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Barister Babu 8th October 2021 Episode starts with Bondita changing and coming back. Chandrachur dances on the stage. He holds her hand and dances with her. He takes her away and removes the mask. She says I have come here, why did you do this drama. He says you have given me this scar, its no fun to get love so easily. She asks at what price will you come out and save Anirudh, I can’t tolerate your face.

He says you hate me and love Anirudh so much, you came in Raavan lanka for his love, if you want me to save his life, then you have to come with me to Dhaka right away, if you come with me, then I will show my face in the police station, I will tell that I was alive, I just fainted, I didn’t die, judge will not give Anirudh a death sentence, if you don’t come to Dhaka with me, then I will run away, judge will hang Anirudh on Vijay Dashami, you decide,

if you will come with me and stay Anirudh’s suhaagan, or stay rigid and become his widow. She says stop, I accept. He asks what did you say. She says I accept to go to Dhaka with you, how shall I believe that you will save Anirudh. He says you have no other option, I m doing this, because I wanted you, I want Anirudh to stay alive, I have yearned for you, I want Anirudh to yearn, do you have anything to ask now, come. She goes with him.

Chandrachur’s men come there. The man says you can’t go out, police is everything, they are finding you. Chandrachur says you acted smart again. Bondita says I didn’t inform them. The man says she is right, someone filed a missing report of her, police has come finding her. Bondita asks Chandrachur to go to the police station and save Anirudh. Chandrachur says you will go to Dhaka first. She says fine,

we can go in that club ration van, if Anirudh gets hanged, then forget that I will go to Dhaka with you. The man says she is right, we can hide in the ration van, police won’t check it. Chandrachur says fine, I will just come, keep an eye on her. He goes and pays the driver. He asks Bondita to go to Dhaka with her men, he will give statement in the police station and come after her. She goes with the men.

Bondita is on the way. She prays for Anirudh. She says bless me that Anirudh gets freed tomorrow, it will be a morning of happiness, Trilochan, Binoy ad Sampoorna will be happy, I won’t be there, forgive me Anirudh, I have to go away from you to save you.

Thakumaa asks Trilochan to come inside the house, Anirudh won’t come back if he stands like that. Trilochan says I will also go to the Lord along with Anirudh. It starts raining. She asks him to come in. Sampoorna gets an umbrella for him. He says no use, I have sworn, I won’t go inside the house without him. He prays for Anirudh. He sits crying.

Bondita asks why did you stop the van here. The man says wait. She gets shocked seeing Chandrachur. She says you said you will save Anirudh, its not right. He says I think its right to get love by any means, you should praise me, how I got you, Anirudh will be hanged in the morning because of me, your love story will end, a new love story will begin, yours and mine. She says forget it, your intentions won’t be fulfilled, I will tell everyone that you are alive. He asks her to sit quiet. He asks driver to cross the border. Bondita asks driver to stop the van.

Everyone at home prays. Bondita reaches Dhaka. Thakumaa says Bondita will bring Anirudh home tomorrow, she won’t let us lose our hopes. Tupur smiles and thinks Anirudh will not come, I will get Chandrachur’s message, we will go somewhere far and have our world. Jailer says Anirudh, according to the laws, we want to know your last wish before the death sentence. Anirudh says I want to massage my Kaka’s legs,

no, I want to give an assurance to dad, I want to meet the kids, and speak to my brother, I want to have the food made by Sampoorna, I want to see Bondita smiling once. Jailer says no, we can just fulfill your one wish. Anirudh says fine, I don’t want my family members to be around, at the time of my hanging. Jailer says fine, we will be giving you the punishment after the last hearing, we will put you in a different cell.

Bondita cries. Anirudh is taken. Rishta tera mera….plays… Chandrachur asks Bondita to get down the van. He asks her to see, they have come to Dhaka, she has to spend all her life with his love and her tears. She says no, I can’t stay with you, even if you kill me. He says I would have killed you if you were not my love. She asks him to leave her. He drags her. She points a knife and says get away. She points the knife at her neck and says I have courage to die for my husband, I will die and meet him today. Chandrachur asks her to stop. He acts and says Anirudh, you…. She turns to see.

He says I can’t let you die, I love you, since long time, since I first saw you, you would remember right, you had left me and ran away, I won’t let you die now, you have to live with me as my wife. She says forget it, because your dream will never get fulfilled. He says you know what I did for your love, I had put the bombs in Roy Choudharys’ given gifts, I had poisoned their food also. She gets shocked. He says I had hit Binoy’s head and injured him, I made him mad, I sent Trilochan to the jail, I was the only reason for the enmity between Krishnanagar and Tulsipur. She cries.


Barister Babu 9th October 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Anirudh stands between Chandrachur and Bondita and tells Chandrachur that his game is over. Chandrachur says that they are in Dhaka and nothing will happen to him there. Bondita says this is not Dhaka, it’s Bengal. They just made it look like Dhaka. Chandrachur says how’s that possible? Anirudh says, Barrister Bondita Roy Chaudhary did that to spoil his game.

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Telecast Date:8th October 2021
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