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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 11th October 2022 Someone rings Tiwari’s doorbell again and again. Tiwari gets frustrated and opens the door. Saxena is getting shocked by his door bell. Saxena tells Tiwari that he’s here to do pest control in his house. Tiwari tells him that there are no insects in house, it’s all clean.

Saxena says that, Angoori told him in the morning that she wants to have her house pest controlled. Tiwari tells Saxena to don’t believe on what she says, she’s suffering from OCD. Saxena tells Tiwari that he has to perform pest control and tries to go inside. Tiwari grabs him and stops him from going in.

Tiwari tells Saxena to leave and come back after 2 hours, because Angoori went to Temple and will return 2 hours later. Saxena tells Tiwari that he can wait inside. Tiwari again grabs him, pushes outside and locks the door.

Vibhu and Angoori are taking a picture together with the gorilla. Gorilla clutches Vibhu’s hand and he starts shouting. Angoori gets scared and gets away from Vibhu. The gorilla takes the phone from Vibhu’s hand and takes a picture with him. Vibhu asks Angoori to call someone for help.

Angoori asks Vibhu, why is he trying to correct her words when Gorilla doesn’t like it? Vibhu again corrects her and Gorilla starts to bite him. Angoori tells Gorilla to calm down and it stops biting him. Vibhu tells Angoori to bring someone for help. Angoori starts to leave but, the gorilla starts shouting.

A zookeeper walks upto them and asks Rajendra, why is he grabbing the hand? Vibhu asks him that who’s Rajinder? Zookeeper tells Vibhu that the name of this Gorilla is Rajinder. Angoori tells Zookeeper that he clutched Vibhu’s hand even though Vibhu didn’t did anything.

Zookeeper tells Angoori that he can understand Rajinder’s language and can understand what he’s saying. Zookeeper asks Rajinder, why is he grabbing Vibhu’s hand? *Rajinder growls* Zookeeper tells Angoori and Vibhu that Ranjinder is trying to say that, Angoori is his and Vibhu is trying to take her.

An employee from Hina bank comes inside Anu’s house and gives her a few documents to sign. Anu signs them. The employee tells Anu to call her husband too, because his signatures are also important. Anu gets worried.

Rajinder is getting angry and still grabbing Vibhu’s hand. Zookeeper tells Angoori and Vibhu that Rajinder is trying to say, Angoori is his and if this guy even tries to put a eye on her, he will break him apart. Vibhu gets scared. Zookeeper tells Vibhu not to get scared, his trainer will help you to get out of this situation. Vibhu asks Zookeeper, where is the trainer?

Tiwari takes the tape off the trainer’s mouth and tells him not to say anything about what happened. The trainer again demands Tiwari to give 5 lakhs for that. Tiwari asks him, why does he meed this much money. Trainer replies, for internal surgeries. Tiwari asks him, what kind of surgeries, and tells him he look fine.

Trainer says that he needs a body of a female, because he’s also a lady in this man’s body and tries to flirt with Tiwari. Tiwari tells him to shut up, and asks him if he has ever seen 5lakh rupees before? He tells Tiwari that he’s Kanpur’s zoo trainer and plays with money. Someone again rings Tiwari’s doorbell. Tiwari again puts a tape on trainer’s mouth and leaves to check the door.

Bank employee asks Anu if her husband is coming of not? Anu tells him to corporate as she tries to call Vibhu.

Tiwari opens the door and sees Saxena getting shocked again. Tiwari asks Saxena why is he here again? Saxena tells Tiwari that it’s been 2 hours. Tiwari tells Saxena to leave as Angoori is not here yet. Saxena tells Tiwari, he won’t leave until he does the pest control. Tiwari slaps Saxena. Tiwari tries to call Angoori and her phone rings inside the house only. Saxena asks Tiwari, what kind of a husband he is? Angoori is out somewhere and you have clue about her? Trainer drops something and makes noises from the store room. Saxena hears it.

Anu asks the bank employee, for how long will he stare at her. Employee replies, until her husband arrives. Anu tells him that he’s coming in some time. He tells Anu that his kid is waiting for him at his school for pickup and he’s very innocent.

He gets a call from his kid. He asks his son if he’s alright? His son tells him to send him some money so that he can do shopping in the mean time, or else he will his mother about his father’s girlfriend and hangs up. Anu says that the son is very innocent.

Saxena asks Tiwari, why is the store room making noises? And goes to check on it. Tiwari stops him from going and takes him outside.

Vibhu asks the zookeeper, when will the trainer arrive? Zookeeper tells Vibhu that he’s trying to call him, but he’s not picking up the phone. Vibhu tells him to hurry up.

The bank employee tells Anu to hurry up and call her husband fast! Anu tells him that he’s in washroom and will take time. Bank employee tells Anu to go and call him. Anu tells him, she can’t. He tells Anu, then he’ll go can call him. Anu stops him. The bank employee again tells Anu that, his innocent son is waiting for him. Anu tells him that his son is not innocent.

Tiwari goes to a medical store and asks the chemist to give some sleeping pills. Chemist asks Tiwari, why does he need it? Tiwari tells him that he is finding it hard to fall asleep. Chemist tells him to see a doctor. Tiwari tells him that he’s taking those pills since childhood. Chemist gives him the pills. Tillu and Teeka spies on Tiwari and finds something wrong. Tillu suggests Teeka that they should tells Anu about all this because Angoori will get hurt if they will tell her.

Anu and the bank employee are waiting for Vibhu. Teeka and Tillu comes in and tells Anu that they want to tell something about Tiwari. Anu tells them to continue. Tiwari walks in and Teeka and Tillu gets scared and covers their faces.


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 12th October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Zookeeper tells Vibhu and Angoori that Rajinder wants Vibhu to sing a song and Angoori to dance on it. Vibhu proceeds to sing and Angoori dances along. Teeka and Tillu tells Anu and Happu Singh that they think, Tiwari has kidnapped Vibhu. Happu goes to Tiwari’s house and tells him that he needs check his house. Tiwari asks Happu, why is he doing that? Happu says that there’s been some suspicious activities going around in your house. Tiwari gets worried.

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Telecast Date:11th October 2022
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