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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 10th October 2022 Two zoo keepers are sitting together and having a conversation with each other. One of them tell that his wife called him and asked him to come back home this Diwali, and says that he doesn’t want to go back because he’s now attached with the animals very much. Another one agrees with him, and tells him that he’s leaving to get something from nearby shop. He asks the person going to get something for him too. He replies, he doesn’t have money for that and leaves.

He’s going to the shop. Tiwari is riding a scooter recklessly and crashes into him. The zookeeper faints and drops on the floor. Tiwari gets off his vehicle and checks on him. Tiwari gets worried and finds out that the zookeeper is still alive. Tiwari takes him to his home and drags him inside his house.

Teeka and Tillu watches him do all this. Teeka and Tillu are drunk and not sure if it was really Tiwari. So, they decides to return back home.

Angoori is watering her plants in her garden. Vibhu walks upto her and greets her. Angoori greets him back. Vibhu asks her how is she’s doing? Angoori tells Vibhu that Tiwari was taking her Juhu. Vibhu asks Angoori if it’s the same Juhu in Mumbai? Angoori tells Vibhu that Juhu is also in Kanpur. Saxena walks upto Vibhu and tells if he doesn’t even know this, then he should sell or burn all of his degrees. Vibhu slaps Saxena. Saxena tells Vibhu that Angoori is trying to say “Zoo”.

Angoori agrees with Saxena. Vibhu asks Angoori if Tiwari never takes her zoo? Angoori tells Vibhu that Tiwari is always ready to take her but, she’s always busy and indulged in household work. Saxena tells Angoori that he has started a pest control service and can kills all the insects inside her house. Angoori tells Saxena to do his work. Vibhu slaps Saxena and makes him leave. Angoori tells Vibhu that she’s doesn’t have time to talk with him and goes back inside. Vibhu decides that he will take her to the zoo.

David and Vibhu are sitting on the dining table and eating breakfast. Vibhu asks David if he believes in dreams? David asks Vibhu, what is he trying to say? Vibhu tells David that he saw Angoori falling in love him. David tells Vibhu to stop seeing dreams like these because it will never get real. Vibhu asks David why is he always talking so negative? Anu comes in and sits with them. Anu says that it’s the problem with Mishra family, they are always so negative.

David tells Anu if she will talk in Vibhu’s favour, she will get into trouble. Anu asks Vibhu, why is he saying so? Vibhu tells Anu to don’t believe on David. Anu asks Vibhu again what were they talking about? Vibhu tells Anu that they were talking, what will happen if he dies. David says that Anu will collect Vibhu’s ashes and put it in a bottle to showcase it in her bedroom.

Anu laughs and agrees with David. Anu tells Vibhu that a bank executive will come today and they will have to sign a document. Vibhu asks Anu about the time. Anu replies, between 12am and 1pm. Vibhu thinks that he can take Angoori to zoo twice in that time. Anu asks Vibhu if he’s going somewhere? Vibhu says, no.

Angoori and Anu are sitting together. Anu asks Angoori if she’s doing good? Angoori replies, yes but, she’s very confused. Anu asks about what? Angoori tells Anu that she always gives gifts to Ammaji on every Diwali, but this time can’t decide what to give her. Anu advertises about the contest organised by &tv to win gold. Angoori asks Anu if she can give it to Ammaji? Anu says, yes.

Tiwari took zookeeper’s body to a store room. He’s unconscious. Tiwari tries too waive him up. Tiwari tells him to wake up or else his wife will run away with your neighbour. He wakes up immediately and asks Tiwari that who is he, and what is he doing here? Tiwari gets relieved because he doesn’t remember anything. Tiwari asks him about himself. He tells Tiwari that he’s an animal trainer in the zoo.

Tiwari tells him that he was laying on the road unconscious and he took him here. Animal trainer tells Tiwari that he remembers that he crashed his vehicle into him. Tiwari tells him that it’s not true. Trainer tells Tiwari that he remembers everything and he even knows that Tiwari was drunk driving, and tells him that he will file a case against Tiwari. Tiwari gets worried and asks him to take some money and leave it. Trainer tells Tiwari that he will take 5lakhs.

Tiwari gets even more worried. Angoori knocks on the door and calls Tiwari. Tiwari hits trainer’s head makes him unconscious. Tiwari comes out and asks Angoori what happened? Angoori asks Tiwari what was he doing inside store room? Tiwari tells Angoori that he’s was searching for something. Angoori tells Tiwari that she have to clean store room. Tiwari tells Angoori to not go inside it as it’s already neat and clean. Angoori still tells Tiwari that she have go inside and check. Tiwari takes her to bedroom for cleaning.

Vibhu takes Angoori to the zoo. Angoori tells Vibhu that she wanted to go to a temple. Vibhu tells Angoori that he made an excuse. Angoori tells Vibhu that they are committing a sin. Vibhu tells Angoori that the god is present in everyone. Angoori tells Vibhu that she cannot see anything. Vibhu takes her indide to the zoo. They both approaches the gorilla cage. Gorilla starts liking Angoori and starts shouting whenever Vibhu tries to correct Angoori.

Tiwari tell’s trainer to take 10,000 rs and forget everything. Trainer tells Tiwari he will take 5 lakhs only. Tiwari tells Trainer that he will call a doctor for him. He starts shouting but Tiwari takes a cloth and stuff it inside his mouth


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Telecast Date:10th October 2022
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