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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 10th August 2022 Tesri Aankh asks Master ji to start his task and gives him sweets for good start.TMT, Tiwari’s and Mishra’s waiting at finish line. Masterji picks Kusumkali and starts walking, he feels bloated because of sweets. Kusumkali says it was dream to ve in your arms.

Teeka says I wish I was picking Kusumkali. Anu says I don’t like all this but its matter of masteji’s house and so God help him. Angoori says yes he is married have 2 kids and one more in on the way please God help him.Tiwari’s stomach goes upset and stadts making funny noises.

Masterji about to win, falls due to burping a lot, and Kusumkali falls in Teeka’s arms. Teeka burps on her, she slaps him and leaves. Suresh says first wicket down and Masterji house is mine now and who is next now. Prem says I will go next. Suresh asks Prem to cycle non-stop for 72 hrs. Prem says I thought I have to pick one bhabhi.

Anu scolds Masterji for eating so many sweets. Masterji says he didn’t know this would happen. Vibhu says because of you, our motivation is crashed. Masterji says you had no idea how heavy she was. David says if I was given task I would run with Tiwari’s mother in my arms. Vibhu laughs.

Tiwari scolds David, Angoori says stop it all and does anyone has a solution to save our houses. Anu says only you know the concern look at these men, I will only have to do something and I have called my cousin he just has graduated and he is my brother I am sure he will top his exams.

Anu’s brother Sukhma walks in, Anu tells him the whole case. Sukhma makes a plan with everyone and says believe me this case is in our favour. Sukhma gets a call and he denies to fight the case because I failed my exams.

Teeka and Tilu with Rhusa, having tea biscuit party. Rhusa asks whats the occasion, Rhusa says you were upset so. Prem arrives on cycle. Tilu says keeo cycling if Tesri Ankh sees you, you will loose your voice. Prem says he isn’t around anywhere its just to scare us. Tesri Ankh walks to them and says your mistaken I am always keeping an eye. Prem says please give me one chance my wife is dangerous she will kill me. Tesri Ankh says last chance go.

Anu upset with Sukhma. Angoori says I have one idea. Tiwari says its of no use. Vibhu says why do you always corner her. Anu says Vibhu is right, Angoori is valuable. Angoori says I spoke to Putan Bhaiya and he asked me to take a crocked way. Tiwari says it won’t work, lets satyagraha. Anu says no, Angoori is right we should go with her idea and I have a plan and shares her plan with them.

Vibhu says its amazing idea, Angoori asks who will play foreigner. Tiwari says off coarse me, Vibhu mocks him. both get in an argument.Anu says I guess Vibhu will play better, and his English and personality is better than you and will match the role. Angoori says Tiwari you be the cook. Tiwari gets upset. Anu says okay don’t be upset, you both go as NRI’s to buy the land.

Tiwari asks but who will pass the news, Comissioner walks in and says I will, I heard your idea and liked it, legally it’s crime but as a resident I loved it.

Commissioner visits Suresh. Suresh asks him as you here as a comissioner or as Reshampal. Reshampal says I am here as resident and I have a party from Dubai who wants to buy Model Colony. Suresh agrees and asks but why are you interested in this deal because you have your houses too. Reshampal says I have a special deal with them. Commissioner leaves

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Telecast Date:10th August 2022
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