoori tells the gorilla a poetry. Gorilla likes the poetry and starts dancing.

Anu goes outside and tells Happu that Vibhu haven’t came back home. Happu asks Anu why didn’t she told her inside? Anu tells Happu that he was a banker and is waiting for Vibhu’s signature. Happu understands her. Teeka and Tillu tells Anu that Tiwari is acting a bit suspicious and says that Tiwari might have trapped Vibhu inside his house. Happu agrees with them. Happu tells Anu to be calm because he will find Vibhu and take him back home.

Someone rings Tiwari doorbell. Tiwari gets worried and opens the door. Tiwari sees Happu is getting shocked by his doorbell. Happu asks Tiwari, when is he going to fix this doorbell. Tiwari asks Happu, why is he here? Happu tells Tiwari that he’s here to investigate his house. Tiwari doesn’t give him permission. Happu tells Tiwari that there are some illegal stuff going on in his house, so he need to check for that. Tiwari tells Happu that he’s not any kind of smuggler. Happu tells Tiwari,

let the investigation end first. Saxena also shows up and asks Tiwari if he can start the pest control? Tiwari pushes him aside and asks Happu, if he got a search warrant? Happu says that he doesn’t need any warrant. Saxena tells Happu that pest control will be performed first. Happu and Saxena starts to argue and Tiwari shuts the door in the mean time. Happu slaps Saxena to makes him leave. Happu knocks Tiwari’s door and tells him to open the door. Saxena comes back and stands behind Happu.


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 13th October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Gorilla demands Angoori to tie rakhi on Vibhu’s wrist. Happu orders Tiwari to open his store room’s door. Anu tells him to do the same says, if Happu will go harsh on you, she won’t help. Tiwari proceeds to open the door. Happu asks Tiwari, why is he shivering so much?

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Telecast Date:12th October 2022
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