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Barister Babu 16th September 2021 Episode starts with Bondita’s grahpravesh happening. She recalls the childhood. Anirudh asks her to enter her house. She says yes, Pati babu. He says you can call me Pati babu now. They enter the house. The kids clap.

Rishta tera mera…plays.. She steps in the red colour water and walks on a white cloth leaving her footprints. Trilochan says your real Grahpravesh happened today, this time your steps won’t go out. Bihari cries. Bondita asks why are you crying, who will welcome me. Bihari says I will do it. Sampoorna says we welcome you two, go and take blessings from Durga Maa. Chandrachur shouts no….

Bondita can’t be of someone else, Anirudh won her heart, but her body will be same, she married Anirudh, but she will have her suhaagraat with me, by cheat or power, I will stamp my name on her body. Someone hears this. Chandrachur turns and sees a shadow. He goes and opens the door. He doesn’t see anyone. He asks the man to see.

The man says there is no one here. Chandrachur gets an anklet. He says this anklet belongs to the girl who heard our talks, go and find her. The girl hides. Chandrachur goes. He sees Bondita. He thinks the person will try to alert Bondita. Anirudh and Bondita pray to Durga Maa. Bondita says you fulfilled my every wish, you ended the enmity between the villagers, I got my Sakha Babu. Anirudh says mine too, I got my love, Bondita. Bondita says he has become my Pati Babu now.

Anirudh says she has become my wife. They thank Durga maa. Chandrachur thinks so what if Bondita married him, I will get her, I will stop that person’s voice. Tapur runs to Bondita. Sumati asks Chandrachur what is he doing here. He says I was thinking to take Durga maa’s blessings. Tapur says Thakumaa said Bondita can’t meet Anirudh now, its Kaalratri, meet tomorrow, there are some rituals. Anirudh says we have to keep the rasams, fine, I can feed the rasgullas to my bride, right. He feeds Rasgullas to Bondita. Tapur goes. Chandrachur sees her feet. He thinks Tapur didn’t wear the anklet.

Anirudh and Bondita sit for rituals. Chandrachur asks did you find that woman. The man says no. Tupur gets medicine for Chandrachur and asks him to drink it. He says I don’t want. Sampoorna shows the symbols for Anirudh and Bondita. She says we will know who will listen to whom. Bondita recalls the childhood. Sampoorna says this time, Anirudh will be following Bondita. Anirudh says I m happy to walk behind her, its Kaalratri, I will go after Bondita. Sampoorna says no way. Kada falls on Chandrachur. He gets angry and slaps Tupur. He asks are you blind, you dropped the kada on me.

Thakumaa asks what did she do. He says its my mistake to marry me. He raises hand. Anirudh stops him. He says I know she did a mistake, you have no right to raise hand on her. Chandrachur asks why are you getting between us. Anirudh says its a matter of humanity, she is a human, she is not your property. Trilochan says let them see their matter. Anirudh says no, this slap isn’t just on Tupur, not one every woman who is insulted by her husband, I can’t encourage this behavior, its a crime if a husband slaps his wife, Chandrachur is a culprit. Thakumaa says its not a big thing, its their persona matter. Bondita says if this is an ordinary thing, then fine.

Chandrachur smiles. Anirudh asks what are you saying. Bondita says I m saying right, both of them should get equal rights to show love and fight, if Chandrachur has shown his love, then Tupur should also show her love. She asks Tupur to slap Chandrachur. Anirudh smiles. Thakumaa asks what’s this madness, wife’s duty is to respect her husband. Anirudh and Bondita argue with them. Bondita says its wrong if a husband slaps his wife. She says Chandrachur ended the respect in my heart, I used to respect you that you stand with her always, I see a devil in you today. Tupur says let it be, its not wrong.

Anirudh says its wrong, husband and wife are equal in a marriage, when a husband beats his wife, he breaks her confidence, love and faith, Chandrachur did this today. Chandrachur says your big talks don’t work here, the women are habitual to get beaten up. He asks everyone did he do wrong. The man asks what if he slapped. The lady says its a small thing.

The man says he didn’t kill anyone. Bondita scolds the man. She says a husband promises to protect his wife, if he becomes a devil, then he falls in eyes, a wife is a woman, she gives her womb for birth, she gives her milk to grow a child, she asks for respect and love, what does a husband give her in return, a slap, a slap is that thinking when a husband shows his wife inferior, you can’t see a wife’s soul dying, you all are pretentious, you do Devi’s puja and raise hand on a woman, Anirudh and I aren’t cowards like you, we will oppose this injustice against women.

Anirudh says Chandrachur should apologize to Tupur. Bondita says yes. Chandrachur says no, I had apologized to that man for Thakumaa’s sake, I will not apologize to my wife, I m not your slave. Anirudh says you aren’t a human, you will apologize. Chandrachur asks what will you do, will you kill me. Anirudh says you don’t have memory, if any innocent person gets insulted, then yes I will take your life. Everyone looks on.

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