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Barister Babu 5th October 2021 Episode starts with Trilochan saying sorry, we can’t keep Durga puja mahautsav at home. Bondita comes and says whatever the situation, we will do the Durga puja and complete the rituals, I m sure that situation will change. She asks the ladies to come with her. Thakumaa says Tupur, you can’t come here, this sindoor khela is for suhaagans. Tupur says but my husband is with me, I meet him everyday, feed him and talk to him, I can be a part of this rasam.

The ladies dance and play sindoor khele. Constable comes home. Bihari goes to Bondita. Bondita takes the records. Constable says these records have all the information about Chandrachur’s belongings. She checks and says we didn’t get the ring, its written ere. He asks how can it happen, you check again. She asks Bihari to get the potli. She checks and says it has the ring, how can this happen. Constable says I told you, you are mistaken. She thinks how can this happen, I have seen it well. Somnath asks Binoy to listen. Binoy makes him out of the room.

Somnath asks why did you give him sweets, he shouldn’t eat sweets. Sampoorna says I didn’t give him the sweets, I take care of his food. Somnath scolds her. Bondita comes and says give the medicine to me, I will give it to Binoy. Somnath says Binoy is attacking, don’t go. Bondita takes the medicines and goes to Binoy. He asks her to go. She asks will you break it, Anirudh gave this to you. He says I won’t break it. She feeds him medicines. She says medicine is bitter, have some sweets, how will you eat it, I don’t have it. He says I have it. She asks who gave it. He says don’t tell anyone, I had kheer yesterday.

She asks who came to give kheer. He says Tupur, Tupur… she gave me the kheer. She asks why. He says I don’t know. She says she didn’t give kheer to me. He says I will tell you, I have her secret with me. She asks which secret. He says you are Tupur, I m a policeman, hide now. She acts to hide, by covering her face. He says I caught you, you got scared, I got happy. He says she fed the kheer, and I got happy. She thinks why did Tupur go to my room like a thief, what did she want, Chandrachur’s stuff was there, she went to keep that ring, but why did she do this, and how did she get it.

Its night, Bondita is in the study. She hears a sound. She goes to see. Tupur comes inside. Bondita hides. She leaves. She comes to the temple. She says I had applied chuna on Tupur’s shoes to see her footprints. She thinks there are someone else’s footprints as well, that’s bigger like its of some man, it means some man was with Tupur, but who. She thinks Tupur doesn’t come here to meet a skeleton, she is just acting mad, she is playing a big game. She thanks Devi maa for getting the evidence for her.

At home, Thakumaa says there is no other way to save Anirudh. Bondita asks which way, I know its not a legal way. Thakumaa says yes, its a way to keep a fast and do puja. Trilochan says yes, pandit said if a wife does a jaap, then husband’s life can get saved. Bondita says no, I have to work hard and gather evidences for the last hearing, I can’t sit in puja. Trilochan says you have walked on the path of law and saw it, try this way. Thakumaa says wife’s prayers have strength, try it.

Bondita says I know, its my Dharm to save Anirudh, sorry, I can’t sit in puja. Tupur comes and says don’t explain her, she won’t keep fast, I will keep fast for my husband, Durga Maa has made our relation so beautiful. Bondita thinks I feel there is a secret hidden behind Tupur’s madness. Thakumaa says fine, go and do what you want. Tupur goes. Thakumaa says you will do the puja. Bondita says no, my answer is still no. She goes. Trilochan asks if she doesn’t agree to do puja, then how will our plan work. Thakumaa says our plan has to work. Bondita enters Tupur’s room and searches.

Tupur comes and asks what were you doing in my room. Bondita says I m finding the truth. Tupur says truth will come out on Vijaya dashami, I know you follow me at night, stop following me, get out, never come to my room again. She makes Bondita out and shuts the door. Bondita says you said this and made my doubt more firm, it means you act going to the graveyard and talk to the skeleton, you just act to distract me. Trilochan asks Binoy to come. Sampoorna asks why are you taking him to the hospital, he is fine.

Thakumaa says he broke all the things. Trilochan says yes, we have to take him for his betterment. Bondita says wait, where are you taking him. Thakumaa says hospital. Bondita says Sampoorna and I will come, you may need us. Thakumaa says you focus on Anirudh’s case. Bondita says its imp for us to be there. Thakumaa signs Trilochan. He says fine, come.

At the hospital, Bondita writes patient’s info on the form. The form flies off. She picks it. She sees Anirudh there. She asks are you fine, how did you come. Anirudh says Bihari told me that dad isn’t fine, so I came to meet him, where is he. She gets the handcuffs removed. Anirudh goes to Binoy. Binoy sees him and shout thief. Anirudh calms him and talks. He says we will play Chor police, I would have come if it was in my hands, why did you fall sick. Binoy says I m okay, I m not sick, don’t know why they got me here. Trilochan says you are sick, doctor has come. Binoy gets angry.

Anirudh says I m with you. Trilochan says if you stay here, then policemen will come in, Binoy will get more unwell, you go from here. Anirudh says I will wait for you, get the tests done. Binoy says okay, don’t go. Bondita and Anirudh go out. She says just 2 mins, I need to talk to him. Inspector says fine. Anirudh asks what happened. She says I don’t have time, I don’t know what to do to prove you innocent. He says calm down, you are one step away from the truth that can prove me innocent.

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