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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 11th November 2021 Vibhu walks ro Anu, both blush, Vibhu says you were a fire and now so sweet what is it, Anu says you know I love you, Vibhu says yes you do but you confuse me, Anu says I am so sorry I was too hard on you, you are a softie, Vibhu says I am hard, don’t you ever call me that, Anu says I meant you will never do wrong to anyone,

and don’t trouble anyone, Vibhu says I am with good heart, Anu says but why you always behind Tiwari, Vibhu says now I know the sweetness and I was doing my duty, Anu says I know but you aren’t that straight that you won’t be lineant with him, Vibhu says my job is to recover money, and I don’t mix personal and professional, Anu says in that case, whenever you won’t listen to me, you will sleep with uncle downstairs, get lost, Vibhu leaves.

Tiwari in his room, Angoori walks to him and says smell there is no perfume on me, Tiwari says try understand Vibhu is behind me and so I did this, Angoori says I know, dont worry I will handle this, Tiwari says I knew you have some money give me, Angoori says I was talking about head massage and not money. Tiwari says okay. Tiwari and Angoori see Vibhu in their bedroom window,

Tiwari says what nonsense is this, Vibhu says you cheat you don’t have right to say all this, Vibhu says but you gave me 24 hrs and stop troubling me or else I will complaint against you, Vibhu says even I will lodge complaint that you ran away with our money and since we have doubt I will stay here and keep an eye on you, Angoori says I am taking his guarantee, Vibhu says okay just because of you I am leaving, Angoori says don’t worry I will tie him if he tries to run away. Vibhu drinks, Tiwari’s drink and leaves.

Tiwari says Angoori, Vibhu listens to you, please talk to him and ask him not to trouble me, Angoori says okay

Angoori waiting for Vibhu, Vibhu passing by, calls him, Vibhu says wow today you called me, Angoori says yes I was waiting for you, I have something important to say but I am little awkward, Vibhu says if you can’t talk sign me, and if can’t sign, wink at me, Angoori says why will I wink, I am awkward because you may feel bad, Vibhu says please speak I am waiting for past 6 years, Angoori says but you were unemployed all these years and please I request you stop troubling Tiwari, Vibhu says I am just doing my work. Angoori says I understand but please be good with him, Vibhu says I will try my best and convince my manager and for that we have to show them that we are close friends, like show them we go to movies, have pani puri and show a video of this kind to manager, Angoori says good I anyways like having Pani Puri and watching movies, let me talk to Tiwari, Vibhu says no need he will be hurt. Angoori says okay, thank you.

Helan says very yummy tea,Anu says say it Mummy, Helan says I don’t have to, may be David has to say that there is lot of ginger, Tiwari walks in and says Bhabhiji I want to talk to you please come aside.

Angoori and Vibhu watching movie, Vibhu asks how are you feeling, Angoori says good but missing Tiwari, Vibhu says am I so bad, that you don’t enjoy, Angoori says no its good. Vibhu imagines dancing with Angoori. Angoori shooks him.

David asks Tiwari what private he wants to talk to Anu, Helan scolds Tiwari and asks what is cooking between you two, Tiwari says nothing it’s private, I can’t say in front of you, Anu says mummy don’t worry I will tell you later for now please leave us alone. David and Helan leave.

Anu scolds Tiwari and asks what is wrong, Tiwari asks did you talk to Vibhu, Anu says he didn’t listen, just make him quit the job and also I want to prove that Mummy and uncle are bad luck for him, I can bare a unemployed husband but not these two and so do as I say.

Vibhu says to Angoori he was just warming up, Angoori says now talk to manager, Vibhu says I did talk to him, Angoori says did he agree, I will give you sweets. Vibhu says my manager denied any help and asked me to be more strict and not leave Tiwari. Angoori starts crying and leaves.

TMT tires of running, Tiwari hiding and watching them. Teeka says let’s look there, Tiwari slowly sneaks out trying to not get caught, but sees TMT hiding under the car.

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 12th November 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Tiwari says to Angoori we have to teach Vibhu lessons in his own way,and only you can help me do this.Happu says to Anu, Vibhu teased Angoori, so he is under arrest, Vibhu says I didn’t and I won’t come.

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Telecast Date:11th November 2021
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