Balika Vadhu 2 9th November 2021 Written Episode Update


Balika Vadhu 2 9th November 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Balika Vadhu 2 9th November 2021 Episode starts with Jigar asking Kanku to switch on the lights. Kanku switches on the lights. He then asks her to off it. Anand comes there and says it is so beautiful. He offers to help Anandi and asks what to do? Anandi asks her to fill oil in the diyas. Anand says ok and fills the oil in the diyas.

He gets Mehul’s call and thanks him for leaving him here for Diwali. He says you are best dad ever. He asks Anandi if she likes Diwali. Anandi says yes. He says Mom makes sure that we celebrate Diwali together and asks Anandi if she is not going back to celebrate with her family. Anandi recalls her decision to stay back here, and tells that her family and house is good.

She says Bapu talks less, but makes sure to express his love for me. She says Baa talks to me much and gets irritated when I get my clothes dirty and scolds me, but then hugs me and makes laapsi for me. She praises her family. Sejal thinks Anandi might flow in emotions and tell the secret. Anandi tells Anand that she misses her friend Dhingri and she used to eat so much kulfi than her. Jigar thinks Anand shall do his work rather than impressing everyone.

Diwari is about to take money from Lakha Kumar’s wallet. He comes there and asks if she is stealing from her husband’s pocket. Diwari says she was taking money for Kanku’s marriage. Lakha Kumar says this money is not mine, Prem ji gave me for something. Diwari says nobody thought of Kanku’s marriage, I shall think.

Lakha Kumar and Diwari see Kanku hearing them. Kanku cries and asks Anandi how can Baa think of her marriage? Anand comes there and cheers up Kanku, telling her eyeliner and kajal came down. Kanky smiles. Anand cracks a joke. Anandi smiles. Anand says finally Anandi smiled. Anandi says I smiled as you made Kanku didi smile. Kanku laughs and coughs. Anandi goes to bring water for her. Anand thinks to make her laugh.

Maadi Baa gives instruction to Diwari. Anand comes there and sings Naach meri jaan for Anandi. He makes funny faces. Anandi bursts into laughter seeing his face. Maadi Baa and Prem ji are happy to see her laughing. Anand says Maadi re Maadi, Anandi can laugh too. Diwari asks if there is anything which you can’t do Anand. Jigar thinks Anand is getting liked by everyone who loves me. He challenges Anand to play gilli ganda. Kanku says he might don’t know. Jigar says we will explain to him. Anand accepts the challenge. Maadi Baa says we will also play. Anand says I will come.

They come to play outside. Prem ji and Diwari get in Jigar’s team. Sejal says I will be in Anand’s team. Anand asks Kanku to come in his team. Lakha Kumar joins him. Kanku refuses and thinks to talk to Madhav. Maadi Baa asks her to play. Kanku keeps her mobile behind the score board and agrees. Anand asks Anandi to join his team.

Anandi says I will be in team, but don’t know to play. Anand says we will learn together today. Anandi joins him. Prem ji asks Jigar to hit well and says we will win. Anand asks Anandi to catch it. Anandi gets hit on the wall while trying to catch it. Jigar wins. Anand catches it next time. Sejal catches next. Jigar is winning and tells Anand that if he don’t understand the game, then they can wait for sometime. Anand says no, just wait and watch. Maadi Baa tells about her weight and says she don’t wear watch. Anand says you are cute, anyone would like to lose before you. Jigar asks him to play the game and asks if he is afraid to lose.

Voiceover: While playing with the family members, the intention of every member is not to win or defeat, there should be the defeat of your ego and victory of affection. Only then can one feel the real bliss.

Jigar promotes the show’s new timings, 8:30 pm from 15th November.


Balika Vadhu 2 10th November 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Kanku is talking to Madhav while Maadi Baa comes and takes her phone. Kanku asks Anandi to save her. Anandi goes to Maadi Baa’s room to get Kanku’s mobile. Maadi Baa catches her.


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