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Barister Babu 3rd September 2021 episode starts with Chandrachur coming to the mandap. By time he comes, Anirudh, Bondita and others have left. Chandrachur asks Kali and Laboni what’s happening here? Kali’s answer puzzles him. She says he would understand if he ever loved anyone. He sees Bondita from back, but thinks he is tired and that’s why he’s seeing Bondita everywhere.

Next day, Bondita is getting Laboni ready. A girl comes and tells Laboni that her brother needs kada. Bondita says that she will go. Chandrachur complains to his mother that he’s sitting idle. There is no news of Bondita and no kada either. His mother tells him to sometimes fulfill responsibility of being a brother. He thinks about Bondita all the time. He says he wants Bondita with him. Bondita comes with kada. Before she reaches to Chandrachur, Anirudh sees him. He tries to alert her, but she doesn’t look at him. He then changes a fan direction towards gulaal / color which flies towards Chandrachur and he cannot see anything clearly. Bondita sees him and gets shocked. Anirudh takes Bondita and they leave. Chandrachur’s mother tells him to go and wash his face. He says, he saw Bondita there. His mother asks him to be quiet. He’s in his sister’s marriage. It’s just his misconception.

Bondita asks Anirudh what will happen now? Her bad dream may come true. He says that he is not scared of anyone and she shouldn’t be either. He doesn’t want any stoppage in Laboni’s marriage and says they will have to find a way out. Chandrachur tells his guards to search everywhere and make sure no one leaves without their inspection. Anirudh and Bondita hear it. Anirudh says it will be hard for them to leave from there. They will have to think something else. She asks what? He says they will get married as planned. He reminds her what priest said that even by exchanging garlands, a couple will be considered married. Durga Maa has decided their marriage time. No one can stop them from becoming one. She asks how’s that possible in Chandrachur’s presence? He says they will have to trap him. She will go in front of him and show him a glimpse of her. Then they will exchange her with another girl will be wearing the same saree as her.

During a function, Chandrachur is playing drum while ladies are dancing by keeping their veils. Anirudh tells Bondita to join the ladies and he watches by hiding. Chandrachur is searching for Bondita. Bondita shows him her face through a mirror. He turns and she disappears. He holds a girl’s hand who is wearing same saree as Bondita and moves her veil. Everyone looks on. He checks every lady by moving their veils. A lady asks who is he? What is he doing in ladies function? Someone, stop him. Laboni stops him asking what is he doing. He says Bondita is here. Ladies say kick him out. Laboni says he’s sick and takes him away. Anirudh tells Bondita now they can marry without any fear. He promises her that he will never leave her hand.

Laboni asks Chandrachur if he is in senses. He’s disrespecting ladies in front of everyone. He says he was finding Bondita. Bondita was there, he saw her with his own eyes. Laboni asks who is Bondita? Chandrachur’s mother tells Laboni not to pay attention to him, he has gone mad. She asks him to stop his madness. He embarrassed Laboni in her own marriage. She won’t let him do more drama. They are leaving immediately. Chandrachur wonders whether it was really his imagination.

Bondita tells Anirudh to go and get ready now. He asks she will get ready too? She says yes. He says, she already looks beautiful. If she gets ready more, then how he will be able to control himself. She tells him to put blindfold on his eyes then. Today is her special day. She will get ready in clothes that he brought for her. They smile. She pushes him and tells him to go.

Trilochan has arranged Shashwati’s marriage. Sampoorna wonders whose marriage it is? She gets shocked seeing Shashwati as a bride. She runs to Shashwati. Shashwati cries and requests Trilochan to stop her marriage. Sampoorna hugs her and says that she won’t let her marriage happen. She then tells Trilochan that Anirudh sacrificed his own marriage to fight against child marriage and today he’s doing his sister’s child marriage? If Anirudh was there, then he would have burned the mandap. Trilochan says, but he is not here. He ran away with their enemy, Bondita. Why should they follow his ethics and principles? No one is there stop him now. She says that she won’t let this marriage happen. He tells Somnath to make Shashwati sit in the mandap. Guards hold Sampoorna. Somnath takes Shashwati. Sampoorna cries and begs to Trilochan to stop this marriage. Trilochan says if she gives him Anirudh and Bondita’s location, then he will stop the marriage. It’s up to her to decide whether she wants Anirudh-Bondita’s love or her daughter’s life.

Bondita and Anirudh get ready for their marriage. She wears hand-made jewelries by Anirudh and his gifted saree.

Kali calls Anirudh and asks whether he brought sindhoor. He says he did not. She asks how he will fill her maang then? He says if Bondita asks, then he will fill her maang with moon and stars. She says his talks are big like a king, but you can’t buy moon and stars in market. She tells him to go to market and buy sindhoor. She explains him the importance of sindhoor. Only after sindhoor ceremony, they will be considered married and he will get what Bondita said – kiss. He feels shy. He says he will go and get sindhoor. Bondita smiles thinking their dream will finally come true and no one will be able to separate them.

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