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Barister Babu 7th October 2021 Episode starts with Bondita dragging Chandrachur. She puts him in the car and takes him. She recalls Anirudh’s words. He says you can go in the car, but driver won’t be there. She says don’t worry, I have learnt motor driving in London. He says bravo Bondita, go. FB ends. She drives. Anirudh says thanks for making me stay in the hospital with my dad. Inspector asks him to have sweets.

Anirudh says no thanks. Inspector says have it, its Durga Maa’s prasad. Anirudh eats it and faints down. Inspector says we have to make him reach Trilochan, then our work is over. Constable removes his handcuffs. Bondita is on the way.

She sees a little girl on the way. The girl in Devi maa’s avatar smiles seeing her. Bondita smiles and goes to her. She folds hands and says Durga Maa, bless me, that nothing goes wrong, I prove Anirudh innocent and take him home. She takes blessings and also the lotus. She gives the lotus to the girl.

She sees Trilochan and Thakumaa taking Anirudh in their jeep. She thinks where are they taking him. She recalls their words. She says so they made this plan, they didn’t tell me, if they take Anirudh, then it will be a big mistake, I have to stop them, but I can’t leave Chandrachur alone. Trilochan gives money to the Inspector and thanks him. Inspector says send him away before 10am tomorrow, I will tell them that Anirudh has run away, police will find him, then I can’t help you. Police leaves.

Trilochan says Anirudh, I will send you to Batuk in Italy, I know you will be angry when you get up. Thakumaa says no, parents can do anything for children. Bondita says Chandrachur, I have tied the rope to the gear, if you try to run, then the car will go down the cliff. Bondita runs to stop Trilochan. He says I know you have come to stop Anirudh, I m sending him to Italy. She says it won’t be needed, I have a proof, Chandrachur is alive, he is in my car. She takes Trilochan and Thakumaa.

They don’t see anyone in the car. Bondita says listen to me. She says if you send Anirudh to Italy, then he will become a criminal for the law. Trilochan asks her to get away, else he will make her away. Thakumaa asks her to move. Bondita says he will not be able to live happy as a culprit. She asks Anirudh to get up. She sprinkles water on him. Anirudh wakes up. She asks him to see, Trilochan is sending him to Italy, its not needed. She says I got a proof, I know Chandrachur is alive, I caught him, he has run away. Trilochan says its not true.

Anirudh says its not right to run away. Trilochan says you have seen supporting the law and justice, sit in the car, come. Anirudh says fine, I will come, but with Bondita, I will support her, because she is right, if she is saying that Chandrachur is alive, then he is alive, she is my student, friend, wife and barrister, I trust her, she will prove me innocent in the court on the day of Vijay Dashami. Rishta tera mera…plays… Bondita says I have called the Inspector, he is coming to take you, I will go and find Chandrachur, he is the last proof that can save you.

He asks won’t Tupur give statement. She says no, she will die, but she won’t give the statement. He says Chandrachur won’t run, he wants to get you, this will be the reason for his end. She coughs. He runs to get water. Chandrachur comes there and says Bondita… She looks at him. He asks her not to shout, else he will kill Anirudh. He asks her to see what she can see around, his men. She sees the men with weapons.

Chandrachur says just I can save his life, you have to meet me at night, don’t act smart, if you try to tell the police or Anirudh, remember my men are keeping an eye on you. He goes. Anirudh gets water. He asks her to drink it. He asks why are you looking worried, say the truth. She says I m fine. Inspector comes and says your family is stranger, one gives money to make him escape and other hands him over to the police. She says he isn’t a culprit, everyone will know the truth in the last hearing. Bondita sees Anirudh and cries. She hugs him. Rishta tera mera….plays…

Its night, Bondita comes to Calcutta club. She sees the people drinking and dancing. The men stare at her. A waiter gives her a drink. She gets a note under the glass. She reads… drop your bag there and go towards the left…. Chandrachur looks at her. He takes a waiter’s disguise with a mask on his face. She leaves her bag. She sees its gone. She gets another note…. wear the clothes kept in the red box. She sees the dress. She goes. Chandrachur removes the mask and looks on.

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Telecast Date:7th October 2021
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