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Barister Babu 2nd September 2021 Episode starts with Kali asking Laboni to spend the night with her friends, then her every night will be spent with her husband. Bondita says I have much work. Kali says I can tell you some stories of love, tell me what unites husband and wife in marriage. Everyone says taking care of the husband. Bondita says its love. Kali says we call the groom and bride’s union as Suhaagraat, do you know what happens. Anirudh looks on. Bondita says husband lifts the ghunghat of the bride, she gets the milk, bangles break and then the bed breaks. The ladies laugh. Kali says he will come close to you, you will think how will you tell your feelings, its suhaagraat. Bondita asks what’s next. Kali says you will get shy if he comes close. Bondita says I will be tensed. Kali says he will be tensed too, he will become a poet in love, you will romance, you let him romance, did you understand what the groom wants from his bride. Bondita says kiss. Kali asks what’s that. Bondita says you said that, its called kiss in English. Kali asks how do you know that. Bondita says I heard it when I worked at an English officer’s place. Kali laughs and says you had eaten Rasgulla, think the kiss has the same soft feeling. Bondita smiles and runs away. Anirudh smiles.

Laboni asks Chandrachur to take rest, she will send anything if he wants. She goes. Chandrachur says what I want, I lost it. His mum scolds him. He says I don’t care for any other relaton, I just want to get Bondita. Anirudh stops Bondita. She asks what happened. He says nothing, I just came to say that I know what’s a kiss, I can explain you if you want. She says no, I don’t want to understand. He asks don’t you like me. She says no. He asks no. She says its not that, I want to go, anyone will see. He says no one will see, everyone is sleeping.

She says yes, but… He says we are going to marry tomorrow, I m going to become your husband, you are going to become my wife, I have a right to express my love. She says you have a right, but not without my wish, you have to understand my no and respect it. He holds her face and says I m proud of you, nothing till you say yes, I also think that nothing should happen without a wife’s consent, else it will be a torture, I will not touch you until you want, I will not snatch anything from you by saying its my right, but yes, no one will take you to the lanes of love except me. She smiles and says baristra babu, its my yes, you have a right on me, my soul, my breath, you have a right to touch my heart, you have a right to read the unspoken words on my lips. He kisses her forehead. They hug. Rishta tera mera….plays…

Sampoorna sees the preparations at home. Trilochan says its marriage preparations, pandit said that whoever will marry today will have relation of births. She asks is this happening for Anirudh and Bondita. He says no, I won’t let that happen, someone dear is getting married. He thinks I will strike in a way that you will yourself tell me about Anirudh and Bondita. Anirudh blindfolds Bondita and asks her to stay there. He gets a saree for her.

He says this saree is worth Rs. 3, I bought this by today’s wage, is it beautiful, I made this jewellery by my hands, its also from the wage, I know Roy Choudharys sarees come from Banaras, it has gold thread work, but I can’t give you anything. She says this is the world’s most beautiful saree, and I won’t give these jewellery instead diamonds. He asks really, then you will be becoming my bride in this dress, and I will become your Pati babu. He gives her a rose. They hug and get under a curtain. Everyone comes there and switches on the lights. The lady asks aren’t you ashamed, to be with a young guy at night. They all say its wrong.

Bondita says I didn’t do anything wrong, I m with him because I love him. The lady says we didn’t hear any good-valued girl talking like ths. Anirudh shouts enough, no one will tell her anything, we love each other, yes, we love, but love isn’t any crime, love is worship, you have come here to bless a couple for a lovely life, why, if you think love is a crime, then why did you come. The lady says love after marriage is regarded pure, and love before marriage is shameful. They all say yes, right. Chandrachur hears the noise. Kali says love is love, love isn’t right or wrong, no one will point a finger on love, when you both love each other, what’s the problem. Bondita says we love each other, but our families want to separate us. Chandrachur comes to see. Kali asks did you both run away from the house. Anirudh says yes. They all say its a sin. Kali says you won my heart, its courage, love is a storm, none can control it, storm can destruct if goes out of control, so after Laboni’s marriage, I will get you both married in the same mandap. Anirudh and Bondita smile.

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Telecast Date:2nd September 2021
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