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Banni Chow Home Delivery 29th October 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Banni Chow Home Delivery 29th October 2022 Banni notices a split personality patient and tells peons that he is just acting, they should bring him to her and she will correct him in her own style. Yuvan’s alternative personality visits Dr. Sanjay disguised as Banni. Dr. Sanjay explains to her that Yuvan developed a split personality disorder after his brain surgery and explains in detail about it.

Bunty explains Banni that the patient is suffering from split personality disorder and she knows about it as she is a neurologist. Dr. Sanjay tells Yuvan that due to a childhood trauma because of her mother’s death, Yuvan developed a split personality and does things which a normal person can’t do; people think its a ghost invasion, but its a multiple personality disorder.

Bunty tells Banni that a person doesn’t even recognize his split personality and acts as different person. Dr Sanjay says in Yuvan’s case, his split personality knows him and hates him; he saw Yuvan becoming highly violent when his split personality emerged out and he brutally trashed a few goons, he even said I love you to an unknown girl and called her Bunty,

it was Yuvan’s body but with a different personality as Yuvan is right handed and his alternative personality is left handed. Banni listens to Bunty completely and says she cannot believe such a thing can happen. Bunty says the case is in front of her. Banni thanks Bunty for explaining her about split personality disorder.

Dr. Sanjay says Yuvan’s split personality must be having some name. Yuvan says he is Kabir Singh Rathore and attacks Dr. Sanjay. He recalls sending Banni to a different room. He says Yuvan is weak and blindly trusts his people, but he is very strong and not an emotional fool. He will kill Yuvan and live a happy life with Bunty. He warns Dr. Sanjay not to inform anyone that Kabir is alive in this world.

Dr. Sanjay runs away saying he will inform Banni that he is a threat for everyone. Yuvan attacks him with a vase. Sanjay falls down injured. Peons gather around him. Banni notices him and asks how did he get injured. He says Yuvan. Yuvan signals that he will kill him and hides. Dr. Sanjay loses consciousness. Banni thinks what doctor wanted to say.

Banni returns home thinking what Dr. Sanjay wanted to say. She thinks even Yuvan didn’t complete his words during party. She hears Yuvan playing violin and thinks he may propose her in his own style. She walks towards his room when Hemant throws Banni’s bag and says she doesn’t want her to disturb Yuvan when he is practicing. Banni says she never makes a mistakes especially when its related to Yuvan, asks if he heard about Yuvan trying to expressing his feelings for her.

Hemant laughs and says Yuvan left midway. Devraj asks why he is creating an issue when we all know that Yuvan loves Banni. Hemant says he can see Banni’s plotting, he can see Banni asking them not to inform Yuvan about her and his relationship, but stays always around him to trap him and is just behind his wealth.

Banni says though Yuvan couldn’t propose him, she knows Yuvan loves him; she is not trapping Yuvan and truly loves him. She challenges him during Yuvan’s rocking star competition’s 4th round, Banni herself will propose Yuvan. Yuvan thinks he will propose Banni after the 4th round. He calls someone and orders to make special arrangements to propose someone. Hemant asks what if Yuvan rejects her. Banni says she will leave Rathore mansion with due respect as she values dignity. She tells Devraj that tomorrow her love will win for sure.


Banni Chow Home Delivery 29th October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap : Yuvan’s alternative personality gets activated seeing Bunty crying and comforts him. Agastya notices that and informs Banni.

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Telecast Date:20th August 2022
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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