Banni Chow Home Delivery 29th June 2022 Written Episode Update


Banni Chow Home Delivery 29th June 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Banni Chow Home Delivery 29th June 2022 Banni brings Yuvan to engagement venue and makes him site with Niyati for the engagement ritual. Charmi tells Manini to watch how Banni will be humiliated today. Palak announces her,

Charmi, and Viraj’s performance on the occasion of Yuvan and Niyati’s engagement party. They all 3 dance on Dil Disco Disco Bole Saari Raat Sajna… song. Niyati tries to hold Yuvan’s hand, but he frees himself.

Banni offers juice to Yuvan, Yuvan acts as offering it to Niyati and then himself enjoys it. After the performance, Palak announces Niyati’s performance for Yuvan. Yuvan insists Banni to dance. Banni hesitates. Hemant asks Yuvan how can Banni dance instead of Niyati.

Manini says Banni will dance as its Yuvan’s special day and asks Banni if she will dance. Yuvan insists Banni again to dance.

Banni agrees and dances on Jag Ghoomeya.. song. Yuvan imagines dancing with her. Everyone claps for Banni after her performance. Manini performs Yuvan and Niyati’s nazar with money and offers money to Banni as a reward for her dance performance. Banni gets angry. Devraj asks Manini what is she doing.

Banni calms down, takes money from Manini, and gives it to servants for their mother’s specs and sister’s college fees. They both thank her. She asks them to pray for Yuvan and Niyati and Manini’s kind behavior. Everyone claps for her while Manini frowns. Devraj praises Banni and claps for her while Manini frowns.

Alpana asks Kalpana to come down and watch Yuvan and Banni’s drama. Kalpana says problem will start now as the engagement ring is missing. Banni tells Devraj that Yuvan has prepared a poem for Niyati and asks him to recite it in front of everyone. Yuvan changes chand/moon with sand/bull and recites poem for her. Guests laugh hearing that while Niyati and Manini stand embarrassed.

Manini scolds Yuvan for insulting Niyati. Yuvan says he wrote it for Banni first. Banni says he read pronounced first and now pronouncing saand. Yuvan says Charmi replaced the word chand with saand. Niyati says she joked and didn’t know Yuvan would take it seriously. Vrinda taunts Manini that she has gathered a team of jokers around her and should suffer.

Viru says kid joked and entertained them. Hemant says let us start the engagement ceremony. Kalpana informs that engagement rings are missing. Banni taunts that Manini. Manini accuses Banni of stealing the rings. Banni says she is a businesswoman and not a thief. Alpana asks her to stop her drama and mimics her dialogue.

Banni gives her a befitting reply. Hemant asks Yuvan if he took the rings. Yuvan refuses. Devraj says they all should search the rings and leaves. Banni thinks if Yuvan took the rings, he will be scolded badly. Devraj goes to his room and takes out rings from his pocket recalling stealing them. Myra walks to him and says he did a good job. Devraj says just stealing rings won’t change Yuvan’s fatge. Myra says he is her superhero and maybe his efforts will change Yuvan’s fate.

Banni takes Yuvan aside and asks if he stole the rings. Yuvan takes her promise and says he didn’t. She says she trusts him. He says he is feeling hungry. She says he should have food with the guests. He says he didn’t invite guests and insists to have food. Niyati brings food and says she will feed him feast. Banni says how will Yuvan have this food. Niyati says he can for a change of taste. Yuvan feels nauseous with its smell and throws it away. Hemant and Manini notice that.


Banni Chow Home Delivery 30th June 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Yuvan fixes engagement ring in Banni’s finger and announces that he got engaged to Banni. Manini humiliates Banni that she is dreaming to become rich by manipulating Yuvan and trying to marry him.

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Telecast Date:29th June 2022
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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